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  1. Well Spycatcher was an excellent book. I don't tend to read many autobiographies, but that was a 9/10. So good that it has lead me to order Soldier Spy By Tom Marcus, hopefully that will be as good.
  2. *Ant*


    Interesting, I learn something new everyday. I'd not ever seen it before.
  3. *Ant*


    Weird that Ken. Is the "PIDGIN" in reference to "pidgin" English?
  4. I've now got the picture in my head of chesters poppin' E's at all night illegal raves in the 90's.
  5. Yes yes yes all very interesting blah blah blah............but just tell me more about this sexy little minx Marlene.
  6. (In my best, but rather poor deep south accent) Darn it Marlene, you be a mighty pretty lookin' maggot.
  7. At first glance I read that wrong and pictured maggots in frocks. I guess this lockdown is starting to get to me.
  8. I used to get mine trapped in my shoe laces, just saying.
  9. I remember the old tackle shop was a dark, dusty, skanky place, and my god did it stink of maggots. They had the old beer glasses that they'ed use to measure out the maggots.
  10. The thing that has stuck in my mind is how my brothers and I panicked after he swallowed them, we thought they would start to eat him from the inside out and rushed back to tell mum.
  11. I remember as kids my brother putting maggots in his mouth to warm them up and make them wriggle. We jumped him and poked and tickled him to make him swallow them. He only did it the once.
  12. Geez' I long for the days when Ozzy Osbourne could eat a bat without worrying about coronaviruses.
  13. Phew, i'm glad someone else thought that, I thought it was just me.
  14. That made me laugh I'm so going to hell.
  15. I may have the odd moment of being a tad mischievous.
  16. Just to clarify - I have as much disgust for the far right as I have disdain for the extreme left. I see myself as a centrist, with one foot in the left. I believe in compassion for others, equality, fairness, empathy and justice. I have no time for extremists whether in religion or politics, they try and impose their views and agendas with no consideration or respect for others ideals. My own values and opinions have developed over 49yrs of learning and experience, I haven't just plucked them out of thin air. I don't expect others to agree with me 100% all of the time, that would be ridiculous, but only I have lived MY life. *My views and opinions are not set in stone. I live, I learn, I experience as my life goes on. My thoughts and ideals evolve. (I'm not as ancient as Chesters )
  17. Did anyone else watch the program on Channel 4 the other evening "The Country That Beat the Virus"? It would seem that the government haven't done a stellar job. But who does one blame, do you blame Boris, or do you blame the scientists who are advising him? Granted it was Channel 4, so one expects a left wing slant to it, but worth a watch on catchup tv if you get the chance.
  18. Neuroticism - Me, i'm pained to admit.
  19. Sorry to hear that Martin.
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