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  1. Thanks a lot for all of your input, I will definitely be getting some. I might try them Costco ones! See if my parents can pick me some up as they love shopping there! Maybe they can even get me some fresh fish there for dinner so I haven't gotta go crazy trying to stop myself eating the fish I catch. Catch and release guys, catch and release.
  2. Lmao, cows scare me regardless of the circumstances, they are so timid and yet they could destroy me in seconds. They also remind me of Lenny from "Of Mice and Men".
  3. Hi, does anyone use polarised glasses for spotting the fish under water? I can never see them when trying to do some stalking. Do they work? Also, what are the cheapest? I imagine they all work as well as each other if it's just a type of lens right? Thanks. Going Rib Valley tomorrow (ware) Hope what I have read on this forum will help me catch a monster.
  4. Thanks for the help guys, I will check out the rods you suggested
  5. My 8 year old step-daughter scares the life outta me when fishing. Probably because she tends to fill her mouth with bait maggots and spit them at me regardless of my screams. I would like to say they are manly screams, but I would be lying to myself.
  6. lol thanks for the reply. Can I narrow my question to cheap, decent and for coarse fishing only? I will save up for a seperate sea fishing rod. The problem is... I want to try fly fishing someday too
  7. Good morning all. As I am starting to get very serious about angling, I wondered if anyone knew of any cheap rods or reels which are good for an amateur. I want a decent and strong rod for the least amount of money possible - I don't have much money right now cos of holidays lol. Preferably I want a rod that can be used for sea fishing aswell as primarily for coarse fishing, but I think that would push the price right up wouldn't it? I need something that is excellent value for money. (the one I have right now is a tiny junior one so I need it about 12ft or something to help me gain ba
  8. Yeah, but clubs own all the stretches of river. I don't mind paying for lakes and stuff, but I think it's an outrage that a club can own such a huge stretch of river when they are based nowhere near it - it shouldn't be able to be owned, it should be for the public, lol.
  9. I will have a look on google maps for them... I will also ask a local tackle shop when I can get to ware Thanks. (p.s.) any one else know of any, please let me know incase I have no luck.
  10. Hi, I wondered if anyone knew of any fishing lakes or free stretches of river nearest to Bengeo? I go to Rib Valley - three lakes, but it is really difficult to get there as I don't drive. (don't mind paying for lakes but free ones preferably). I have a rod license and am bored of the stretch behind the tennis courts in hartham park (only free stretch of river I know). I will have money for fishing in other areas eventually, I got a holiday coming up which has eaten all my money. I looked on google maps and noticed some huge lakes in hertingfordbury but walked all the way there with
  11. Does anyone on here know the Hertford area? I am in Bengeo and I don't drive (although I love walking and can walk for hours). The only problem with walking when fishing is that the equipment is hard to hold as I take my son with me who is in a buggy. The nearest lake that I know about is Rib Valley - Three lakes, but it is very difficult to get there on foot. There is a lot of land around me, so surely there is a lake somewhere - preferably free as I am still fairly new to fishing. I tried looking on google maps, but I am useless at it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (I hope t
  12. Thanks very much. I think I might try ledger fishing but the line on my reel is really twisted right now so it wouldn't work right? (wouldn't feel the bite). Sorry for being a newbie.
  13. Hi all, just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am fairly new to fishing and have recently got completely hooked. I was catching tiny fish until yesterday when I accidentally hooked a pike - it must've been about 4 lbs. I hadn't even got my landing net out, I literally just lobbed my bait in cos I saw a few small Roach and all of a sudden bam... It scared the life outta me so I pulled it out by grabbing the line just above it's mouth and managed to get the hook out. It was a surprise that I won't forget. It didn't even bite through my 7lb line without a trace... ROFL. so yeah, hi all.
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