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  1. It is good to hear that John. I've not heard from him since his birthday in January 2017.
  2. corydoras


    And Thanksgiving
  3. Obviously that does not include her favourite son, nor come to think of it Wingut and the Horse Bride.
  4. I think Newt might be no longer with us. He is still in my FB friends list but he has not posted or replied to messages for since the last Presidential election. If I hear from him I will post an update.
  5. I don't think one knows what the word evidence means. I guess Sondland is just another of those Demoncrat "never-Trumpers", Ken. "Was there a quid pro quo? As I testified previously with regard to the requested White House call and the White House meeting the answer is "yes". Then again, perhaps Sondland did not say those words in his testimony before Congress, perhaps Jeff Dunham had his fist up his ass?
  6. One thing we agree on ayjay. I could not bring myself to vote Tory.
  7. It looks sweet Elton. Thank you!
  8. YOU might not need facts to form an opinion you mean. You wouldn't know what a fact was if it fell on your head. If your opinions are not based on fact then they are worthless.
  9. WTF is "cultural marxism". I didn't think you were a conspiracy theory nut job. I have profressive tendencies. That does not mean I am a communist. I am a bit shocked but not totally surprised to see one sputting neo-NAZI claptrap.Google Kulturbolschewismus.
  10. I'd call him a c@nt but he lacks warmth and depth.
  11. There is an article in the Guardian about it. Probably fake news ;-) https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/sep/24/ants-solution-to-antibiotic-crisis-superbug-bacteria
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