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  1. Hello everyone and Happy New Year, sorry its a bit late but Paul and I have had terrible EBay.i.tus over the Christmas period and have only just recovered, although are bank balance is still suffering Our last spend for a while is going to go on a airbrush (max £100) and I wondered if any of you had one, and which one would you recommend. On reading what little info we have, we've decided we want a double action, gravity or top feed Airbrush with a fine-medium nozzle. I want to paint with acrylics (have I spelt that right :confused: ) and paul wants to paint with humbrol paints - we dont have a compressor. I read somewhere that a scuba tank will do - is this right. Obviously being able to obtain parts is another factor. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mandy x
  2. I wonder if they are looking for staff at the moment . I no I'd be like one of those naughty misbehaved children in 'Willy wonka's chocolate factory', especially where the red cherry and cinnamon ones are concerned . I wonder how many I'd need to eat before I got sick of the sight of them :confused:
  3. Thanks Chesters for those links. Newt - you know we all love you is there any chance you could ship a trailer load of these beans over as it would seem I'm not the only one who likes them.
  4. Thanks Dave, have a guess where I'll be shopping tomorrow
  5. bitsbobs , all the photo's (at the moment)are related to fish in one way or another. And NO - your son looks beautiful
  6. I have every intention of posting a piccie as soon as I can get my hands on a fish. I wouldnt like to be the odd one out Perhaps a visit to Tesco's fish counter is called for
  7. I am trying to buy myself (Christmas present from me to me) a large as possible (or affordable) bag of the Jelly Belly beans . Those of you who have tried them and loved them like I do will know why I want a big bag I have done various searches on ebay, yahoo and google and it would seem that the beans are priced about £3.50 a lb - does anyone know if this is about right or too expensive. :confused: Also, does anyone know the best place to buy them and can I order them from the USA - seeings its food. Any advice would be grately appreciated. Thanks Mandy x
  8. For any of you Horse lovers or any members of your family that love horses, try to pay a visit to the 'Spirit of the Horse Show', Paul, jodie and I went to see the show on Saturday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed it, the only downfall is the tickets were quite expensive, but luckily we got ours half price from flyers on shop counters. Paul didnt quite understand my drooling over each and every horse, :confused: or my sighs of Ooooooo every time a different horse entered the ring, but he paid for the tickets, kept me company and sat there for 2 hours freezing his nuts off so what more could I expect.
  9. --------------------------------- I did notice that one of our local shops advertised for either a father or Mrs Christmas, I hadnt noticed that before on previous Christmas's. Im not sure thou that I could per.fect the hoo hoo hoo into a female version :confused:
  10. Those pictures remind me of a night out me and little onions had a year or so ago. I only wish I had a picture to show you what I mean Our local pound shop had these plastic bottoms with sewn in shorts half pulled up, they looked like builders bums hanging out. Anyway at a £1 a bottom I bought 2 and persuaded little onions to wear them in our local pub one friday night. They looked hilarious, from a distance it looked like we hadnt pulled our pants up properly and our bottoms were hanging out. It was a great night, plenty of laughs and several people had to do double takes. We also had the signs pinned on our backs 'does my bum look big in this'. Thanks little onions for that memory it was well worth it.
  11. Sorry you guys but I love it , I've done all my shopping, the presents are all wrapped and ready to go under the tree and our decorations will be up the 1st week of December. I love the pleasure of giving and hopefully making people happy (well I think it makes them happy :confused: )It can be an expensive time of the year but I've learnt that expensive gifts are'nt always necessary and home made presents are sometimes far more appreciated. My family are coming to us for christmas dinner (7 of us)and its our 1st year in our new house. Im nearly always the 1st to wake, this year will probably be the same It's a lovely time of year for some but dreadful for others, luckily I have a family that I love and enjoy spending time with. Christmas - I love it and hopefully I always will.
  12. I see that the Kleenez is based in Martins roadBRISTOL, coincidence or what Alan ---------------------------------------------- Alan, Kleenex is less than 1/4 mile from our house although all the local rounds have been covered and in some cases twice . Thanks everyone else for your comments, im still busy stuffing but next week i shall be telling them to 'stuff it' themselves, I've had enough Luckily we are not that desperate for the money, I think the leaflet distribution looks like my next line of enquiry
  13. Im in between jobs at the moment,im trying to find a part time job that fits around school hours but theres just nothing in the job centre or local papers. I've even advertised in the local shop window 'Jack 'ie' of all trades seeks part time job. Anyway a friend of a friend has a job stuffing envelopes at home and I thought this sort of job would suit me for the time being, so I enquired further and got the job. Now heres the exciting bit ---------- The pay is approx £10 per 1,000 envelopes, easy money - or so I thought I have been doing this now for just over 2 weeks, each morning I drive 4 miles to collect the envelopes then drive 4 miles back returning them the next morning. Each job is slightly different and no matter what routine I get into I cant manage more than 200 envelopes per hour, that works out at a staggering £2.00 per hour . The last job, was even better, that worked out at an amazing £1.50 an hour and then I had to carry 20 heavy boxes into the house and then 20 heavy sacks out of the house. So, my little get rich quick scam has not quite gone to plan, :confused: that's probably why I'm still an apprentice Witch. At what stage do you say to yourself 'it's just not worth it? :confused: Mandy.
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