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  1. Obvioulsy not, otherwise he would not have commited the offense. There is nothing wrong with my "logic". If morality is what society believes then that would imply that once upon a time owning another human being as property and burning people at the stake lest they be witches would have been moral things to do. Neither have been moral at any time. I do not give a horses **** for you or anyone elses "beliefs" unless you prove that your have facts, not emotions to back them up.
  2. If the death penalty is such a good deterrent Phone explain to us why the murder per capita rate is higher in US States that carry the deat penalty than those who do not?https://deathpenaltyinfo.org/facts-and-research/murder-rates/murder-rate-of-death-penalty-states-compared-to-non-death-penalty-states You don't get "morally justified" jsuy by claiming that this is so. I always am amzed tha supposed Christians in the US support the deat penalty. Your boss upstairs will not be inpressed.
  3. Will it ever sink in that I don't vote Labour Ken? Meanwhile when is Cummings going ro get his hand out from np Ball Jaws' rear hole? I thought you didn't like unelected folks governing us?
  4. Johnson has kept his job in Cabinet as Cummings continues with his reshuffle.
  5. If they vote to leave the EU then go and live in the EU the are and hypocrites, mind you they are in good company. It's not a budgie and it's not pink.
  6. Don't mention it. You'll need to be quick though. They shoot across the sky at a fair lick.
  7. You can see multiple satellites on almost any night of the week This site will tell you when and where to look. https://in-the-sky.org/satpasses.php?country=1826&reg1=6269131&reg2=3333196&town=2637487 This one is just for Starlink https://me.cmdr2.org/starlink/
  8. Typical Brexiteer ****witery. They vote to leave the EU and they want to live in Spain. The epitome of cognitive dissonance.
  9. |I wonder if he saw it coming?
  10. Let us all know how you get on with that. https://tradebetablog.wordpress.com/2018/02/13/grandfathering-eu-ftas/
  11. Are you talking about Article 24?
  12. I never said anything about "hope". Can you demonstrate your assertion to be true or is that just your opinion?
  13. I look forward to seeing how that works out for them when they fall with a splat on the cold, hard floor of the WTO that many of them hanker after.
  14. I do not think that is a new state of affairs Ken.
  15. 57% voted for non-Tory, but we get Tory in spite of "the Will of the People"
  16. It is good to hear that John. I've not heard from him since his birthday in January 2017.
  17. Obviously that does not include her favourite son, nor come to think of it Wingut and the Horse Bride.
  18. I think Newt might be no longer with us. He is still in my FB friends list but he has not posted or replied to messages for since the last Presidential election. If I hear from him I will post an update.
  19. I don't think one knows what the word evidence means. I guess Sondland is just another of those Demoncrat "never-Trumpers", Ken. "Was there a quid pro quo? As I testified previously with regard to the requested White House call and the White House meeting the answer is "yes". Then again, perhaps Sondland did not say those words in his testimony before Congress, perhaps Jeff Dunham had his fist up his ass?
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