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    New to fishing and i like my football and my pooter. Also like photography even if i am no good!
  1. I tried it out on Monday and it seemed to work very well. Sadly nothing on the lake was biting for anyone cet for some roach but never mind. i had one float attached at 3ft the usual way, and then a couple of drennan clip on floats at 4 and 5ft and each with different coloured tips. i found i could cast out a decent distance without any tangles and could easily tell how deep the water was at that point. I could then just reel in a few feet, allow the floats to settle again and see exactly where the undulations on the bed were, the shallows and the holes. It does look a little odd a
  2. wow it seems like ages since i posted here. Works been manic over the last 8 months or so (averaging 300 hours a month!) so i just havn't had a chance to go fishing which is a shame. Anyway, last week i ventured out on one of the nicest days of the year and caught a sole Tench (a nice 12-14" though) and i'm heading out again with a mate on Monday. now my question is really just about a theory i have. Is there anything stopping me from attaching more than one float to my line to plumb the depth of my swim? IE, instead of attaching one as usual at say 4ft and then fiddling around to try
  3. i just foun this on the bbcs site which is as i suspected i tihnk if it flicks out though that it is for obvious reasons.
  4. thanks for all the tips peeps. i also considered that maybe it was the particular swim i was on? i had large trees overhanging the bank to my immediate left and right and lily beds in the water in front of those. It was almost completly cut off from the wind that was coming down the lake and very secluded. There were 3 carp within 3ft of the bank directly in front of me stirring up the silt. even if i had had the gear top cope with them i dont quite know how you could fish for them that close to you.with heavy cover left and right and them feeding directly under the rod tip i would imagine it
  5. i do like a bit of cod. but in our place the most common takeaway is chinese so i might only have 6 peices of cod a year.
  6. After another day out today i have spent most of the day removing hooks from the mouths of fish less than 3 inches long. Despite the fact that the bait was as large as their little heads it didn't seem to stop them stuffing themselves. I tried putting a dropper shot on to get the maggots down a little faster but that had next to no effect so i don't quite know what else i can do to help me get past these fish to the ones just a couple of inches larger that i know are there. any tips?
  7. ahh Subaru as i recall all Subaru's are 4wd as well as all having lateral engines. Instead of the pistons going up and down they go left to right. Lowers COG don't cha no. certainly looks like it'll be a fine fishing chariot Elton. and even if it gives up the ghost after a couple of years its still been a good buy.
  8. Well its coming up for 19:30 on Monday 2nd June and I am getting ready for a trip out tomorrow. It'll be my first one as a member of the Crawley Angling Society and so i am going to head over to New Pond which is at the end of the M23. At around 4 acres with 30 swims I am hoping for a nice quiet day. With Roach, Rudd, Tench, Perch, Mirror/Common/Crucian Carp, Bream and Gudgeon swimming around i am also hoping to have plenty to talk about when i come home! I'll be heading for Jack Frost Tackle first to see if i can pick up any tips as well as some maggots and lord knows what else. I'll alr
  9. As a newcomer to the hobby I'll be hanging back on the Rivers for a bit. However my new club have access to three stretches of the River Mole which is reputed to be good for Barbel and Chub. I have to confess I cant wait to hook into a Barbel.
  10. nice blog :) expecting updates!

  11. ah yeah thanks for that Anderoo. Didn't cross my mind! Dan thanks for that list, i have hopefully added them all in roughly the right places! i just hope i can find an excuse to head out to Apollo Angling as it looks like a good few hours dribbling at toys! For the moment the angling map only contains commercial fisheries who have a map plastered all over the website anyway. Its a shame that we even need to be cautious in thins kind of thing because a good map of loads of waters would benefit everyone who fishes including the owners of the waters. With poaching and trespassing as bad a
  12. you may have noticed in my sig two maps that i have started on Google Maps. I have been pinpointing some locations of tackle shops and fisheries in my area to make my life a little easier when planning my day out or when trying to suggest the location of a good shop or water. If anyone would care to help me in my quest (how nice would it be to have a full map!) please feel free to hand over any good tackle shops, waters etc that you are aware of. If you can provide a link to a website or a phone number it'll be even better. Naturally its a work in progress so any comments are welcome.
  13. thanks for that anderoo. i will confess that the idea was as you said, to just put out a rod not really expecting anything but targeting some of the bigger carp with a self hooking rig and some larger baits like boilies etc. knowing that certain fish will at times just wolf a bait down i would certainly never leave a rig like that out targeting those species.
  14. Well its just gone 09:00 on Wednesday 28th and i have returned home from my last shift at work for nearly 4 weeks. I have been awake since 17:00 yesterday so I'm just pottering about now trying to stay awake to get through the tough part of the morning. I have decided that tomorrow I'll head out to Beaver Farm Fisheries for the day while i wait for my Crawley Angling Society membership to go through. With a mixed set of lakes I'm bound to hook into something! The current forecast is for Sunny Intervals with temps hitting 17 degrees with a little wind to boot. how thats going to affect the
  15. well thanks for the advice! i think i'll knock that idea on the head! the original plan behind the idea was that i dont want to sit there with three rods out for hours on end bored stupid. My current rod says it should be used with lines upto 6lb so maybe i'll pick something up later that will be able to handle some heavier lines and bigger fish for when i am fishing the River or looking for some larger fish. Ta
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