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  1. Going Eel fishing this weekend. I've just bought some Drennan 7 Strand Pike Wire. I don't want to crimp it, on the box it says it can be twisted, but for the life of me I can't do it. It keeps undoing itself under pressure. Is there any way to tie it neatly (At the hook and swivel) or is there a certain way to twist it? Any advice much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for this. Will be trying out that liquidised worm, bit messy, but it doesn't matter as long as I get some stripeys! Im in Liverpool btw.
  3. Haven't been on this site for months! Haven't been fishing for months either. Anyway, I've decided gone cold turkey and I'm giving in! Thinking about going 28th/29th. Whats everyone mainly fishing for at the moment? Really want to get some fat perch. Anyone have any ideas for me? I was thinking chooped worm and caster fed often to start, then a lob on top? Or would that be too much feed with it being cold? Thanks, Stefan (P.S. It's good to get back into things!!!!!)
  4. good for carp at night in the shallows. hardly spooks them. you can get really close. just flick a bait at them. great advantage to have over others.
  5. Someone mentioned that it was for presentation to use such a fine line, whats wrong with braid or fluorocarbon? [ 19. March 2005, 04:07 PM: Message edited by: Stefan ]
  6. an added bonus, no more need to take pot noodles an butties to the bank.
  7. Tony, no it's not. But he is a friend of my dads. Stuart Dean. How do you know him?
  8. I once left a bait box of pinkies in a tent. All the next day I found them everywhere! Even after taping the holes, they still get out! Another time, I left a box with only about 100 in the greenhouse, 3 weeks later I found it.... full. As you can guess the originals had turned into fly's and laid eegs, which have hatched and ate the dead originals, and that has continued. Being in a greenhouse, well, another week or so and the lid would have come off. Suffice to say, the bait box was burned with them inside, I couldn't bare to open it fully!
  9. No,no! They were just some stupid questions, i'm going with a friend of my dads, who is a member of the NAC. He will show me how to do it, but he hasn't fished the water for years. I just wanted to know for me so i don't seem an absolute idiot when talking with him. And about the car wheels, that joke got old years ago. Is your name Boris by any chance?
  10. Just been told that a lake has eel's 8lb!!!!! Loads of them aswell. I'm not going to mention the lake, because i want a crack at it myself. Is it the right time of year to fish for them? Where would i fish? I know that i'll be using lobworms and half roach. But what hooks do i use? I was thinking size 4 with the lob, and a huge hook on the roach(or maybe a treble hook?). As you can see, i need alot of help, and i wont forget my wire trace, as there are huge pike aswell. (p.s. the lake is in Merseyside, hehehe... northern lads got some big fish for a change!!!)
  11. thats a medusa rig jeepster. if you havn't got any balls (of cork) just put a few drops of glue into a bait box of maggots and wait a few minutes, they wriggle together to give a nice fat ball. try taking a very light mono and a sewing needle, just thread the maggots onto the line and tie to the hook or hair. add a bit off rig foam to pop them up or balance them so they sink slowly. ALSO, if you fill a pva bag with maggots and put your hookbait inside, cast out and they all fall together, it creates a shower of bait and the carp especially go mental for it. [ 29. Septembe
  12. Stefan

    pb zander

    lol, im just joking..... id love a fish like that one!
  13. absolutely [email protected], ive had carp on normal corn, one a chuck goin mad for the stuff, i put one on the hook, and i dont even get any twitching. straight back to the real stuff and wham, more fish.
  14. Stefan

    pb zander

    u look really happy with it
  15. Stefan


    i woudnt like to be in that van when their is a strong current! still, i'd fish out of the window.
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