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  1. Hi Elton, I run a liveaboard in the Maldives and I have raised the same question with authorities. We strongly support catch and release and we only take what we need to eat in the trips. We never target sharks and try to release them as soon as it gets boated. This is more against the shark fin and teeth industry rather than game angling. I've suggested that each gamefish angler have a notice informing the sharks that they are not to bite the hooks and baits lowered, but it didnt really go well with the authorities. We're waiting for a better clarification on the laws, but I dont see a way to penalise the anglers for getting sharks caught on the lines. What should have been banned was killing and finning the sharks. Just my two bits, Ahmed
  2. Hello everyone, I operate a liveaboard fishing business in the Maldives called Nooraanee2. The boat is a 75 footer, 6 cabins and all cabins are airconditioned, has fans and attached toilets. We do jigging, trolling, popping/casting as well as bottom fishing, and our operation is very flexible since we do only exclusive charters. The boat has fish finders, rod holders and plenty of gaff to help you land the fishes caught. For pictures and links to catch reports and videos, please visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nooraanee2/189700687384 or email info@noorani.com.mv Thanks and best regards,
  3. Hi Dales, Shore fishing is certainly allowed, but unfortunately not from the resorts. We have had trips with the anglers checking out trolling, surf casting, shore fishing, jigging and popping all on the same trip. For the best fishing experience, you have to choose a liveaboard and enjoy a week of fishing and relaxing. cheers Ahmed
  4. Hi, You can do shore fishing from a lot of islands, but not from the resorts. Most resorts arrange night fishing trips where you go out with about 20 others in a boat, and use handlines and sinkers with bait. Its fun and most enjoy it. However, if you are a serious angler, you need to hire a liveaboard and go for an extended fishing holiday. GTs, Dog Tooths, Wahoo, Barracuda, Marlins, Groupers, Jacks and Trevallys, all give you an excellent fight to remember. And you can do popping, trolling or jigging as well. Most resorts do have a big game boat, but the costs are outrageous sometimes. Just my 2bits
  5. Hello everyone, I am a liveaboard fishing vessel operator from Maldives and just joined this forum. Just wanted to say hi and happy fishing Cheers
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