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  1. Hi guys, I am completely new to fly fishing and I have fished a few still waters in Hampshire, mainly Meon Springs and Avington. But I am looking for some free spots on the Rivers to fish. Firstly, is there anywhere on the River Meon that can be fished for free? And is it worth giving it a go? Secondly, I heard that part of the River Itchen is free to fish from the Gators Mill down past the White Swan Pub, is this true and how far down is it free? Here is the Google map of what i am talking about. https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=white+swan+pub,+southampton&hl=en&ll=50.938223,-1.360556&spn=0.002775,0.008256&sll=51.044829,-1.343311&sspn=1.417703,4.22699&t=h&hq=white+swan+pub,&hnear=Southampton,+United+Kingdom&z=18
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    I am looking at an Orvis T3 Rod #5 as my first rod, would anyone rate this rod? I thin kits one of their older models, but I am on a budget atm.
  3. Hello - I have just signed up to get some info and advice on Fly Fishing. I originally tried to sign up to Fly-Fishing.co.uk but they sent me a rather unwelcoming email saying that my username (Same as here) was not appropriate for their forum! Terrible community! Anyway, I do alot of fishing, including Sea (boat and shore) but at the moment I am really in to Fly fishing and I am trying to find some advice on wild spots in the Hampshire area that is free fishing. Thanks. Dave.
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