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  1. Cheers mate that will come in handy, might be fishing it on saturday if the weather brightenes up. Cheers again for the info. Greg Preston
  2. Any information on either lake? ie best swims, baits, size of fish,methods of fishing. Any info please soon as possible. Cheers in advance Greg Preston
  3. Keep carping,carping,carping,carping. keep rolin,rolin,rolin,rolin,CARP! like the sondtrack roling by limp biscuit PRESTON
  4. Frostie won it but im not sure who won the course one!
  5. Hi I have the problem of getting carp feeding i can feed up a spot and catch one carp but after that the swim is dead how can i stop this happening? PRESTON
  6. Yea I fish a few places in leicester,but only a few cause i fish with my cousin and he is disabled.My personal favorite is Gilmorton. Fancie fishing tomorow ciaran?
  7. NEAL Just the normall size they dont need cooking there magic!!!!!
  8. CHEERS!!!!!! This should come in handy. Have u ever fished gilmorton?{mill farm} Wot is the biggest fish u ever caught and where from? What method? PRESTON
  9. Do you no any lakes in and around leicester?
  10. Hi the best boilies i have ever used are strawberry yogurt by richworth. But i always have a go with prawns i ledger prawns but with the boilies i have a running lead and a snake bite combi hook length with 4 boilies on pva string. My best carp at the mo was on prawns it was a 18lb ghost carp. hope this helps PRESTON
  11. I always think that carp will still feed in winter if u can get the right bait on them theres no worries. The best winter bait for carp i believe is prawns. Give em a try!!!! PRESTON
  12. Have u tried it what is it like?
  13. Ever tried them? are they a good bait?


    Hi does anyone use prawns? PRESTON
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