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  1. Has anyone got any ides how to measure off line from a bulk spool accurately ? I have tried the shakespeare line counter and at best its not accurate in forty years I have found this a proper pain ..
  2. Come on even if just to sy f..k of!!
  3. Has anyone had any probs with the new fox slik bobbins they keep breaking on me , they are either crap or i,m an arnie clone.
  4. Hopefully the pva will stand up there is no such thing as waterproof pva, water resistant yes being a wooden boat builder I extensively use epoxy as pva cannot take long periods of wet and breaks down. we found evo stick one of the worst for this. looks a good job though and hope I am prooved wrong.
  5. Barry mconnell rollovers and the latest panasonic vibration alarms Batteries hard to find though...ebay
  6. Thanks for the welcome mate, sadly it was a treble I had to extract it after they had pulled and poked,.
  7. Thanks for that Barry I was starting to lose the will to live.......
  8. Did you not read the original post ? do not gut hook? are you using 12 /o s so it's impossible to swallow? and as for not enough fishing hahahahaha thats a good one.
  9. I think the point of this has evaded you Andy they do not hook in the gut at all the point is bent so pulling on the eyed end does not draw the point I feel as I give up just get one and try it !! Anyway jam three points in your hand and in the other just one and tell me which is harder to get out!!.
  10. Yes I dont fish for vegetarians myself but the carp boys on here would string someone up caught using trebles somehow a hair and treble with a boilie just doesnt sit right huh i'm cracking double entedre,s now.
  11. I don't know what hooks you are using but I squash the barb to a bump and ROLL the hook out Have only used my greys pliers three times in the last couple of years bolt croppers!! jesus have a look at your set up sounds scary.
  12. But why would you want all that metal in the mouth of a valuable fish are you not confident enough yet to use 1 single hook why not use trebles for carp ....because people would be in uproar over it thats why .... because you don't need them.
  13. You have hit the nail on the head Andy not responding quick enough. Trying to tell people this apparently hasnt worked their will always be a lot of people who ignore the rods once they are out. but even hitting the bite early doesn't always work. Ten years with circles and another thirty five with trebles has taught me there is no contest which is safest ,bait presentaion is better too Especially with the latest wire from the states you can knot it untie it and it doesent kink!!.
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