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  1. Mitchell SA. French company. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABU_Garcia
  2. https://photographylife.com/what-is-iso-in-photography
  3. Then it is a mis-print. ISO 200 is the equivalent film speed.
  4. ISO 200 methinks. ISO 2000 is a standard for IT Service Management.
  5. When are you going to post your thesis justifying executing innocent people? I was fishing last week. I am only a ten minutes walk from the Itchin.
  6. I don't drink and I don't give a hoot for your habits.
  7. You are sick. If some mother's son is excecuted for a crime he did not commit that is just fine by you? You are sick. Morally bankrupt.
  8. That is the type of thing that teenagers say. If you had a rational argument to make you would have made it by now.
  9. Swerve, swerve swerve. The reason you will not is because you do not have a rational answer. I live on my own. I go to bed when I please.
  10. Still cannot or will not answer the question.Why is that?
  11. What a snowflake. You get upset for me callling you an **** when you called me a hypocrite. Just answer the question. Why do you think it is acceptable to execute people who have benn convicted of but have not commited a crime. Would you feel the same way if your son or daughter was executed for a crime they did not commit?
  12. Did you actually watch the video? I think you are an anus. What are you guilty of?
  13. Wel let put it this way. You could not be more wrong. Why do you think it is acceptable to execute innocent people? Pen me a paragraph justifying executing somone who is falsley accused.
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