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  1. i am thinking of investing in the Shakespeare Mach 2 Barbel Rod it can be used as a quiver tip or avon style, i am hoping to use it for big bream carp and tench, aswell as chub barbel and trout the majority of all my fishing so far as been done on the float in lakes, but its about time i tried some other methods
  2. cheers for the info, i think i will give them a try if i get chance to get any fishing done in the next week or so, or might have to wait for the warmer weather to come back before they take effect
  3. that salmon he cooked nailed to a board had my mouth watering shame they are on the decline
  4. Ebay s always worth checking from time to time there is some good buys on there i have picked up some new and used tackle at really low prices but its not always there but worth checking if you have some spare cash for gear
  5. i have been looking at ready made hookable pellets in all kinds of flavours but have never used them before, does anyone know what is the best way to fish them and if they are any good i regularly fish two venues one is a large lake with lots of carp, tench, and bream up2 double figures the other is a small farm pond where i have pulled out a few nice tench and the odd small carp on corn and bread i am having a lot of trouble locating the bigger fish in the lake as i have said in another thread could hookable pellets be the answer ?
  6. the lake is run by the local council as it is in a nature reserve/park and is free fishing so it does tend to attract a few idiots, but mostly the fishing there is good and lot of people do well in there i have seen pictures on a local anglers mobile phone of a lot of double figure fish caught there over the past year i dont think the lake is overly stocked with fish, another local lake was recently filled in and alot of the fish from that where added to the lake where i have been fishing i havent really used many methods other than float fishing corn and maggots but the local anglers
  7. i have only tried float fishing i havent tried a feeder the lake in some swims is up to 12ft deep just a few feet from the bank but mostly about 6ft deep i usually just use a waggler that takes a few BB shots to cock and fish about 6 inches from the bottom of the lake which is mostle gravel bottomed using size 16 or 18 barbless hooks thanks for trying to help
  8. hello to everyone here, i have recently started fishing again i used to go all the time in my teens but lost contact with all the people i used to go with and have recently re-took it up again this year i have found a local lake that is new to me and is quite large and have seen and heard of alot of people bagging up on there the lake as some really big bream, roach, carp, grass carp, pike, orfe/ide, and tench and perch but all i have managed to catch so far this year is roach up to just under 1lb a few crucian carp the odd bream but nothing to write home about most sessions i only
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