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  1. 11 hours ago, ayjay said:

    It's not quite that simple. Pasta is made from Durum Wheat flour: Couscous is made from the bits that are left over after the wheat has been milled into flour.


    i agree with Chesters, it's awful stuff, not on my menu at all, ever,(and I'll eat just about anything).

    It does not work quite like that either. Pasta is madeĀ from durum wheat flour. Couscous is made with durum. Durum is the part of the wheat grain that is not ground by the millwheel. Pasta, couscous and semolina pudding are all made from the same thing.


    Couscous is good if you know what to do with it.

  2. 2 minutes ago, chesters1 said:

    You obviously dont think the loss of Ā£ billions in exports to the UKĀ  is going to go without annoyance ,the germans and french are already talking to Brussels with veiled threats thats why the EU didnt chuck their hand in in february ,stop watching the bbc and look at DW etc

    There will be no loss of exports, just we will pay more for them.

  3. 3 minutes ago, chesters1 said:

    All of them the EU is a trading block they dictate the rules and who we trade with,we had this discussion before ,do you want me to again drag up the evidence or do you want to search?

    What a heap of fecking ****. Pure fecking bullshine.. Post the name of ONE country EU members must not or must trade with. Just one.

  4. 4 minutes ago, chesters1 said:

    and they still want to dictate who we trade with after we leave .

    Which countries were we forbidden or compelled to trade with in the past?Ā Name on country that the EU dictated that we must or must note do trade with.

  5. 38 minutes ago, big_cod said:

    Yes Ken thisĀ Ā video has been fired all over social media by the right wing media nicely edited donā€™t you think .Now trump if you want law suitsĀ Ā when he is gone he is hooked .He debtsĀ run into billions of dollars now if you want proper fraud trump is your boy and not long till he is kicked out of office screaming like spoilt child he is disgrace and has dragged the USA to its knees win at allĀ costs the reputation of the American voting system he is doing his best to destroy.Some of hisĀ BrainĀ dead supporters shouting stop the count at some polling stations and another lot shouting keep counting at others ???? Whatā€™s your answer to that Ā crackpots or what .



    Trump would have had his hand so far up her pussy he'd be wearing her adenoids like a frat ring.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, chesters1 said:

    The very system where the votes could be checked will improve the honesty i think .

    PS we live in the 21st century we dont hand count anything if we need to, steam counting traction engines exist i am sure


    I am pretty sure that at least postal ballots are counted by hand in the States. I have seen the counting centres.

  7. 41 minutes ago, Ken L said:

    Like plate tectonics?

    I'm just about old enough to remember my old geography teachers scoffing at this upstart theory. Pretty much all of them classed it as "made up fanciful cr@p".

    Charles Darwin natural selection and Albert Einsteinā€™s work on light quantawere similarly considered to be "made up fanciful cr@p".

    No, not at all like plate tectonics. The reason that Wegener was scoffed at was not that he was a German meteorologist practising geology without a licence, but because he had no mechanism. It was not until midĀ ocean spreading was discovered that his idea was accepted.

    Darwin was not the first person to propose evolution by natural selection,Ā Alfred Russel Wallace also the same idea but Darwin published first.Ā The biggest kickback against them was from the church not from other scientists.

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