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  1. Hi, I started fishing a few years ago myself, what ype of fishing will you be doing? (float, feeder,etc) Also what will you primarily be fishing for?
  2. thanks all, got some great help here. deffo going to look at getting one of those chairs and one of those carry alls
  3. Probably will get a camping chair. Anyone got any ideas on a good, decent size fishing bag to keep my bait, hooks, line etc?
  4. at the moment I have a chair/rucksack, a rod carrier and a net bag. This goes very well on a bus, which I have to use because it takes me 45 minutes to walk to my local fishery. I do need a new chair however because the one on my rucksack makes my back hurt after half a day. I need some ideas on how I could keep the handiness of my rucksack and have a good fishing chair with a back rest and it has to be able to be easily carried around on and off buses. By the way it doesn't have to be a chair rucksack cross breed by the way, in fact it would probably be best not having that, it would go easie
  5. do French planes fire little white flags at the enemy?
  6. If I was in charge of the country we wouldnt have anything to do with the UN or even the EU! I dont care if it would reduce imports! It would reduce the overly excessive immigration and would increase the Britishness in the country! These stupid multi country organisations are just trying to act like the group of "cool kids" that every school has, they think they are always right and always better than everyone else. GET BRITAIN OUT OF EVERYONE ELSES PROBLEMS! If the Yanks want to stick their noses in we dont have to aswell, let them do it, let them take all the blame when it leads
  7. Hello, I know this is off topic but does anyone own a shop or anything in Skelmersdale or ormskirk that I could get some part time work at weekends and school holidays? Thanks been looking for a job for ages, I know it's kind of off topic but I couldnt see a section of the forum for off topic things and it wasn't related to fishing politics so I just dumped it in here! Thanks in advance
  8. gonna nip out into the shed now, see if theres been any escapees
  9. He brought round an 8ft spinning rod with loads of lures! Gonna get out as soon as I can, might go over the weekend if I can find somewhere good on the liveprool side of the mersey Can you fish near the albert docks? If you can does anyone know what the fishing is like at this time of year? I will probably be using a lure unless I catch some mackerel within the size limit I'll take a cutting board and fillet that while fishing, between casts. Thanks for your help everyone!
  10. I edited this post to nothing because it makes me look like a stupid fool, they arn't innocent, but they arn't guilty either, its us that moved them to this environment if you didn't see the post I edited to make this post, ignore and just think of me as a crazy person
  11. What are you fishing on, a waggler, a feeder?
  12. Hi, I always hold my fish at about chest height ( I'm kneeling near my hook removal area by the way, not stood up) with both hands underneath , one near the tail and one near the fin on it's side,space your fingers apart and smile oh yes and a man once told me to remember to hold its side fin in between one of your fingers, just so people can see it. As to how long you can safely keep it out of the water, I don't know. I generally only keep it out for maximum 3 minutes. to release it put it back in the landing net and lower it into the water, wait until it looks like it can keep itself
  13. My sisters boy friend is bring me round some fishing gear he never uses any more, he said I can just have it for free, he said theres a pole (I presume he means a rod) some line and box with a few things in. Deffo gonna get into this sea fishing though, probably go camping near the sea at some point and just fish all the time, keeping an eye on the tide though, my tent isnt that water proof Anyone know any good fishing spots on the liverpool side of the mersy? Thanks
  14. thats acutally a good idea, I'll get myself a mini fridge, that way I can just go into town whenever I have time and pick up a pint or two of them, and then I should have a constant supply, without mother getting angry
  15. thats acutally a good idea, I'll get myself a mini fridge, that way I can just go into town whenever I have time and pick up a pint or two of them, and then I should have a constant supply, without mother getting angry
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