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  1. Is anyone out this weekend between Exmouth and Beer and fancies letting a newbee along to gain some experience? Cheers Steve
  2. I've just started too Andrew - had my first paddle on Saturday! I live in Devon and so went to AS Watersports in Exeter for some advise. They did me a great deal on a Manta Ray 12, threw in some extras like a paddle and discounted me a trolley too. The Manta Ray is very stable, I had trouble tipping it to practise a deep water self-rescue, and is supposed to be quite fast for a sit-on-top. It's got tons of space (I can stow my Ctug trolley in the front hatch), a decent seat and lots of things that I have no idea what they are, but I assume I will when I get fishing! I looked at some other kayaks and then did some research and asked on here. It came down to the Tarpon V Manta Ray and the Manta won. Drop me a line when you get down here if you want. Good luck Steve
  3. Thanks Mike - quite rightly I won't be fishing, I'll have too much to think about, but others may like to. Cheers
  4. Hi all, I pick up my Manta Ray 12 tomorrow and I'm venturing out to Ladrum Bay, nr Exmouth, on Saturday morning, weather/sea permitting. A friend has an inflatable rib and has offered to be my 'rescue boat'! I wondered if anyone fancied coming along for a paddle and a fish and maybe impart some expertise my way? Apparently there is no slipway/launch charge now, some small bass have been caught and there's lots of mackerel. Plus you get to see me fall off and flap about like a ****! ChrisW - I have tried to contact you but the site won't let me! Be great if you could pop down and introduce yourself. Cheers all Steve
  5. That sounds like a top idea, cheers Chris! I should be picking it up this weekend (it's already waiting for me in the shop but I'm waiting for some new 'plastic') so I'll give you a shout once I've sorted all my gear out. Thanks for the offer again. Steve
  6. I have read the same about the metal fittings. Is there any way to replace these with better quality ones? Cheers Steve
  7. Thanks for all the help. I've checked out some US reviews too and all went for the Manta Ray over the Tarpon too. So Manta Ray it is! I'll order it now. Thanks again.
  8. I am close to getting my first yak and I popped into A&S Watersports in Exeter today and they have come up with 2 packages that interested me. One was the Manta Ray 12 (angler) and the other was the Tarpon 120 Angler. They both look bloody great and I just can't decide which one to go for! The Manta is £50 cheaper but that's not overly important. I want to catch Bass during the summer to start with on comfortable sea conditions. Any helpful reviews etc would be most appreciated. Which one for a newbie? Cheers Steve
  9. Thanks for the advise guys. I've contacted Ben at A&S Watersports and will get on a course asap. I spoke to A&S today about buying a yak and giving some locals a shout out on here when I'm ready to take to the water. So watch out and thanks for all the help! Cheers Steve
  10. I popped down to the show yesterday and thanks to all for all their patient explanations and words of advise to someone looking to join your sport. It was a great show and I'm gonna get onto the water as soon as possible! One thing I forgot to ask was if anyone could recommend a good course run down here in east/south Devon for a total beginner with no gear (yet)? Thanks in advance
  11. Manrock

    Best Kayak?

    Thanks for that Zippy. Sounds like a good chance to look some fishing kayaks over. Is it a club meet? I'd like to join a local club so that I can find a fishing buddy - my wife is worried about me fishing alone! Where in Exmouth do you meet? What day will it be on? Do I need to introduce myself to anyone in particular? Thanks again
  12. Hi all, I know this has probably been asked before but........ I want the best kayak for sea fishing (east Devon) that £500-£600 can buy. I need something stable, quick, lots of easy stowage space and easy to transport. I've trawled the internet and come up with the Ocean Prowler 13 or the Wilderness System Tarpon 135 as possible options. What do you think? And if its not to much trouble.................what's the best floatation jacket for paddling around in for less than £100? Thanks for any input - I'm really excited about joining this sport!
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