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  1. Sorry if this causes anyone grief as it has me, but JRC have just informed me (after I sent them a rather rude email) that in fact the Defender 1 man bivvy wrap doesn't fit the Contact bivvy. Which goes against what they told me initially and prompted me to purchase one and find out for myself However, they are ALLEGEDLY bringing out a wrap for it in August - time will tell It would be great to know who there top man is to vent some frustration
  2. I've just purchased the JRC Contact 1 Man Bivvy and although I'm no bivvy expert I have to say I love it. I was looking for a light, easy to erect bivvy that would in all honesty be mainly used as a shelter and wouldn't break the bank. This meets all of those criteria. And after contacting JRC have confirmed that the Defender bivvy (not brolly) overwrap will fit the contact. The purists among you may complain it doesn't have a clear plastic door but personally that doesn't bother me. Previous to this I had the STI X-Lite which was a complete waste of time. Light, yes! Sturdy no...
  3. For anyone thinking about this one DONT!!!! I really thought I had a bargain but this bivvy has turned out to be a complete waste of time The overall concept is great, the material is great, the pegs (STI-X Lite Pegs) are brilliant, it's quick and easy to erect and fold away. That's the good points The poles however, are a complete waste of time. First off the elastic in one snapped even before it had been erected. After being left outside for a day (in moderate to light winds) the rear support came apart shortly followed by the pole connectors. If all that doesn't make sense t
  4. Hi Bigruss I too have been thinking of getting one of these but like you can't find any difference. I've emailed the company - no reply. I emailed their head of products direct - no reply!! However, everyone I've talked to has recommended the Wychwood over any other make. I was considering the Tfgear power brolly or the TFGear all rounder. Still can't decide
  5. Hi all Came accross the site the other day. I'm from the Canterbury area and have returned to fishing within the last 4 years after a break of over 35 years. May well be picking your brains a lot!!
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