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  1. It most certainly does still apply down here in Devon, unless it has been changed for the start of the new licencing year.
  2. DelJ

    Photo Of The Day.

    Hi Kingfisher, funny you should mention The Melbourne I have a brother-in-law who was on The Voyager which was one of those Aussie ships rammed and sunk by the Melbourne. Luckily Alan was one of those who survived. He sometimes still has nightmares over the incident mainly due to the fact that he saw so many of his shipmates eaten by sharks before they could be rescued. I guess Alan was to little to be counted as much of a meal by the sharks. The Voyager Captain was blamed for the incident as he was said to be under the influence. Alan has always said this was untrue and as he was th
  3. DelJ

    Photo Of The Day.

    If you are going to join in John will you please ensure someone has a camera handy.
  4. Just had a look at Geordiepix John and I have to say they are reet canny. The "it's nice to be nice" in your sig was my late 1st, Father-in Law's favourite saying. Funny how you have the knack of bringing back memories for me. Mind you no way am I complaining though.
  5. I hardly ever use the shutter button to lock the focus instead I use the AF-ON button. You have to go into the menu to set it up and though I know some people have tried it and said they couldn't work with that set-up I found that it only took a couple of sessions to get used to it.
  6. Oh but I think he is Janet.
  7. Well as Chris keeps on about the PUB then I think the answer just might be in some way linked to it. Chris have you tried Google Earth?
  8. DelJ


    Janet I'm sure you will enjoy your new camera, I used to have a e-510 with the twin lens and I got some very good shots with it. I only parted with it when I had an offer I couldn;t refuse to get the Sony a700. Enjoy your new "toy" and like the rest on this forum I await you posting your shots with it.
  9. Best one you'll ever get I think Janet.
  10. DelJ


    Steve here I am back on the Sony waggon, as well as all the a mount Minolta lens Sigma, Tamron, Tonica all make lens to fit Sony a mount as does the superb Carl Zeiss. I know the Carl Zeiss lens are expensive but for IQ there is nothing to touch them. OK now I am going to stay away from this thread before I talk myself into selling the D90 and going back to Sony.
  11. DelJ


    Janet if the Sony a700 is over budget you could always get one of their "entry" models that IMHO are a match for most of if not all similar priced DSLRs. The Sony a200 can be had for £369 and comes with the 18-70mm kit lens and the 75-300mm lens. One advantage of the Sony DSLRs is that image stabilization is built into the camera so you have that no matter what lens you use. The new SONY ALPHA A230 18-55 can be had for £445, and the SONY ALPHA A350 18-70 for £389. It might seem strange me pushing the Sony cameras when I have just got rid of mine but I guess I'm just a Nikon man at he
  12. DelJ


    Got to agree with SW on this one, I recently switched to a Nikon D90 and I can't praise it highly enough. IMHO for the money there is nothing to touch it. The video on it is not the greatest but if I want video I use my Canon compact. The colours on the Nikons straight out of the camera are to me better than on the Canons, but that is just my personal opinion. SW said about the D5000 and it is a good camera but it does not have an internal motor that the D90 does. This means that the D90 can meter and auto focus with older Nikon lens but the D5000 can't. Before I got the D90 I
  13. DelJ

    Photo Of The Day.

    Nope it has been very quiet while you have been away, though I expect that will all change now you are back.
  14. DelJ

    A tribute.

    Thanks marra I was amazed when I saw the the lad do it. Just goes to show that they are not all mindless morons doesn't it.
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