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  1. I`m fishing a lake in november where the main species are Bream and Tench is it worth targetting the tench? the lake is www.watersmeet.co.uk thanks
  2. Me and my fishing pal are looking into booking a fishing break just 1 night and 2 days fishing with a B&B onsite if possible. We want somehting not too far from the midlands does anybody have any suggestions? if possible not a match pool we would prefer a natural pool if possible thanks
  3. i`m looking for a fishing club to join in the wolverhampton area something like a pub club etc nothing too big. Can anyone suggest a club that i could join? i`m not a really serious angler nor am i that good.
  4. does anybody know of an decent places to fish these rivers? i know a little about the stour heard about a weir behind the whittington pub on the A449 but not fished it yet. as regards to the penk i`m looking to fish it south of Penkridge any suggestions?
  5. Does anyone know who owns the fishing rights and how i would go about getting a day ticket for the canal around brewood also any tips on methods cheers
  6. i`ve a contest on the top pool this saturday its an afternoon match, i`ve not got time to go and have a look myself so i wondered if anybody here has fished it or knows about it and if they could tell me what the best approaches are, also i`m travveling from wolverhampton for this match could anybody give me directions? cheers
  7. i think and i`m no expert at all but it could be the sun`s Corona
  8. severnwolf i`ve sent you a message
  9. is this the speed server? i`m playing there in an alliance called BW i have 2 villages in the south west
  10. i`ve got thursday off work to go fishing, am i allowed to post my email or is that against the rules?
  11. how many posts do i need to be able to contact you directly? i`m trying not to post spam
  12. i know its closed season so can`t fish it at the moment but a mate of mine told me the strech in billbrook/codsall has big carp and some big tench in it just wondered if anyone knew if this was true or just a myth
  13. does anyone know whats happenen to it? it closed about 5 years ago but the sign for the fishery is still up. i used to fish there often with my pal he`d fish for the big carp 30lb + and i`d go for the big roach and the big perch. i`d love to fish it again. Does anyone know if its owned by a club now or just not being fished
  14. Zygotic


    i recently had a contest at haye farm in bewdley and caught loads of half pound roach close in on casters
  15. ok will do. the one by the m54 is close to junction 1. tyou can see it from the motorway and it has a carboot on sundays. been thinking of leighton pools in codsall but the ideal of catching a sturgeon really puts me off
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