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  1. See now i cant do "Dallas" its one word Even a 1930's superhero known for his underpants cant be done ,i dont like this game !
  2. But it would be very entertaining in the weightlifting comp Theres a weighlifting comp going on in my garden at the moment we have trained the local fox to eat off our table ,he has his own bowl for scraps (at first he just ate them off the lawn but we put flea tablets in a sandwhich which was scoffed by a badger so then we trained it to eat off a seat but the badger discovered it could get it ,the table defeats the badger!) Then the cats discovered it ,first i put a bit of cardboard on top then the cats found they could just push it off! Now it has a lid held onto the bowl with a magnet and the number of magnets increase every night until the cat fails and the fox wins getting it off. What fun there is in the sticks! No badgers foxes or cats were harmed but i have rigged up a scooter alarm to sound if i spot a cat and remotely set it off Poor thing was half dead ,got rid of most of the mange ,killed the fleas but it has a gammy back leg that gets better or worse weekly https://www.dropbox.com/s/wx4ecjnsdk7acaf/20210525_091046.jpg?dl=0 This was taken before the bowl and lid was introduced ,he like jam sandwiches which i use to put the ground up pills in.Not sure of its gender we presume its a female as the larger fox that occasionally follows it is probably a male ,it cannot even fathom out how to use the chair to get on the table! He gets dog biscuits as does the badger from the lawn Anyway back to trans :
  3. I cannie change the laws of undepants sonnie
  4. I am a little old fashioned and now fall into a hated area. I cannot see how a bloke having his tackle chopped off somehow changes his sex.A man in a dress without his nuts is just a nutless bloke in a dress just as a woman with a strap on is just a woman with a strap on they dont change into a man or woman adding or subtracting bits of anatomy. I do have experience one of my grand children is also removing parts (albeit breasts) and having hormone "therapy" whilst we are going along with this fad (hopefully it doesnt lead to unhappiness) i still cannot see how changing things halts her history of being female having no tits a hairy chest and a strange voice doesnt change anything but external appearences IMHO A person spending his early years growing as a boy will have a distinct advantage in both bone and muscle size over most (there are some big strong girls!) Girls ,this advantage is unfair to those that didnt enjoy this Yes its obvious theres those hovering between girl or boy perhaps there should be catogories in sport where they compete amongst themselves then watch them complain competitor x was cheating having been males five seconds longer than competitor y and leave then to sort it out themselves Not sure how it will be " policed" but i am sure it will be as unfair to some as the paralympics are at the moment to many disabled athletes
  5. That pretty much eliminates any film with a single word as a title or having "the" as part of it Underpants (cCaligula Underpants (1942) Underpants (fury Underpants (ultraviolet) Underpants (etc) "the" underpants (hobbit)
  6. From Deep thought rather than deep throat i expect lol. (Google is your friend for silly oz names) I find it amusing france banned face coverings but now enforces face coverings ,i actually walked into the bank with a mask on and no police arrived!
  7. I thought it a new darts score ! Sure there was a surname similar in darts. Sure beats my species? (Individual type of fish names?) score by about 1990 but he still has 26,000 odd to go lol If rudd and roach are in the same family surely thats the species? so "species" as a family muddles the numbers wheras fish by name (latin or common human tongue) are different Blimey if i caught just one fish but used every name on the planet for it that would rank up my score! I could use human names for say a roach then add on all the foreign names for it
  8. You can buy freezers that work in cold places .Downsize ? If the house was bigger i would buy more freezers lol ,when the bus stop is a mile away you need plenty of backup. When we first locked down we depended on stored stuff for two months and then found amazon prime so having a month or two's food in storage should be mandatory ,saves all those empty shelves panic buying PS yes it just the two of us but we get invaded by 5 grand kids and two adults every week or so, a freezer full of child food is essential lol As my son is doing up his van in our garden its almost daily !
  9. Do they cost £9.99 ? Anothing thing is modern freezers and fridges are far smaller inside than old ones so you either buy a bigger one or have less in them they also break down quicker Would you buy a new car if the starter motor broke?
  10. We have 3 freezers ,2 are old one is nearing 30 the other unheard of (its an electroluxe rex an italian brand i think) this has been playing up for years but cleaning with wd40 and a spray of ptfe kept it going. Until last thursday and it did nothing despite the usual ! Its a 3 pin thermostat but long obselete ,tried everywhere to source one (Electrolux said nada ) the usual online sellers said the same . Nothing wrong with the freezer itself shorting the live to black compressor wire and off it went but running it off a timer not so clever especially over the last few days . So i plumped for this : https://www.aideepen.com/collections/temperature-controller/products/dst1000-ac-110v-220v-digital-thermostat-temperature-controller-heating-cooling-ds18b20-sensor-waterproof-cable-replace-stc-1000 From amazon under a tenner ,the great point is it makes allowances for a compressor it doesnt start it if say you opened the door then shut it or you turned off the power then back on which in the past using a digital thermostat was a death sentence to them .IE if you programmed the thing to say .5 of a degree difference it would be continually trying to start the compressor unlike a manual thermostat which takes time to switch. You merely programe the box to the temperature you want (-18 at least in a freezer to get the 3* rating) then you tell it how many degrees you will let it drop and its away the "resting" period between switching on is 3 minutes or more (seems fine) the only disadvantage is fixing it somewhere as its designed to fit a cut out ,i used a bit of plastic with trim tape to the box and trim tape to the side of the freezer out of harms way but still within reach . Not for non electric enthusiasts it does have to be wired to the power and you need to get to either the compressor or as i did use the broken thermostat connections but so long as you have some sense its doable . now my obselete thermostat sits in the dustbin but the freezer is working again (touch wood) the owly down point is the lead to the probe is a bit short but being two wires not difficult to extend . hope this saves an only ill not dead freezer going to scrap ! Plenty of youtube vids to help PS it can control heat pads or fishtanks on its warm setting so iggy the iguana wont die of the cold lol I am going to get another one to use as a switch to use as a frost stat in the shed ,the tube heater i bought with a frost stat will let hell freeze over before it comes on! You can buy pre made leads up but forking out 3 times the cost for something thats rarely used isnt in my nature ! As with anything i take no liabilty for you dying nor your house burniing to the ground! a smoke alarm should be second nature and its not intended as instructions nor recommended only suggested as an alternative to forking out for a new freezer for the competant bodger
  11. If you know what they are they're not ufo"s lol Should what is going to be "skynet" be allowed ? Dont people learn from movies? Mind you the android bint was good looking i wouldnt mind gasping my last breath with her on top ,mind you at my age just imagining it brings me close to a siezure
  12. We trained one of our cctv cameras to a fairly dark part of the sky (north of us is pointless as were in surrey) the camera uses sony "starvis" opticals and its very good at seeing stars as the name says ,on watching it back its surprising how many "ufo's" you see . Satellites tend to just follow a straight path and keep the same brightness and ofcourse meteorites flare up and dim but theres many between these out and about when your kipping . I bought one of these motorised telescopes last year from amazon warehouse and a 5mp camera to poke in its eye but i must get round to actually setting it up ! I got as far as putting 3 small bits of paving in the lawn to stand it on so it kept its programming (knowing its in the same place when brought back out) but thats it the laptop has all the software to guide it and the camera but i lack the motivation to go further by 8pm i'm ready for bed ! The celestion pc software even without a scope is brilliant and theres some good ones for your phone or tablet that keep aligned as you move.The best one was for my old playbook the blackberrys gps and movement sensors were spot on but it lives in its box in the loft what was top spec is now ancient and slow
  13. Great news ,COPD isnt funny but it could have been far worse ! Now on to your life again
  14. I had a bsa scorpion in about 1973? ,nice thing very accurate for its time ,i would prefer a 50 cal air rifle but the nanny state forbids them be brilliant removing cormerants and mink https://youtu.be/VsSYngXbCc0 Saying that though i did have a 38 calibre air rifle ,i think it was a prototype it was a webley with a crows foot ,it was sleeved to take .22 and boy it flung them ! As with everything at that time it was flogged when money got short A shotgun that fires a single ball i would fill it with plastic bb type ammo .I have fired a 10 bore with a slug its very devastating to food! The guy sounds like technomoan lol https://youtu.be/nJq30FR2GN8
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