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  1. not knowing if you are wanting to cook the catch if no than yah can try here http://sandwichlakes.co.uk/sandwich-coarse-fishing-lakes-kent-caravan-site-bookings.shtml
  2. filet of pike in cava sauce pike in a rich double cream and cava sauce with sichuan pepper and salt served on a bed of green beans and carrot
  3. azrael


    one of the best eating fish around
  4. be much celebrations in georgia but not seen much here
  5. even worser rabied Romanians selling sprigs of heather
  6. simple answer is yes plnety of new threats coming back such as TB
  7. Norfolk I am confused as to the reason for buying this place is it a life style ting and living the dream and life style is more important then it needing to be making money and supporting you? I thought with a business you make a plan and then purchase place of business that meets your requirements within your budget this sounds more like buy the land and then decide what you can do with it, a brave business choice reading between the lines sounds like fishery management or farming is not your line of business and your other business interests are going to need to fund what is mo
  8. I like games I could win this game with my fishery It would have carps, roach,pike,perch,Zander,Chanel catfish,wells catfish,black bass,asp,eel,Rudd The bailiffs would be Baltic ladies in PVC bikinis and they would sell bait beer and sausage and every swim would have a pole for roaming Swedish pole dancers who would tour the fishery. Swims for sure would be more then 3 metres apart so you could pay for extras without other anglers get free view. must be over 18 and private syndicate and expensive Can you beat this fantasy fishery?
  9. the early edition of fantasy fishery with plenty more pegs for sure good game
  10. just young men letting of the steam
  11. do no immigrants not work pay taxes and spend their earned money in the uk economy?
  12. good fish what ever the true size
  13. river fishing is better option in winter but when you had the bad weather conditions like recently fishing lakes may be the only choice
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