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  1. I wonder if there are signs inside telling everyone not to lean out at once on the Yukon line? It amuses me your narrow gauge is twice? the one in my opening post? That carriage is wider than my house!
  2. There we are the swerve ,typical clod reaction when his bias is shown ,he says the tories are corrupt ,the labour party is shown to be exactly they same so he changes the subject hoping no-one sees the truth. You were on about corona contracts ,brexit is the other thread! I admire your stamina for a person to have shot his foot so many times then put its in his mouth most would have realised how stupid they looked and retired years ago .
  3. Yes they know what they have done they have shown without doubt the EU are doing their best to bugger up the deal they demanded. I always said the EU will use us to warn the rest what will happen if you try to leave ,they are acting like the IRA kneecapping people to warn others what will happen if they refuse to obey the EU The country should welcome at ANY cost getting away from these dictators
  4. Thats a shame i liked her bonehead before she adapted ,always wonder how she combed her hair! West nile fever is an unusual one! Especially at the moment
  5. Welcome to the deal peop!e screamed for People knew and the rest that didn't want to can see the EU leaders are animals and people wanted to stay under their control? Utter madness! These animals need putting down not joining!
  6. Yes our strain is world beating ,its also our best export and duty free ! Who says britains no good anymore?
  7. Does it matter ? Its not their money they dont care ,why keep pointing fingers at tories i can match every one you make with labour cronyism its what people vote them in to do! You cant sit and judge yet vote in a corrupt system you know is corrupt but encourage by putting your cross in a box
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cash-for-Honours_scandal More? Do you understand what cronyism is clod? Do you think all that money given to parties is free? Or do you think something is required back?
  9. Jobs for the boys runs through all parties why have power and not "benefit" from it? Pointless posting every shady tory deal you find you can find labour ones just waiting to be posted here! Its what you get when a ruling elite makes all the rules ,along with 'do what i say not do as i do' ofcourse https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2000/sep/24/labour.labour1997to99 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51298128 Now which swerve is happening next?
  10. Corbyn obviously was thats why starmer is leader!
  11. Everyone is reliant on others unless you grow everything ,fix everything and make everything mr bush ,what you mean is your more reliant ! But unless your a dribbling vegetable i am sure there's plenty of things you can do for yourself still! I for one am sitting tearful squinting after cutting up an onion, hectic day today and 6" of snow aswell ! "Babbling" is an outlet even if no-one reads it ,me and the wife are like chalk and cheese and only talk when needed! Having been married since 74 it appears sufficient Cod remarked if i didnt care (about something or other) why did i
  12. Wow thats a view ,i bet like pouring coffee you get a bite when a train appears !ol Just thought it may not be tourist but trouble with covid distancing rules closing it ,those carriages are very small lol
  13. Many dont realise its not a train service like the bluebell line etc its a pukka working train . When i lived in folkestone i knew a chap that depended on it to get to work ,he cycled down to it (nice ride going down!) Parked up his bike and went to work like any other commuter train. Ofcourse i am talking from back in the 70's it may have gone tourist times today? On looking it looks like its gone tourist! https://www.rhdr.org.uk/
  14. If it had gone to a labour individual it would never have been posted ,the usual troll attitude
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