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  1. Not wanting to sound unsociable, I think a good angler has to be something of a loner most of the time.
  2. Just a suggestion for disguising the hook. How about tying, as in fly tying a buzzer onto the shank of the hook? It could be as simple as red thread for the body, with a white tail fillament at each end. I should imagine it would work with maggots and the odd fake grub when fishing over bloodworm?
  3. Budgie, I think like a lot of people I never had any confidence in fake baits at one time. I got talking to another bream angler one day who said he nearly always catches on them, plus I had heard more and more reports of double figure bream being caught on them especially in the winter months. So I decided to give it a go. 5.a.m on a very foggy and cold morning I had just given up hope, when I got a series of single beeps. I prayed and prayed that it was a bream, and so it was at 10 lb 4 oz. However, "big" bream angling as you know must be one of the hardest and frust
  4. Many thanks for the welcome lads. The only thing that I know about flavouring fake baits like corn is that I am told that lots of companys use Glycerin as the base carrier, you can get it from Boots chemists. Another base carrier that I use is Pure "Fructose" availiable from health food shops. It is a very concentrated sweetener used in jam making (sugars from natural fruits) . Then just add whatever flavour that you like. I keep mine in old film canisters. It also helps to hold the flavour if you give the fake bait a bit of a stabbing with a needle. I have had some success using
  5. Hello lads. I am thinking of making my own bait soak for bream (plastic baits). could somebody tell me the correct amounts of Flavour and Glycerin to use please? I am thinking of 20 mil Glycerin and 3-5 mil of chosen flavour. Does this sound about right? Many thanks, Chris.
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    Hi just saying hello. Hope to contribute soon.
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