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  1. 3, 2 salmon and one trout.!!
  2. ye. I'm hoping to get a fly fishing rod forchristmas so next season i'll catch lots more fish than i caught this season !
  3. awesome ! did you go fishing there when you stayed? if so what did you catch? Cyn
  4. I began fishing at 3o'clock in the afternoon yesterday. It was very hot for an autums day and the sun shone down on my back as i span for salmon just under the bridge in crickhowell. I used a yellow flying seed for the whole afternoon. I had no bites after about an hour. Then suddenly at about quarter past 4 i had a clear nailing if the seed. The rod flung bent and the line tightened. I had obviously hooked a fish ! I had to battle with the fish to keep him from not going down stream in a very strong currant. It took me 15minutes when finally i saw a glimpse of the fish. It was a Salmon
  5. the nodding in the rod could be the rivers current and it could be leaves swirling around. If a fish takes the bait your quivertip should shoot around but make your own judgements. The more fishing you do the better and more wise you will get! So good luck and catch that double figure carp.(hopefully bigger than the 12 year old girl !!lol) Cyn
  6. has anyone been to llangorse lake? what did you catch?
  7. I catch all my bream on bread!! They aren't the best of fighters but they are fun to catch!
  8. If you think that your baits you use to hair rig are strange or are wierd please tell me about them and reply! After the first 10 replies have come in I will vote who wins! Thanks, Cyn!
  9. which nuts do you use or are the best? |And preferebly you soak or flavour them? What about using like pet terrapin little long pellets??
  10. Could the carp anglers out there show me what baits to hair rig and why. Could you show me all your weird and wonderfull bait you hair rig to your hook. Thanks, Cyn
  11. Can someone tell me what the British Record is for all Fish in Britain. Thanks very much! CyN
  12. WOW! that is one awesome mullet. does anyone know what the british record is??

    RAIN :(

    I live in south wales where the worst rain was and the river was over the road!!
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