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  1. Hi guys, just thought i would let everyone know about this: http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/fishing-...-bait/108678399 Im not looking to buy any bait at the moment but thought this looked good! Enjoy.
  2. Bit delayed response... Im in Warwickshire, Midlands, but could post to places all over.... I think
  3. Hey all, haven't been on here for ages! Basically, i'm looking to clear out some of the junk i have in the house..... I was given (as a present) a few boxes of bait, but realise, im not going to be fishing as much so most of the bait is wasted on me Therefore, i would like to make some money out of what i have, heres what i have: 900g bags of: 8mm XL Carp pellets 1kg bags of: Fresh Squid, Octopus and black pepper 15mm shelf life boilies 900g bags of: Dark Red Crumb groundbait I have 8 bags of each, all brand new, so brand new condition..... All can be found on: http://w
  4. Hi everyone, I suddenly love the taste of oysters, and was wondering if and how I could get myself some.... I only need a small amount and am based in Kent, where should I look and how should I collect, also, is there any chance of a pearl in english waters? Many thanks Chub
  5. Hi all, come over all ultrapreneurial lately... I was wondering if owning a fishery is profitable or not, and is there still a Market for a new fishery? If I bought a load of land in the centre of England and dug some big holes and filled em with carp, would it be worth it? Annual pay for owner, I know it depends on fishery but try to answer? Thanks
  6. I googles fishing in these areas and San Diagonal and Frisco apparently have some good piers.... Do I need some sort of liscense to fish there? Isn't it like our sea.... Free to do what u want? Could i get away with it if there r others there? Thanks
  7. Hi all, I have just booked a USA road trip, spending 3 weeks going to many amazing places. When we went to turkey I took a telescopic rod and had great success fishing from the 5* hotels wooden pier, they didn't seem to mind.... I am travelling the West coast, Califonia, and will be going through San Fransisco, Yosemite, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, LA, LV, San Diago..... So I was thinking of bringing my rod. So out of those places, where do u think I have a good chance if independently fishing.... Are there any rules? Anything to watch out for? Also what fish would I catch and does anyone
  8. What about the pellett wagler, too early?
  9. Hi all, Hopefully getting out in a few days, head down to a nearby carp pool. The carp can get up 2 20lbs, and last summer caught a few largies on the surface. Do u think its time for surface agin or is it too soon. Thanks
  10. Hi, u know the closed season..... Does a canal count as somewhere u can't fish now? Its the grand union... Also are all lakes still availiable to fish now? Thanks
  11. I have been googling and it seems sandeels are quite hard to find. I was thinking of getting ragworm as these look quite the same...... Do ragworm catch the same species? Would it be ok float fished? Anyone got any tips on finding and catching one? Many Thanks
  12. Hi all, I am going to be fishing around Easter period and need a few tips as relative begginer. I would like to catch something i can use as livebait with a float, off piers or just the shore. I want to use a float as previously had no luck with anything else, and am a very good course fisherman. I was thinking of using sandeel as it seems all species like them maximising my chances of finally catching a fish from the actual sea - previous fish from harbour. The problem is how to i get sandeel. I could go for the easy option and buy it but i really like sourceing my own bait. So whats t
  13. Hi all, I have all the gear to be a sea fisherman and have a holiday in Herne Bay on the kent coast. I am planning to go down their in a few weeks for easter and need lots of advice. I am a course fisherman and the only sea fish i have caught is mullets in a harbour, but it turns out u r not alloud to fish this harbour so i didnt take keep the fish or fish their again. I have tried fishing off piers - Hamilton Pier in herne bay, but i never fish for very long as i just think there r obviously no fish??? So i need to catch the easisest fish possible as i dont think i can manage anything di
  14. Just won 4 coconuts on a coconut shy.... Wondering if it was worth me freezing some of the inside scrapings for summer fishing? Anyone tried it? Do Coconuts need preparing for the fish? And thats all Many Thanks Chub Frenzy
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