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  1. Pffft! Not for me. "The Horse"
  2. So is the word in the US that Trump is going to be removed from office Phone?
  3. Isn't that just a stain on his..............err, reputation.
  4. Ah but the Spitfire was the better and cooler looking fighter. The Hurricane was the Spitfires hunchback cousin.
  5. Stay safe Huge. Just heard from my mum that her sister-in-law has tested positive for the new variant on the island. And she was with my grandma who is in her 90's on christmas day....and my mum has been to look after my grandma twice since then. F**king virus!!!
  6. Merry Christmas to you all. This awful year will soon be over.
  7. You to Keith, and to all your family.
  8. Well looks like a deal has been agreed. 1 - Has the UK got a good deal? 2 - Has the EU got a good deal? 3 - Which side compromised the most? 4 - Will Cod be happy? ..........hhmm......err......actually forget question 4.
  9. Car manufacturers must be rubbing their hands together in glee, they have found their holy grail with electric cars. Over the years customers have expected better and better engineering, quality and reliability. The trouble with that in the eyes of the manufacturers is their cars are generally better built and last much longer, so don't need to be replaced as often, which in turn leads to fewer sales. Now the manufacturers have a golden goose in that they can build a quality product that will keep the customer happy that will only have a useful life of approx 10yrs, as the batteries are
  10. Genuinely pleased to see you back old fella, you had me worried.
  11. When it's actually working you mean?
  12. I know, NASA must think we are all stoopid. I mean, come on, moon "rock"??? Everyone knows the moon is made of cheese. pffft.
  13. You're a bad bad man Dave..........but I looked and have to agree.
  14. That is an extremely weird and eerie case Ken. I have a book on the subject which I highly recommend....
  15. I can remember reading along those lines John. Arguably the biggest event in human history, and NASA apparently loses the record of it. If I recall correctly, NASA gifted a moon rock to the Netherlands in 1969, but decades later it was found to be nothing more than a lump of petrified wood???
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