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  1. So it’s been a while ... really long while ... since I posted here - had few changes happen in life and back on my feet so to say . But to get to the point of this post - for any lure anglers what would your preferred rod length be for a heavy lure setup? I currently have a 6-6 Daiwa jerkbait rod - stiff as a telegraph pole but a decent piece of kit matched with an Abu c3. And recently bought a westin powershad T which is 8-6 - heavier castablity >160g ... which I plan to pair with my Okuma Citrix. Or even my old Abu tournament. Waiting for it to be delivered . So my main question is this -
  2. Hi all been a while, with work commitments changing and everything else I haven't been out much. So after a lot of ups and downs I finally managed to get my gear sorted for a session for today, weather changes my starting time and in doing so possibly caused the worst disaster to happen - go and break my rod with the shed door , one minute I have a brilliant fox legend 13ft carp/catfish rod and now it's in 4 peices instead of 2 both sections snapped straight down the blank and to give an even bigger heart break - they are impossible to find eBay has no results and online is a mine field. Do
  3. Hi guys an girls - need a bit of advice for helping out myself and a mate. What is on out minds is minimum strength line to casting weight and test curve of the rod. Was told by a mate the typical rule of thumb is 1oz to 1lb test to 4lb min line. In terms of casing lures how would this work as most lure rods state the casting weight but not line strength - I believe casting weights in excess of 50g lures then a minimum line bs should be at least 45lb braid. Yet he says that it's not enough if snagged - I agree but a lure retriever reduces the bs needed as can help bring back 99.99% of lur
  4. Congrats on a PB carp mate and welcome to the forum. Carp looks to be between 8lb to 10lb nice catch.
  5. Welcome back to fishing, I agree with what John says about replacing the line - also think about what tyounplan on targeting - carp up to 15/20lb I would say 10lb line and same for tench. Landing mat necessary if planning on taking pics as people generally go ballistic if you don't have on in the shot - I only use one when going for pike , perch and carp everything else gets unhooked in the mat and put back into the water
  6. What's people's view on spider wire stealth red core braid ? As been offered some by a friend in a strong strain
  7. Took some advice about a small kayak going down the canal and had two of my old lute retrieved and a new big lure that was stuck under a shopping trolly - only noticed it due to the colour of it and the fact I had to move the trolly to get access to a float that was jammed up in it. Don't think my mate is getting his kayak back any time soon
  8. Thanks Andy, I have a Daiwa lure that's 75g that's a rubber shad swim bait type lure and a savage gear 19cm swim & jerk both of which where £6 and £9 respectfully but find the cost too high I have thought about getting some of the kits to make my own - big investment to start with but says it will work out cheaper over time. Seen the storm lures too ken and think its a DNS server fault in my house as accesses it in the library. Within my ideal price range too
  9. Having problems accessing the webpage on my mobile and laptop any advice ?
  10. Thanks Ken L , I will be getting a fee of those for deffinate. Been asking a few if my mates in regards to an inflatable dingy and one of them has one I can borrow so there is some light into getting some free floats and lures
  11. Hahaha sorry Gozzer lol it's always been known as the Liverpool Leeds to me haha as it's the way I travel it - towards Leeds from Liverpool. And in regards to United I couldn't be more agreeing seeing that Gerard caused us to loose the league on the Chelsea match
  12. Thanks newt for the offer - I might just take you up on that ... And not a bad idea lutra . But Liverpool Leeds canal isn't the best of places to use a kayak lol
  13. Sorry guys when I ment big lures I was thinking between 50-90g and costing within £5 to £10. I know that if I was to buy from the states and import charges it would cost the same or if family was buying them for me would be just under half the cost with current exchange rate £1=$1.60 are lures even available for this much or would it be best I learn how to make them from a good wood source ?
  14. Hi guys and girls been a while since been on as family commitment and new job hunting have taken over. Still been getting out when I can. Anyway back to ge point. My mes bought me a bait casting setup for my birthday yay me !! But have no lures to use with it and need recommendation on what braid to go for and any recommended lures - casting weight of the rod is 30-100g and the reel is max spool filling @ .30/110 yards. I currently have 3 lures from general stupidity when first started lure fishing and not really knowing what I was after so have 2 savage gear swimbaits and a spro bbz 6inch lu
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