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  1. Mmm seem to have opened up a bit of debate here, my tent is dark green but the section I would use may be a bit big but I've just realised I have a full camo net I bought for my son's themed birthday party about ten years ago. It can hide a van (well...ish!) so it can hide a tent. I would of course adhere to any rulings and if I couldn't use a tent then by choice I wouldn't overnight that specific water. This thread has highlighted a few things though such as my pet hate when I'm fishing both beach or bank and that's the use of radios. Not so much a problem on the bank but by golly, on a beach
  2. The rules have recently changed as I as a non memeber used to have to stop fishing at 5.30 although my son could continue to 7pm as a junior member The original rule was because both you and me (as a guest) had to use supplied nets to protect the water and the shop closed at 5.30. Now you can use your own net if the shop deems it dry and fish to 7.00pm
  3. Lol! I do actually have a tent, got from Argos and Nectar points. Cost me £45 in total after surrendering tons of points in a sale, trouble is it's got 3 beds snaking off a large round main room, supposedly nine berth and there's only the two of us. No pegs are big enough to take it in it's entirety! Guess I could just put the main room up and not peg out the rooms off of it. Not sure I'd go for discrimination but thanks for the idea!
  4. Thanks, I'll check with the club he belongs to, other than that if I get some fabric letters and sew Nash, JRC or whatever I may get away with it!
  5. Hi, excuse my ignorance but my son has recently taken up coarse and carp fishing whereas all mine has been done on the beach especially around winter time. Petrol prices have made me start coarse fishing and taking my son carping on his club waters. (He certainly isn't old enough to drive!). I shall be looking at night fishing with him for carp this summer and autumn and I was looking at the price of 2 man bivvies which seem fairly expensive. I don't think I've ever seen a small tent around the lakes, they can be substantially cheaper than a bivvy and do a similar job, and also in discreet dar
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