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  1. I will rejoice leaving when we leave ,parliament is still full of remainers desperate to tie us to these foreign dogs forever and any deal made is remaining!
  2. If 99.9% voted tory (or brexit) you would still whine!
  3. I forget very little Fortunately for undemocratic uk democracy most forget everything these animals get up to and happely vote the most cortupt back in
  4. Surely dead people should be allowed to vote postmortem after all they worked all their lives to pay mp's to tell them what to do. Unfortunately the idea is quite old some prospective mp's already use dead people to vote for them ,goldfish do already but are useless in exit polls Dogs will be influenced by their owners but cats are trustworthy . Unfortunately if every living ,dead ,canine ,feline, canary monkey and goldfish voted for conservatives labour and their supporters would still give the impression they won and hardly a word why they did not ,after all if you can tell the public night is day and not blink an eye then just one vote is a winner
  5. I find it strange you except the tories won with 43% of the vote yet cannot except the leave vote won with 52% I aso find it strange (but not unexpected) despite double yellow lines outside corbyns house his limo can park there waiting for him despite several police onlooking Mind you on retrospect he would just claim any fines on his expenses so we pay for his lazyness
  6. Cod will just say the conservative voters were lied to and we need referendum number 4
  7. Poor old cod ,will corbyn be at glasto next year? Yes he may in a high vis vest chucking wrecked tents on the back of a lorry lol
  8. Real anglers catch fish that have been caught before
  9. Thats quite easy when theres 300,000 empty homes lying about (600,000 someone else said somewhere) simply point them at an empty shack job done! I presume our laws are different as we have thousands and brown sites in enough area to house every one who needs one Look at some uk urbex videos you will be stunned just how much brown field and abandoned homes we have unfortunately mostly owned by individuals or banked for some reason by companies Whole streets are/ were being sold for short change oop norf Some people want to be homeless the farnham big issue seller was given a council flat and flatly refused to pay rent and was kicked out
  10. We are safe in the knowledge labour will waste any money bankrolled by the tories in their justifiable austerity measures ,once the idiots vote in labour a reprint of that note will be left when the other idiots get fed up with labour and vote the tories back in . The idiots dont yet realise its an ongoing scenario of voting in one set of self serving governments after another whos only concern involving the voter is getting their vote so they can live like lords on the back of them
  11. How bad is peterborough ! While your country is vast ours is big enough not to know who lives in the next village. Heard of peterborough never been to peterborough never will go to peterborough so your knowledge is more or less the same as mine. Its a bit like finding out someone is from london and asking if they know someone you do We do though have a knack of foreigner spotting ,unfortunately disapearing now when every other person seems to be one but in most cases yanks are spotted as soon as they open their mouths lol When i was a kid foreigners were the talk of the town a jew moving into the road caused concern and spotting a black or "indian" rare indeed ,now its the opposite NOT spotting one in any road just as rare and you can bet half the whites you see will be polish lol Aside from wearing stetsons and spurs a yank will blend in today and only when they speak will the secret be revealed we have a tame one in the village ,she could out drawl jerry hall often heard but rarely recognise As for attracting attention in some places anyone will get a reaction the more toes the locals have the more attension you will get because they think your after their father brothers or worse sister mothers ! Mono brows are the norm in places luckily in the sticks theres still enough variation in the gene pool to get pleasent humans that chat before stabbing you in the back.I feel sorrow for any foreigner coming here its not the country of my youth its a melting pot of the scum of the earth breeding more scum to breed out the nice people left
  12. Still posting your link to lies cod
  13. All the lib dems did was crow how many things they stopped the tories doing when in coalition with the tories! It would be nice for a change to stop this undemocratic party politics and actually start working for their electorate and generous stipends they get It would be even nicer if gullible idiots stopped voting these waste of skin in in the first place!
  14. Unfortunately theres no brexit party to vote for here so i wont bother
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