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  1. The long-running summer season conflict on the Norfolk Broads between anglers and boaters that has simmered ever since the phenomenal growth of the floating tourist industry in the 1950s appears to have come to the boil again following a ban on angling being imposed on the Postwick Wharf and Bramerton on the tidal River Yare and at Worlingham and Beccles on the River Waveney. The spots at Bramerton and Postwick are popular with the elderly and the disabled anglers due to nearby parking and flat banks. I don't know much about the locations on the Waveney. The Broads Authority have stated that
  2. Let me put you right on a few facts. There were no bycycle tracks, but deep groves cut into bank where ropes had been continually pulled up the bank. In a lifetime of walking along that bank I have seen one bike before,You can't ride bikes along there anyway. I have not seen any kids for years. There was broken nylon rope on the bank, fish scales, and thousands of fish that had just started spawning gone, this is an isolated place, you would have a job to find a piece of litter on this bank. Let me tell you the fish were nicked. The official EA statement differs very much from the unofficial
  3. Hi I will rule out the first suggesting, fish manipulation, this is definitely not the case, and as for the second immigrants, now this has been said before, but is very doubtful, as the location is very remote with difficult access, there are only a few immigrants in the area, and they have never been implicated in this type of offence before. You would almost certainly have needed loclal knowledge.
  4. Hello all I live in Norfolk and I am a keen fisherman and amateur naturalist, I firmly believe the two hobbies go hand in hand. I only fish the rivers and broads in Norfolk during the season, out of season I spend my time walking along the river banks watching the wildlife especially the fish, as I firmly believe I can improve my fishing by observing the fish. I have been doing this over a number of years and know some rivers and it's inhabitants like the back of my hand. Anyway a couple of weeks I came across hard evidence of a massive theft of spawning Roach that I had been
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