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  1. Can't you see ? You know that big SHARK. To be honest he eats fish so fish are scared of him. Der. Just say if you want to see an updated version of my fish tank.
  2. To difficuilt to explain to YOU. I read up on it it's my hobbie.
  3. Hi nice to meet a fellow fish person. What capacity is that ? I've been in fish for over a year. My dads getting a 60g sump mines 10g. It's been going since christmas but i've got frags from everyone. I got cured rock.
  4. Is that a E:book or a proper book ?
  5. They have a poisenous spine. Ever heard of a Lion fish (Marine fish) same prospects but not as powerful. Discorger.
  6. This lake was not that big but me and my mate were legering on one half and my dad was fishing on the top on the other near the trees and to be honest we were covering the whole lake. Apart from the stream which ran in to the lake but that was in direct sunlight and me and my m8 saw 7 decent sized carp. We chucked in some pop-up boileys but 1 ate so it was pointless. There none on the bottom.
  7. My biggest fish is 7lb I was looking for 10lb but unlucky with that. At that lake aswell we didn't get bothered by Roach. My mate caught the Zander aswell.
  8. What does err rightmean you can fish at any age
  9. Hi All. I find it really hard to fing the right lake for me. I mean I got the tackle to catch an easy double digit fish. Although I'm only eleven I caught a few nice fish in CORNWALL on holiday. But I can't find a decent lake anywhere nere Basingstoke. In the big lakes you can get 30lb fish but in the little ones only annoying Roach and Poisenous Zander or if our lucky a 5lb Carp. I found a nice lake with beautiful surrondings and I could get a nice double digit fish my type but after 6 hours my alarm didn't go off once while my dad was fishing on the top he caught 3 about 5lb carp and
  10. My friend was on legering tackle with a 12 hooked to nylon coated team england hook. But he found not getting poisiend or bitten hard.
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