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  1. I fished there a few days ago and it is beautiful, my friends dad is the Queen royal associate so e always gets us in and it is amazing great fish and tight lines
  2. My favourite would have to be "Mr Crabtree goes fishing" classic book with lovely illustrations but also informative
  3. Hi, Going on Holiday to Turkey in summer (July-August) and was wondering if any one could tell me bout the fishing there, like what species to fish for, best types of fishing and best places. Im staying in the Sarigerme/Dalaman area Many thanks Ben
  4. Hi guys I'm going the zante/ zakynthos on the 28 th July and staying for 10 days. I love to fish and was just wondering what every thing I need to catch fish out there, so what bait, best rigs, best place, hook jigs, best lures etc also what kind of fish might I catch out there ? Thanks a bunch Ben
  5. Hi guys, In mid May I'm going on a small trip to Dittisham and will be fishing on the River dart. I will be staying in a small white cottage about 25 metres away from the Ferry Boat inn and near the jetty where all the locals tie up their boats and I was wondering what type of fish there are in the river dart and best types or baits and what type of fishing I should attempt whilst I'm down there Many thanks, Ben park
  6. Anybody been to bewl water and have any tips for pike fishing there or just general pike fishing tips for england (freshwater pike)
  7. Thanks a lot guys rlly helpful
  8. hi guys wondering if any of u could give me some tips for freshwater pike fishing on the UK thanks guys ben
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