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  1. I dont come by the forum much nowadays & have only just seen this, In the past I always had a good natter with andy on many subjects and he was one of the good guys, never met him but coming from scotland we clicked immediately, My condolences to all his family and RIP Andy.
  2. Thanks to everyone who supported us with the lets tackle cancer float auction I can now confirm that the winning bid at midnight last night when the auction closed was Ben from Norfolk with a bid of £255. Once again Thank you on behalf of lets tackle cancer http://traditionalfloats.webs.com/lets%20tackle%20cancer/cancer%20floats.htm
  3. Last few hours, auction closes at midnight tonight.
  4. Last few days before the auction finishes at midnight on Saturday 1st March, thanks to everyone who has bid.
  5. Chester's I have never said I dislike the place I live in I merely said Britain is currently depressing to live in and the state of play is far from great, I lived abroad for over 25 years as a British soldier & to come back and see what it was, to see what it is now is like I say depressing, it doesn't matter what politicians you have ruling the country they are all out to line their own pockets, Scottish, English they are all the same, maybe if they looked out for the people who put them in power then they would show more respect, look at the state of Somerset & it was only because
  6. Whatever! Your obviously a man in the know! You should run for election with statements like that....lmao
  7. Lucky you I've served all over the world living in a lot of places for 2 or 3 years at a time and none were more depressing than Britain, run by idiots & arrogant a hell!
  8. Says someone who has probably never set foot in scotland and lives at the total other end of the country! Is it design only,?? I must have been using something totally different then the past 40 odd years to buy my goods!! even the poor english shop keepers took my scottish currency from wiltshire all the way back up to Yorkshire. With the country in the current state its in the great english pound isnt so great, or maybe I should say the Romanian leu or Polish złoty, maybe just settle on the Euro! England isnt so great when you really look at things! :bleh:
  9. Scotland has always had its own pound just like wales, ireland and england so why all of a sudden are westminster saying we cannot have the pound is ludicrous westminster scaremongering people. Scotland has its own coin & notes which they have had from when the pound was first introduced, If independence is a go then westminster have no say wether the people of scotland keep the scottish pound or not. Im scottish but I dont want independance, cant see the point myself apart from the decisions coming out of westminster, and no matter where the minsters are they all talk crap anyway! I se
  10. Guys change in plans due to excessive fees by ebay the auction is now live, please see link if your interested. http://traditionalfloats.webs.com/lets%20tackle%20cancer/cancer%20floats.htm
  11. The auction will go live on the 9th February, will post relevant details once its on Ebay.
  12. Probably wont happen again with the same names Steven so well worth a punt.
  13. I hope some of you guys maybe interested in this, something that I support fully and together with some friends hope to help out with the auction. http://traditionalfloats.webs.com/lets%20tackle%20cancer/cancer%20floats.htm
  14. It would be worth finding out what's wrong with the old one, a repair should be way cheaper than a new boiler. With no disrespect to George, opinions on boilers from plumbers are not dissimilar to opinions on rods or reels from anglers, everyone has a favourite, some will say Worcester,or Vaillant, or Intergas.etc. etc.. Take a couple of photos of the offending area, make sure you have the boiler/system details and get yourself over to UHM for some advice. http://www.ultimatehandyman.co.uk/forum1/index.php None taken, like you say we all have our own likes & dislikes, All b
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