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  1. No mate, it was a totally seperate thing> the site is one designed (huh) to store and protect your caravan/motorhome. Hmmm, at £500 a year fro storage I will be looking for a refund. We only put our unit there because it had happened once already, in my sister in laws front garden, ffs it's only 6 months old. On the weed subject, I have been informed there is some deep water, so as long as it's over 10/12 foot the weed shouldn't be an issue... Interesting, coz I had another look at the photo's and they are where I was told the deep water is.
  2. Nice one... Baits??? seems they are on the munch early this year, not surprising with the mild temps. Might even help with a good spawn this year.
  3. Well I kinda blanked, he-he. I had 2 jack-pike on lob worm, however I saw enough to tell me this is my venue for the coming 12 months. I spoke with the head baliff and he reliably informed me that 15lb bream are "not common, but they do show up a few times a year". Hmm, I thought, but having spoke with a handful of carp boys on the lake who backed this up, I was further enthused. I also spotted a couple of very big fish role, all-be-it over a 100 yards out. It has the rigt make up to hod big fish, certainly holds 10lb tench and some very big carp. It's the right size and in the right neck
  4. I agree with Budg'... I've fished a water infested with crays, and a lot of eels. Now 4 years ago there were the eels but no crays, the eels avearged 2/4lb, 5 tops. 4 years on, still the same. This water holds mASSIVE bream, tench and carp, similar with the RARE rudd, perch and roach, but the eels, still avearge... They are thin claw turkish, which I would love to think between the eels, carp, cormarants etc would munch their way through the bloody things. Some local put them in for a laugh to annoy the one or two anglers, (wonker)... I mean really, have you seen these thin claws, f
  5. Ha-ha @phone, Trust mate, I can't even spell the word "BANLK"... Getting my fail proof gear ready as we speak... Cheers And, I will let you know mate.
  6. Try the grand union mate... Not too far, other than that, nothing much other than up towards Brent way. There used to be a top match team from that neck of the woods, hayes and harlington, mostly lived and fished around the GU...
  7. I've been eyeing up a new lake for a while now. It has all the right stuff to produce some big bream. 20 acres, 16 foot of water, right in the ouse valley. Have seen some pictures of a few doubles in the 12 to 14lb mark, which look capable of growing on. One picture in particular looks exactly the right shape of fish you would associate with a big double. Too add to it, my pal, who is a recent member said, the baliff suggested there have been some seriously big bream and tench caught, but the captors have wanted to keep stoom (quite). Now I always like it when told "they are keeping
  8. I agree Mate, I once did 9 nights and loved every 'God given minute'... On the subject of ladies, have yopu ever seen the 'Lady in Red' up the top end of Ardleigh? I've not, but many have, especially up near dead lane...
  9. Hey John mate, How did you get on< any signs of the bream? Were you near the pilions? Just on my way up to Hunstanton in the motorhome I saw someone bivvie'd up on the tem mile bank side... I was on the A10 Steve
  10. Well, I hope this works, all a bit of guess work... To be fare, and before anyone else says so (LOL), these fish don't look too big. If I was looking I'd say the tench looks maybe 5 and the bream maybe 8. Just shows how the camera can be deseptive in both directions...
  11. I do have a couple of photo's and once I've worked out how to upload them I will do, soon. Thanks for all the well done's chaps. Just goes to prove that if you're not on the bank, you won't catch the fish, and, Bream and Tench in winter. The Tench was a real surprise, probably my earliest, although not targeted, he-he. For those who fancy a go at Hatfield Forest, it's a fiver a day for non members, but to night fish it you need to PM me (all will become clear) or now someone who is a member. Tight Lines Steve HOW DO I upload a pic or two to a reply/thread? Cheers
  12. I arrived around 6am at Hatfield Forest. It was 10 degrees with a heavy chop on the water, wind right to left. I kept an eye while setting up bivvy, rods etc, a noticed what I thought was a Bream role at around 80 yards in around 7 foot of water. Ummed and erred, eventually decided to put out around ten medium spods of very lose groundbait and particle (concerned I might be putting bait on their heads and wanted it spread around). Had my first indigation at 8 ish, and my first bream at 10:30. Not a net buster, but at aorund 8lb, it was a good start, fish falling for a haired lob on a ha
  13. Well done matey, I will speak to you soon, may have a trip to Glem soon. I had tench early march last year if you recall, and one of the biggish carp too. PS, I am off to hatfield in 15 mins, once madam goes to her mum's. lol. 48 hour job too...
  14. Not sure if it's been said already, ain't got time to read the whole thread, getting ready for a 48 hour jobbie for, yep, Bream lol. Anyways, I think comercial venues. Just means Joe Public can catch a months worth of fish in one visit. And as a result goes less often. The other side affects are we have lost our 500 peg matches, and not many go any where near a river, let alone a canal... I used to love a winter league gruler, 150 eyeballs for a good section win, he-he. We have lost the skillful river matchmen, maybe for ever. Bring back Ivan Marks, Dennis Salmon, (who taught me)
  15. Weather permitting, I go at least once a week throughout the year, normally on a 24/48 session. I am out this wednesday thro to thursday on Hatfield Forest after the Bream... Yep, And, Cap, JW, I will report back...
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