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  1. Phone, That would be about your mark mate ? Insults suit you ideally !! Bob
  2. Phone I have no idea what you are talking about ? I presume you are American, I could be wrong, but you give your address as America ? Is that correct ? I thought it was you who said you had seen far more Carp than I ? But you know nothing about me or where I worked ? Bob
  3. You may be right, the 7lb 13ozs Chub I caught from the Relief Channel in January was 26inches long, but it's girth was only 14inches and it carried very little in it's gut, but this was January and they usually fill out with spawn in February/March. Interesting stuff, chub weights. Bob
  4. Tigger One thing I have noticed about the larger chub from Southern waters is how short, fat, unfit and unhealthy they appear compared to the ones from more northern regions. They appear to have bloted guts like the carp we often see. It make you wonder if the fish that get so fat have some kind of genetic disorder. By the way i'm not trying to put these fish down, i'm just pointing out the obvious. That does appear to be true, but I honestly believe it's down to a diet mainly of Crayfish, you see the same in Carp which have feasted on Crayfish, having said that, the Big Chub I have
  5. I have only fished the Kennet a few times, but the Chub weights in the Lea have certainly been influenced by Crayfish, in fact the 3 Big Chub caught by Simon King and Myself all had coughed up bits of Crayfish at the bottom of the Landing/keepnets. I was told by someone who has a Fishery Science degree, that the large Chub we were catching, were from the 1976 spawning, the two huge Chub known as the Police Pit chub and Neill Stevens chub were not caught last season, it does not mean they are dead as there is a lot of water where they could be, that is out of bounds to anglers. But at
  6. I could donate a signed copy of the Osprey Specimen Group and Friends Book. Bob
  7. John, Your main aim is to have a go at me when ever possible, I know you seem to have something against Carp fishing and fisherman, I'm an all-rounder, thus my Gallery, so I will always come back at you and if it sounds elitist, go out and catch the same kind of fish I have !! And when you have, post up a few pictures as prove of those captures. Taking pictures of fish has been a part of British Specimen Hunting since the 1950s, it's part of our a culture and not something maybe understood by anglers from abroad, those who don't want to take pictures often like to belittle anglers w
  8. This is how I started the Thread, only to be hijacked by those who have issues other than catching a few fish and creating a thread of fish caught in the old Closed River Season. Bob
  9. gozzer, Same as, the last time we crossed swords !! Phone, How would you know how many carp I've seen ? Bob
  10. Rich, It took me over 50 years to get a "4" and as far as I'm concerned they are still Huge fish, like you I caught a few 3s last season and they are still remarkable Perch, I've only had two 4s in 60 years of fishing, so as far as I'm concerned, you did amazingly well. A long time ago a famous angler once told me, you can only catch what's in front of you !! You never know when that float goes under or the tip goes around, what might be on the other end of your line. Very well done on your captures. Bob
  11. Well done Kappa, lovely Perch, what a brace. Bob
  12. Read the thread Gozzer, thread spoilers scoring points ? Bob
  13. I've heard it all before, usually from people who cannot catch any thing worth photographing !! And only interested in spoiling threads for their own ends. Bob
  14. Go fishing chester and put up some photo's !! Bob
  15. Chester, It would seem you are only happy when bringing a political side to any thing about fishing. There is nothing to stop any one fishing in the close season on Still Waters where it's allowed, it's their choice if they choose not too !! So back to the thread- Close Season Captures. Bob
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