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    A really deep hole just behind that tree
  2. chesters1


    I can see a chap inspecting his bait!?
  3. Now we see just how stitched up by the EU we have become trying to extract ouselves from these gangsters!
  4. Not the same ! I like fluffy kittens Can your sea pandas do more than squirt water and jump and occasionally chew on seals? V AND how many of your puny pandas catch mice and let them go in your house? go on name one!
  5. Not very funny and no fluffy kittens🙁
  6. Should have closed air ports in 1903! Airports WILL be the death of us! The government is showing they have no love for the people who vote them in because there is no general quarantine of travellers from china or those that have had contact with them. 2000 chinese in glasgow alone ,no need or reason to be here round them up send them home ,then start on people from any other country that has or has ever had a transmitable disease ,round them up send them home etc etc The gov needs to learn stop thinking about foreign people start thinking about us for a change and restart ethnic cleansing ,you know it makes sense! ask any tasmanian no trouble from those buggers nowadays
  7. Yes cctv has its benefits and not just its ability to record things but it also records things that do not happen! On two occasions now i have been told things were delivered and getting in touch i just say how much footage do they require either side of the claimed delivery time showing it wasnt delivered do they need and miraculously the items reapear on the app saying its on its way lol Update the missing package appeared just now but the driver was again gone before i got to the door so didnt pick up the parcel left in errori I delivered it to an attractive lady at the end of the road so got a bit of exercise and a gawp at a pretty lady so alls well . I had a problem with Hermese but not the usual driver who knows me and where i live ,this was a swarthy skinned person in a white van who stopped at the road got out had a few puffs on a fag and drove off and the app updated showing a parcel had been delivered which ofcourse was not true but the previous question got it strangely undelivered and it appeared the next day! Seen this driver a couple of times delivering so i guess a part time driver ? He also delivers by air i heard a bang on the front door and found a parcel by it ,looking at the cctv he had thrown it from half way up the garden ! Hermese were not interested in viewing footage! DPD are also strange they operate two systems so without cctv or spotting which it is (red or blue van writing) its hard to pin down delivery drivers.The red van one now waves if he spots me about i get parcels most days of the week i like my cheap chinese junk lol Forgot to add most have a live chat facility and in most cases they get back to you ,i had an email (after the parcel was delivered) today updating the "case" i brought up yesterday ,hermes has one aswell and a 0330 number but in many cases its hard to find on some websites and you need to look further in to find them Cut and pasted from the follow up of my moaning! Now to see if i can get the money back from a seller i upgraded the free postage to next day ,should i really? After all they sent it but the problem was with yodel ! Most probably best i just take it on the chin the delivery arrangements were the seller to yodel not to me and i have no doubt yodel will have pages of T&C's excluding themselves from paying up "Good day, I trust this email finds you well. Thank you for your patience during our investigation and apologies for the delay in communication. We understand that you have raised a query regarding the parcel that was being delivered by Yodel. We can confirm that an investigation was raised and the driver has confirmed that the previous scan of Delivered on 22 Jan 20 was done in error. However, the latest update says that the driver has started the tour so we request you to track the parcel on the given link-"
  8. It may have sounded like it if i had caught the driver lol
  9. Can i use for the first time the word "thwart" lol Not used "realm" in my life yet but perhaps...,.. OK i am going for it and in one sentence There are people in power trying to thwart the people who voted brexit to get their realm back from the grasp of others
  10. Was expecting a next day delivery by yodel today and hey presto as i looked at the app for a time a knock was heard and opening the door a parcel found. Unfortunately it wasnt mine but for a house nearbye ,driver and van had disapeared by the time i got to the door. I used the web chat option on the app and pointed out the mistake The driver will be notified once back at the depot i was told I asked as he was just up the road somewhere why not phone him? Not yodel policy i was told AH he has a pad and its already updated to tell me the parcel has been delivered why not use that to tell him Not yodel policy i was told So yodel policy is not fullfilling its job ,the parcel wont be delivered until tomorrow if it can be found at all😒 Its the friggin 21st century not 1850 use the technology for christs sake whilst not phoning up the driver maybe for safety reasons a text or message on their delivery pad that pops up so the driver sees it at the next drop off is perfectly safe! So yodel policy will now use more fuel than normal ,more time looking for my parcel no doubt in someone elses letterbox (or left in the porch as in my case ) Breaking of a contract saying it will be delivered next day and **** me off ,good old yodel i wont be sending parcels by you or hermes (exactly same problem) so have a nice day and go **** yourself because as the app says its been delivered the sender will be told this so will not believe a thing i say trying to get a refund of the extra i paid for next day or if its never found nothing at all! Luckily i have cctv of a parcel being delivered and luckily this parcel is far larger that the sender would have packed it (lucky its not amazon i have had tiny items in suitcase sized boxes!) So a small chance of showing it never arrived ,good old yodel go **** yourself!
  11. I will buy them the day after we leave !it could be some time away! Most probably the EU would have banned them long before they are lit! No matter what boris says we cannot leave until our true masters permit it ,they will make it their hardest ,nastiest attempt to keep us in chains until we give up trying As to being prepared all that means is being prepared to be punished severly by the EU for suggesting we leave ,thats what these so called friends will do to keep themselves in power! They will use us as an example of what will happen to the other half of the bloc that are realising its not so great after all and are thinking of leaving and hopefully the net contributers realise its only their money keeping the other half quiet!
  12. AH but the question has been answered ....we leave ....but those that allowed us the question dont like the answer!
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