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  1. I did as leon did but my rod was £6,i now have several and only been fly fishing bout 3 years,think my favourite is a greys g series about £60 6/7 weight,i first used an 8 weight line to aid casting,but not a £40 one Leon,one of the best lines i have had and got is a mill end for a fiver.Any way got a load of gear off ebay for less than £50,had a lot of fun with it too. I now have much more expensive stuff but don't catch many more fish.Richard.
  2. yes you are definately right about Cormorants coming inland for food as we are emptying the seas of fish.The answer ( a cull on cormorants or us)
  3. Yes i agree again to a point,which is in this case cormorants are non paying guests,fishery owners i think put extra on the ticket to pay for this which not many of us like. In the case of pike ,foxes etc usually they are a good thing as they go for the easiest prey to conserve enegy (the runts and week ones ) The only major predator cormorants have are us.
  4. Hi Worms, yes i agree but as long as there are not too many,however cormorants were never seen so far inland as they come now,i live approx 70 miles from sea and now we are getting a lot,they can eat big trout and maim many more in a day. R.
  5. tcman

    left to right

    Hi. got a schematic view of the reel( 8/9) not 7/9. anyway the bearing is on the other side of where we were looking,spool side then it was easy,done and dusted.(easy when you know how especially with a plan.) Thanks . Richard.
  6. tcman

    left to right

    Tried but just seem to be going round in circles.R
  7. tcman

    left to right

    Sorry he holds rod in left and winds with right
  8. Hi all.A friend of mine has been given an okuma slv 7/9 fly reel,its for a left hand wind,as he has no fingers on his left he holds rod in right, the handle cannot be altered or the line other way{same effect from drag] i have been told the bearing has to come out and turned round,but being very careful not to have tiny balls flying about. If anyone knows:Detailed instructions please. Thanks in anticipation.Richard.
  9. Yes,done it myself,laid rod down to have a bite and coffee,then nearly lost the rod ,so make sure your rod is securely fastened down or whatever
  10. tcman

    Fishing in Goa

    Hi Dean n Tony. only just seen your bit about Goa,When i come to goa (hopefully in the next few weeks or so) i will look for your place,i always stay in Calengute but have a scooter so no problem,cu Richard.
  11. Hi.An argument for all. Why does a Rainbow trout leap,sometimes 4 or 5 times its body length out of the water,sometimes straight up.I have heard for airborne food,instinct,and rid itself of lice,leeches etc.What do you think?
  12. Hi,Newt and Dave,Only been fly fishing myself bout 3 years Dave,so not really qualified to advise you,just keep trying and most of all enjoy it, i usually catch now but occasionaly get water licked,still enjoy it though. I am still learning to cast right. Cu. Richard.
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