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  1. lol one of my mates got ****ed last year because someone told Adobe he was using a pirated copy of Photoshop. he actually wasnt but both Adobe and Microsoft sent him official letters demanding proof of purchase for his OS and photoshop. He torrents a shed load of movies so hes bloody lucky his pc wasnt siezed and checked! LOL
  2. seems to be a write error; could be faulty drive or could be cheap disks might also be worth reducing the file size as that media will write almost edge to edge on the disks, and cheap disks usually have issues writing edge to edge. hmm with that file name i hope he aint making too many copies or people will get very interested in him in this day and age!
  3. meat more meat cheese cheese with meat bread pizza (see above list)
  4. Windows 10 serial is linked to hardware on installation, which is then coded back to MS servers. Without a serial you will need to call MS to activate
  5. MS released a god awful wireless driver a month or so ago; its shafting laptop after laptop i would suspect this could be the same issue. especially after updates. easy way to diagnose if it is that is to remove the wifi card; on most laptops you can take off the back plate and simply remove the wifi card; its fairly obvious, just follow the black and white wires to the card, unscrew its retaining screw and un clip it from its socket. if you search online for the make and model of the laptop youll soon find a guide to removing the back plate etc. if it is the wifi drive the laptop w
  6. out of curiosity ive done some research on this: quite a few Fuji users are reporting the issue; current resolution seems to be just use a card reader! . not the best resolution but it does resolve the issue. possible reasoning is that Fuji use the DCF file system on their formatting of memory cards and that is causing the issue; which is second hand knowledge from a user speaking to Microsoft; this of course seems to be ******! most digital cameras use DCF and i have no issue at all with my Canon cameras, or a couple of other cameras i have sitting about the place! http://answe
  7. Dad mixed up some washing up liquid and ant powder in a big backpack sprayer! Utterly deadly! They went back next day and "nuked the site from orbit," lol
  8. But plugging in via USB will still use the drivers of your Fuji software, possibly. As a test I'd remove the Fuji software, let windows pick up the cam and see if it works....if it does then reinstall the Fuji software and then test again. Might just be a situation where the Fuji drivers just won't play ball in windows 10.... So letting windows install its own first and then installing the Fuji software may resolve it
  9. Trying to find search?? What's that bloody great bar saying "ask me anything" where cortana lives? That not easy enough to find? You'd rather click another button? Lol Fuji are a bugger for firmware and drivers. Especially if you install the Fuji software. I'd suggest, unless you really really need it, you uninstall the Fuji software and drivers and let windows sort it all out itself. I have no issue at all with several on my canons inc an eos 100d, and a couple of compacts.
  10. brother had a nasty hornet encounter last week! shovelling straw for the pheasant pens and the buggers had nested in between the bails.... he was stung 10 times across his body and once on the tongue when one landed on his face and bit his lip... face blew up like a balloon and we very nearly had an emergency hospital run on our hands! facial swelling went down really quickly luckily...but it was a close call!
  11. Full setting reset....(typing on iPad! Lol) In chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3296214?hl=en Also check any plugins you use in chrome, they might have windows 10 updates as well!
  12. Are you using Edge or another browser? If you're using Edge then use IE or chrome instead...a lot of sites don't play well with Edge yet. If you're using IE or Chrome, do a full setting rest on them and test again. Also note Java and Flash have new updates for Windows 10 so make sure you've updated them.
  13. nvidia are winning the GPU card race hands down right now; they are fist off the bat with new drivers and software. Regardless of how good some AMD cards are (they do clock very well and can beat Nvidia in tests etc) thhe support from AMD software and development just isnt there. AMD seem to have stopped giving a crap about the card market and have taken the lazy root of pulling in cash from their chipsets in consoles instead. Id suggest anyone looking for a gpu went nvidia just because youre far more likely to get good drivers and software and encounter far fewer compatibility issues a
  14. I think the Indiana Jones films came under the same agreement as the Star Wars films. When Lucas had them companies had to buy time slots exactly when they needed to show the films... Now Disney owns both they have basically opened up the licensing to rate in the cash! Hence why Sky are now showing the Star Wars saga in HD! Disney will be raking in money left right and centre with broadcast rights for these!
  15. Windows 10 hates multi screen unless you've got the very latest drivers for your vid card. So I'd suggest you make sure you've updated your video drivers before anything else! Your second issue might be a boot entry issue. open RUN (windows key+r key) Type msconfig Press return Click BOOT tab If there are two things listed in the new window highlight the non Windows 10 one and click delete. Reboot and test
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