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  1. To everyone who helped to create the situation we now find ourselves in - I hope you enjoy your winnings. Britain is about to undergo massive and permanent change. I really hope you are right and I am wrong about what that change will mean for us. I do hope, though, that one day you'll see that people like me were actually on your side all along. Maybe we went about it in the wrong way. I know it sounds patronising and melodramatic, but I can't help that, it's true. We've been trying to protect all of us from what's coming. There's no more fighting to be done now, so have a good xmas
  2. I must confess I wasn't really thinking about pike as I don't really fish for them any more. If you've found some good spots then fill your boots! The locks on the stretches I fish the most have never really been that great but if yours are good, good!
  3. I've caught lots of perch on drop-shotted lobworms. Jigging them would work too but you'd want a very light jig head so the drop back down is as slow as possible.
  4. I've never found the lock cuts that great on the Thames, personally. Logic suggests that when the river is up and charging through (as it is now) that's where they should be, but in reality I've always struggled to catch in those spots. To be honest (and to answer your other topic), when the Thames is like this I don't even bother. It's just not worth it. I'll wait until the colour has dropped out, the level has dropped, and the flow settled down. You might be able to scratch a few fish out if you persist, but everything is against you.
  5. The thing with facts is that they're true whether you believe them or not. It is really sad to see so many people radicalised to the point where they actually want to be lied to so they can continue to buy into the grift. I wonder if anyone can answer me this, as I don't think I'm going to get an answer to a post-brexit immigration strategy (which is weird, right? why not...?). What is brexit today? 1. Teresa May's negotiated agreement + future trade discussions 2. Boris Johnson's negotiated agreement + future trade discussions/possible WTO exit next year 3. Nigel Farage's WTO ex
  6. I'm hoping that post-Brexit immigration policy is coming soon? What's the plan?
  7. You and others might find this interesting: https://fullfact.org/immigration/eu-migration-and-uk/ As I said before, as EU migration falls, non-EU migration rises. So the total level does not change. I don't know what all those people are doing, but I do know that the UK government has total control over non-EU migration and could cut it to 0 if it wanted to, so I wonder why a government/party which has been so vocal about cutting immigration has actually allowed such a huge increase in non-EU migration when EU migration has fallen so dramatically? Net EU migration, as it says is curren
  8. 'The Government could do that Andrew' - yes, exactly. Thanks.
  9. The thing is John, there are loads of other places other than 'here' and 'back home'. Why would people choose here when the exchange rate has tanked and the atmosphere is toxic? There are plenty of other choices. Otherwise, why is loads of our produce now rotting, unpicked, in the fields? Where are all those British workers that were always beaten to those jobs by EU migrants?
  10. If you really believe this, the vote to leave does make some sense. The trouble is, it's simply not true, and people who subscribe to it don't actually care whether it's true or not.
  11. Oh mate. British workers will suffer, not prosper, because of brexit. This stuff just runs too deep now for facts to matter. I hope you get what you think you'll get, I really do.
  12. No, I understand your position completely. I think you will be very disappointed at the reality once we've left the EU. I hope then you direct your anger at our national government, where is belongs. If you could point me towards an actual immigration strategy to be implemented post-Brexit that would be great. There must be one published, given that immigration was front and centre of the reason to leave, and that we have missed 3 deadlines to leave already? If there isn't one (and I mean a real one we can hold to account, not the words 'points-based' written on a fag packet), I'd real
  13. Fine, then a British government can introduce much more stringent immigration rules within the EU, e.g. like Belgium does. We don't need to leave the EU to do that. This is already illegal and will remain illegal. Totally irrelevant to this topic.
  14. Because old chap the future government is not you.
  15. The wishes of the majority were to leave on the terms promised in the campaign. That was the answer that was given. If you want to leave on different terms, we need to be asked a different question.
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