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  1. Hope to be there again this year 😊😊😊 Always a great weekend 😆
  2. Hi I have acquired a greys twin tip spec rod. Has anyone got one?... and if so what reels go well with this rod? I'm thinking of treating the rod to a new reel and may have to use Quite heavy line with it. Many thanks
  3. Great tench! I think Anderoo has it right... That old 'guest' chestnut! :)
  4. Thanks again to Steve and all the bailiffs and extended help that goes into the annual fishin.... Without which it just wouldn't happen.. Or indeed be the same without theirs' and everyone else's company. Special thanks to Peggy and 'helpers' as ever for the BBQ... I for one have a healthy appetite and never take for granted the great scoff laid on! Thanks Always nice to see faces old and new! I blanked royally! TBH I couldn't even 'catch' my thoughts when I arrived through stress.... 3 days in the most idilic setting soon sorted that! Well done to those who caught and got pb's! Doesn't
  5. Wow fish-in time!! Always surprised how fast it comes round.... Last year i had a brace.. ...on my leg!! Looking forward to it but often suprised that it isn't always over subscribed!! Its a special place..in a beautiful part of the country...
  6. A truly great catch.... From a special fishery.. Well done! The fish are fantastic i hope my leg is fixed by may for the fish in..
  7. Anyone fished this stretch of the Thames....looking for some advice...hot spots, tips, what rods best to use, bait, tackle etc...probably targetting the larger species... Have a rough idea but always welcome to advice etc Cheers
  8. Hi Andrew..hope ur are well mate...good topic.. Frays and colne are low at the moment..the frays being the worst...still flowing though and perch feeing readily...had several over a pound and a halve with one going 2lb 3oz..but chub weren't playing ball....lets hope the rivers don't become too stressed...
  9. Hi a massive thank you to Steve for allowing the fish-in. Wingham is very special place. Thanks also to Peggy,Glyn,Terry,Tom,Will,Steve (bacon sarnie man!) and anyone else who i havn't mentioned for all their hard work and hospitality which make the fish-in happen and what it is. Without question the hightlight of the year. Special thanks to Peggy for the BBQ....i hardly had to eat anything after such a fanastic spread. It was nice to meet up with faces old and new! Fishing wise i was on Tims point and had most of my fish to one rod in 8ft of water with several coming to the left hand rod
  10. Rented a van!! .....i will go to the ball...well..wingham Now i have to go through the great sort out of stuff..... what will i need????? errr...everything!!!
  11. Thanks for the kind offer Lyn but i'm not back until after 7pm tonight and i live uxbridge area so its quite a long way from you. By hook or crook i will sort something out. Thats a great example of the comaradery within the angler's net and in angling in general. Thanks
  12. Would you believe it... Driving along yesterday timing belt snaps on the escort van Trying to sort out transport to get to the fish-in well peed off.... asked everywhere to see if i could blag the use of a vehicle....even tried to but one off e bay and borrow cash to do that...but was already sold!! ahhhhggg...things just dont seem to be going my way... Maybe i'll hitchhike
  13. Wow. ...sounds like its fishing amazingly...what a catch!! Can't wait...sorting stuff out Always a quandry what to take.... Well chuffed to get on this year!! Thanks Steve
  14. Hi Steve E mail sent for myself and cousin Steve. Hope to hear from soon. many thanks John
  15. Aahh Wingham time again. My cousin and I wouldn’t miss out on Wingham. Awesome place to spend the weekend. Always a great bbq too ! pleasure to fish amongst the nature. I wonder what corkers will be caught this year ? My cousin Steve has the time off this year…last year he got down for the last night and slept most of the time he was there..so tired from his work commitments. So I know he is eager to go! Budgie summed it up….!! Looking forward already
  16. Hi my heads still been at the lake today…alas my physical presence has been at work. What a weekend !!!….Wingham is an amazing place…truly special. I’d like to thank Steve, Peggy, Glyn, Terry and everyone else for all their time and hard work getting the place ready for us and making us all very welcome. We really look forward to this every year and it was great to see everyone. The vibe amongst all us fishing heads is great. Well done to Richard for his amazing catch and to anyone else who got PBs or lake records !! Well done Rob…hopefully silverware for the Reds on Wednesday ! I fished t
  17. Hi just a quick post about the John Wilson avon rod. I wondered what the highest b/s mainline people have used with this rod ? also would like to know what size fish people have landed using it ? Curious to know how robust it is and i am sure there are a few out there that have thoroughly field tested it cheers
  18. Dear Steve Looking forward to the weekend ! Will there be a BBQ ? Let us know as we can bring some food & a BBQ ! I recall last year that you had a good source for lobs. Any chance of getting any for Steve & I ? If so we will be glad to reimburse you!! Cheers
  19. Need to get some waterproof boots and trousers... main reqirements are warmth and 100% waterproof.. any sugestions ?? not to worried about cost if they are good ! thought a post on the Angler's net should throw up some suggestions.... also posts on what to avoid will be usefull cheers
  20. looking to find a rod for 2 purposes..... for spinning and for floater fishing for carp... pref 8-10ft...any ideas...i know that various rods do various jobs but am trying to find something that might work for both types of fishing. any ideas? john
  21. Dear Steve Thanks for the fish-in at the weekend. Wingham looking good as ever if not better. Already looking forward to next year...probably bring some lobs too!! Nice to catch up and hear how it's all shaping up.I know how much time and passion has gone into making Wingham just how special it is. Surprised more did not make it down!? :confused: Congrats to anyone who caught PB's..Or in Robs case 4 PB's. :cool: I wonder how got on at Bluebell...when on a roll eh! Thanks once again Steve it does not go unappreciated. Hope to catch up on the net when not fis
  22. Dear Steve As ever a very generous offer. My cousin and i came along to last years fish in and a had great time. Would dearly love to go again...Wingham is beautifull place. Have not been on the Angler's net for a while due to a change in jobs. Rest assured the change from city work should leave more fishing time !! Hope you are well! (and any one else who was at last years!!!) Cheeers
  23. Anyone know if this company has a website ?
  24. Dear All Anyone with some good advice/spots for Thames carp ?
  25. aaahhhhh back on the forums..after so long!!! as ever the website is stronger than ever !"!! best moment has to be......banking my first twenty from my favourite lake.....and then banking a 22lb leather which tore off while we were taking pictures of the first one...i ahve only been fishing for 2 years and only carping 1 year. All season i had hoped to get a 20 then 2 came along. i was also lucky enough to have someone to share it with. May have to send in piccies if the angling club will permit.. and if Elton permits
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