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  1. Carefull i can see that bulge in your nightshirt from here
  2. Or have reconsidered and decided the opposite and leave
  3. Hes a boat owner but unfortunately most people using boats are heading here not there!
  4. Thats better now you throw money down the drain on a usable boat! Top tip check the bilge pump ,second tip fit a second one they are the only thing stopping the water outside staying inside! Two circuits or better still directly wired to the battery on a float switch PS get rid of the flag or SJW's will spit at you , that's anti bame or whatever is on the menu this week, Thunberg could send her goons in aswell
  5. I thought it was a bad american football team
  6. I wouldnt like to bother Newt out of the blue so if he spots this thread he can reply . I use refillable ink jet carts ,for the effort of pushing 2 buttons far less cost than paying licenced criminals to buy a cartridge with a thimble full of ink every month or so! I expect your teachers get whispered to get new books i was watching a youtube channel about skip diving (whatever those things are called over there?) And they visited a school and found it full of books ,expensive felt pens and far more telling untouched gifts from kids to teachers ,its crazy this desire to outdo other mums by gifting to teachers ,whats next ball gowns for 5 year old finishing kindergarten? PS its good we invented the bulb and were the first country to install lighting ,dont let that Edison fool you he just saw a good thing and joined in
  7. Ok in the winter but i find i cannot find any with the appropriate room anymore ,i have a pair but getting up from kneeling and your strangling your best friend ,he doesnt get much use anymore but i respect him for the decades of hard work he put in when i could actually see him! Dickies (pun intended) are what i used to wear (i wore army ones in my gardening job for 20 years but i was built like a racing snake then) but now their largest are not! I only wear tshirts year round and my heat upper limit is 20c so having a boiler suit a nono today. I thought about bib and brace trousers but i cannot find even fishing ones under £20 and material in any form even in my size isnt worth more unless its furry on a stilletto healed woman
  8. OOH the search restarts! https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-m&biw=960&bih=425&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=button+with+washer+and+clip&oq=button+with+washer+and+clip&aqs=mobile-gws-lite..#imgrc=ZnlroA3-e8t67M
  9. Thanks ,i will keep them in mind if the chicago bolts i just bought dont work ,they are similar but instead of hitting the head of your rivet to spread it the two halves screw together https://www.google.com/search?q=chicago+bolts&client=firefox-b-m&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi4wNnai8vqAhUGY8AKHYhVA4AQ_AUIBygC&biw=960&bih=425#imgrc=70pMQ4ipNZIfMM Should work a large washer on the external part to fit in the 'suspenders' loop ,then go through the fabric of the 'pants' then leather then large washer to stop it pulling back through then leather (the leather is only thin) to stop the internal bits rubbing fat bastards belly! I always wear 'dedicated' clothes i have 2 pairs of metal detecting 'pants' with knee pads fitted so the bolts will be permanent . I have 3 pairs of gardening ones but i may fit a ring to those and see if i can find one of your clip things to experiment with . I like stuff to be perfect i will go home if something annoying crops up ,i wont even go if i suspect something annoying could crop up ,my life revolves around searching for things that dont exist that may stop me getting annoyed! It took several years to find the 50mm clips !!! I have boxes of webbing fittings that are worse than useless! I dont like getting annoyed if someone is fishing in the spot i always fish in i go straight home ,lifes to short to wait or get annoyed theres always something else to get annoyed with round the corner lol I over engineer to the point of madness my 'suspenders' will never fail ,never ever the metal work whats left of it is welded 4mm stainless mountain climbing stuff the webbing as its for car seats (not that crap stuff by the yard ) so it is UV proof and can support many times my bulk ,the 50mm end fittings are metal plastic will break in a few years time (or in minutes!) The sewing all triple with boot thread that should see me out! I dont make the trousers unfortunately but my improvements will outlast them and go in the next pair if i live long enough Not sure why people put up with shoddy gear ,you would think as we progress through time and improve things they should last longer but they dont! My sister just bought a new fridge i found out chatting each one has progressively had a shorter life than the last one ,ours is older than the mrs touch wood it should never fail! If it does i will spend the equivilent of a new one getting it repaired but i doubt the motor will last 60+ years like the old one ,progress should make things better ,tougher ,cheaper and more long lived than its predecessor not the opposite! My obsession gets worse as i get older ,i dont like failing so i improve or make it impossible not to do something ,i have many bags i use for different things (about 10) each one has moist wipes incase its hot all have a days supply of pills and a folding cup incase i am out when i need them (unlike the bloody mrs who constantly forgets!) And each bag has a very small bottle of steralised water in to take them ,its bloody hard work being me ! My last improvement is upgrading my huge shopping trolley (yes i use one i dont care what others think ) those fitted wheels are crap so i fitted the small front wheels from wheelchairs ,real bearings not plastic on metal ,should last for a decade or so unlike the 3 pairs that fall apart in 6 weeks chesters1 does NOT just carry the recomended 12.5kg if i can get it in there i expect it to follow me home!
  10. Looks like the EU's Polish thorn in the side hasnt been extracted despite the implied german meddling!
  11. You must be in an over populated area ,in my circuit of daily excercise in a couple of miles of road there was weeks of not seeing a human bar the odd cyclist ,never seen so many deer and very close aswell .lots of foxes no doubt looking for roadkill that didnt exist so spending more time looking. Picking up now ofcourse its been ok to travel further for exercise but i recon its what it probably was traffic wise in the 40's or 50's you cannot even hear the A3 or A31 traffic anymore in rush hour . As far as i know most heaths around here were closed except to the army was the forestry commision land open? I didnt venture onto film land! Litter on the roadside is well down they chopped up last years cutting the verge a few weeks ago and only the odd bit has turned up ,most probably moslems chucking forbidden drinks cans away before getting to the gates of islamabad lol
  12. OOh just had a lightbulb moment thinking about the buttons with washers chicago bolts and washers!!!!! Back in a month!
  13. Tried them! puny childish things they didn't cope my hefty build ,did try a pair of chainsaw ones but i dont know why people put up with that crap ,so thin so short lived ,same for riggers ones.my mrk3 braces will pull a lorry its the fixing to the trousers thats the next problem. Car seatbelt webbing is far superior to the thin stuff ,sits well and doesnt cut in ,you can get 50mm elastic braces but they last a week you bin them the tenth time the spring clips pop off your trousers and hit you in the face !
  14. The clips on some are interesting but i cannot source anything similar here other than "dog lead" clips which are two types ,the spring ones you push to open under stress and the ones that slide open snap. But the biggest problem is what they attach to ? I need a secure form of mounting to trousers the only thing that worked is attaching directly to a belt as i said in my opening diatribe but its to bulky and hard to adjust now the butlers left and the cost of 5ft 6" (need room to expand) leather belts prohibitive now saddlers cater for non commercial type drey horses ,those horse riding types get fleeced as theres little competition unlike over there Tried other belt fabrics but none ride straight like leather webbing just rolls up and make me look like a sack of spuds walking about Suspenders here are what girls or women wanting something use to hold up stockings ,braces are the same word for your suspenders and teeth straightening devices ,the name is the same we are brits and know by context the difference
  15. My braces are far superior to any on earth its the buttons that are the weak point . I did have an army greatcoat once with metal buttons that were affixed with a washer and mini 'key ring' type split ring .The button was attached to the coat by putting the shank through a small hole in the fabric the washer had an oval hole in it which went over the shank and the sp!it ring stoped the shank coming back out of the washer. Pretty well would be perfect but they appear to be rarer than the 50mm overall clips! Cannot source anything any where. Buttons seem to puny for my god like body the damn things are not strong enough to cope with the stress i can put them under .I had (i pinched the leather for a hinge ) a pair of the army ones they are walking braces not strong enough by far for me ,i pulled apart the stitching where it joins the leather to webbing just pulling them over my shoulder! I had though as yanks were more advanced in rotundness they had solved the problem i guess Mr Bush isnt the guy to ask ! I will spend many years solving this problem ,why does my life revolve round things only i desire ? Someone else must have come across the problem surely?
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