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  1. Where did I claim to know more than Egyptologists????


    "They said the inscriptions allowed them to date the ramp to around the time of the Pharoah Khufu, or Cheops, who built the Great Pyramid. While there is no proof the method was used to construct that monument, Enmarch said it was reasonable to suggest it would have been if the technique was in use in Egypt at the time." 

    Dr Roland Enmarch, a senior lecturer in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool and the co-director of the project that made the discovery, the Hatnub Survey.

  2. 12 minutes ago, corydoras said:

    Demonstrate your claim to be true. We know when they were built and who built them.

    Demonstrate your claim to be true, and give me and the world irrefutable proof seeing as you are an expert in such matters. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Phone said:


    I have typed this in real big letters because I am a liberal and for the most part - I agree with Ken - . No question liberals control the large cities in the United States. We have indeed shurked  much of the responsibility to our village idiots.

    The bottom line is that today’s black Americans have significant political power at all levels of government. Yet what has that meant for a large segment of the black population? NADA

    Democratic-controlled LARGE cities have the poorest-quality public education despite their large, and growing, school budgets while leadership has been entrusted to seemingly incompetent blacks.  

    READ CAREFULLY - 13 of Baltimore Maryland is an example, 13 of Baltimore’s  39 high schools, not a single student scored proficient on the state’s math exam. In six other high schools, only 1% tested proficient in math. Only 15% of Baltimore students passed the state’s English test. That same year in Philadelphia only 19% of eighth-graders scored proficient in math, and 16% were proficient in reading. In Detroit, only 4% of its eighth-graders scored proficient in math, and 7% were proficient in reading. It’s the same story of academic disaster in other cities run by Democrats. 

    Folks are leaving big cities like rats from sinking ships. Academic liberals (ME), civil rights advocates and others blamed the exodus on racism — “white flight” to the suburbs to avoid blacks. But blacks have been fleeing some cities at higher rates than whites. White liberals and black politicians focus most of their attention on what the police do. What they do is evidenced by this year’s numbers, 172 whites and 88 blacks have died at the hands of police. 

    Chicago alone in 2020 there have been 1,260 shootings and 256 homicides with blacks being the primary victims. That comes to one shooting victim every three hours and one homicide victim every 15 hours. - - - Three people in Chicago have been killed by police. INCREDIBLE


    Of course Ken's solution is even more wrong than the mess we've created.


    There's some shockings numbers in that lot! :o

  4. I despair at the hypocrisy and the stupidity of some of these people I really do. If a white man murders a black man then lets make placards, protest, run amok and speak out against racism. If a black man murders a white man then sssshhhhh don't mention it or speak out about it or you're a racist. 


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  5. 5 hours ago, Emma two said:



    I was not in any sense what-so-ever using Lee Rigby's name to "cause hate". My point is that when I read the reports of Floyd's death my first and only only thoughts were that it was a heinious act of police brutality. It didn't even register to me as a racist killing, it was just a killing of an unarmed man by a police officer. It makes no difference in my mind what colour skin either party has, it's irrelevant to me as I don't have a racist mindset. I don't understand the thinking that it was a racist killing, and I don't believe it was. It was just an awful murder committed by someone who is meant to "protect and serve". Whether either the victim or perpetrator were black, brown, white, yellow, stripey, spotted or tie-dyed makes the crime no less or no more heinious. 

    Those who's first thoughts automatically jumped to the conclusion that it was a "racist killing" or a "racist act" really need to have a good look at themselves, for they must surely have an underlying race issue regarding inequality and equality. 

  6. The only reason it's all over the world news, there's protests and celebrities are speaking out is because Flloyd was black and the cop was white. If Flloyd was a white man, or if he was white and the cop was black, or they were both black it wouldn't be an issue. That is blatant racism, no if's or buts. Those that are protesting and making such a fuss are displaying a racist mindset whilst protesting against racism. It makes no sense to me. It's like someone setting off a nuclear bomb in the middle of London to protest about the use of nuclear weapons. Idiotic.


    OK so I totally accept that the murdering a$$hole police officer was in the wrong and both him and his collegues who stood, watched and videoed it should all get done for murder. But the guy was a f**king scumbag, he served 5yrs for aggrivated robbery in 2009. He also had a long history of drug offences, gun offences, robbery and assult. Why is everyone making him out to be a martyre and giving him saint like status? The so-called celebrities with their false tears and speaking out about "Black Lives Matter".....NO!!!.....ALL lives matter, nomatter what colour skin you have. I understand racism may be a bigger problem in the US that I just don't get, I don't know, but this shouldn't even be about colour, a man was murdered in cold blood by a police officer. It is wrong whether he was black, white, pink, yellow, purple etc etc. These celebrities and middle class protesters would have crossed the road if they had seen him coming towards them if they knew how much of a criminal he was. If it had been a white man with the same criminal record no one would give a $hit, no one would even know about it as it wouldn't even make the news. Yes it was wrong that he died, absolutely, he didn't deserve that. But get a grip, he was no f**king hero!

    And another thing......I didn't see celebrities crying and speaking out and mass UK protests when two black fellas murdered Lee Rigby on a London street and tried to hack his f**king head off!

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