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  1. Amazon bloody answers! On ebay you can ask the seller a question about their wares directly (and hold them to it should they lie) On Amazon it really pisses me off idiots answer for the sake of it! IE how long is the longest spanner in set x Answer 10cm (good answer) Answer 100mm (good answer) Answer 3 15/16ths (good answer but 4" ok) Answer about 3" (wrong answer) Answer i dont know i dont own one (pointless answer ) Answer i sent mine back and bought xxxxx (areshole) Whats wrong with people if you dont ****ing know why answer ! ****ing b
  2. Depends on what you consider quality : Design? How long it lasts? How it works Or materials? IE the ABU reels of the 70's were poorly designed no doubt to a set price although in the UK there was little competition unlike the states and japan. No bearings so not the best user experience but good materials and i still use them today !Modern ones are the opposite and forcing bearings into plastic stupid in the long term it deforms the plastic and they come loose they are now a disposable product so you buy the next model when it comes out. The early mitchells w
  3. An outside greenhouse lol Surprisingly easy to find nowadays even in supermarkets long gone is the specialist collector only lable they had 50 years ago I always hankered for a bug eating plant collection but my initial venus fly trap died of exhaustion with the kids triggering it closed as soon as it reopened
  4. Oi! I am the contrarian and yes i have proof just look above the picture of my brother and there it is ,inserted by sir Elton himself! As to trump hes not in my bubble so i leave him to his
  5. Your probably being tracked because not having a smart phone is suspicious today lol Mine would rather boring its sat in the exact same place since march ,i to use an older phone for every day use it doesnt interfere with my metal detector like the posh one does. It came out every thursday morning or when i left the village ,according to google (who appear to track android phones) i went 21 miles last year lol
  6. Unfortunately as you saw long ago our house is tiny so no room for bottling or bulk sauce ,considering another freezer for the shed (the price of outbuiding freezers has dropped) but we get power cuts quite often usualy trees falling on lines as surrey has the most trees (surprised myself as most of the area is open common ) but have to get that past the mrs who thinks 3 is enough! She will be very annoyed when two second hand breadmachines turn up i wanted a spare as the first panasonic lasted a month so dont trust this one ! Two second hand for the cost of a cheap new one is a gamble wo
  7. No doubt youve had the email Would you trust SERCO with your details ,corrupt company the government cannot wait to use for just about everything ! Have they got the time inbetween looking after every need law breaking immigrans demand ! Here they are down the bottom and i see they are still using G4S another lot of untrustworthy losers! https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-testing-privacy-information/testing-for-coronavirus-privacy-information#annex2
  8. Seen the likes of? French made reels? Mitchell garcia wasnt the sole maker of french reels http://www.mitchellcap.info/ This was a favourite of mine until the decades old internal plastic part fell apart ,yes its french it wasnt just ABU and the americans and japs making them even k p morritt designed one but it was to expensive to fit in with the pricing and incresed purchase tax of the time https://www.thomasturner.com/shop/crack-contact-400-french-vintage-closed-face-match-fishing-reel-2-s-spools-box/ just as hardy are not the only english ones in history.Pezon mitchell
  9. OH yes! Bugger the picture is 6mb it wont upload i wont downsize it so you will have to imagine a 25lb barbel wearing a coat Isnt 1mb a bit 2010 today? The other way is to use dropbox ,its free and easy to use .I use it to store pictures of the finds i make in a day then share it with the land owner via their individual folders ,emailing it is hit and miss with large files https://www.dropbox.com/s/w0f39ue188da69o/JPEG_20200922_104442_3494793400578104959.jpg?dl=0 PS lots of tomatoes this year and better than the ones in the greenhouse ,been mass dehydrating them before they
  10. Thats amazing a dead man can make a website! But nothing compared to linda mcartney who has cooked more food after death than when alive!
  11. You dont have to wind down just wise up lol If you want easy access try the CC&C site at east horsley,try and book a pitch by the pond ,the fishing isnt difficult but best of all no maggots (or rather when we camped full time in 2001) but i think probably still the rule we cant have live animals providing sport today shock horror! If you cant walk get a frickin buggy you old scrote ,theres fish waiting you haven't caught all the British ones yet The camping and caravan mob have lots of fishing and no excuses today you can google and see what the terrain is before you go ,if
  12. Update this seems to indicate why the site you mention is wonky https://m.facebook.com/MitchellReelMuseum/?locale2=nl_NL
  13. Poor poor cod still crying ,wipe your eyes remember you said we wouldnt get a deal so those lorries wont exist Just a little line of lorries just like it already happens when your french bits of **** close the border when they get huffy
  14. Doesnt work for me Mr Bush This one looks ok https://mitchellreels.ourboard.org/gallery/ The best one i ever found was called Werpolens or something in the Netherlands but that seems to have disapeared
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