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  1. Just keep posting your ignorance. It is entertaining.
  2. It is not that they cannot be bothered to sell them. They are past their sell by date before they get there. Were you born a complete numpty, or do yo need to practice a little every day, just to keep your hand in? What is putting them out of busin ess is thick ****ers voting for sh!t they know f@ck all about but want to give Johnny Furriner a poke in the eye because he can't paint his bloody garden shed with creosote. You were TOLD about the rules five years ago. They were not invented just for you. But we were told that was Projhect Fear and that the |EU would just cave because we are
  3. They should just sell their produce in Denmark. Straight to EU market and more British lorry drivers out of a job. Taking back control.
  4. And people wonder why I call people names.
  5. I don't know and neither does anyone else. I hope not because my son could be there with them if they do.
  6. Today is the LAST day of Donald Trump's Presidency.
  7. You can go and take a flying f@ck at yourself too. Ken MKII
  8. Strange that Bawbag is so opposed to a second referendum. Apparently he is scared of too much democracy.
  9. They got lost. They should have been going to Kidderminster.
  10. All the tossers that voted for Brexit.
  11. Just as well they have COVID to cover for their inadequacies. They'll be fooked when the vaccine kicks in. I wonder what they will blame it on then?
  12. Don't tell chesters. Tell the owners of Dartmouth Crab Company. Or they could really take back control and land them in Denmark.
  13. The Sammy Davis Jr Trumper. Not too bright folks.
  14. Trump is not the disease. The suppurating sore that is Trump is a symptom of a deeper malady in your society. I think you are right. Some folks are worried about what way tre demographics are trending.
  15. They are a rare breed and are difficult and expensive to do well.
  16. I wonder who they asked? I wonder if the asked those who did not vote?
  17. It is controversial. Holle yes but the wee girl? That is a bit harsh for a kid. She should be in school. Anyway that's another thread.
  18. I know that one. Typical "Florida Man" Ryan Holle. Life without commuted to 25.
  19. Only in America would you see a Jewish man marching side by side with a redneck brandishing a Confederate flag. To top it all folks. He is the son of a Supreme Court Judge . You could not make this up. George Calin would be having a field day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y979Qs8rMR0&ab_channel=CNN
  20. More turkeys that voted for Crimbo. Gas lighted to death. Be careful what you wish for.
  21. I don't think all stages have felony murder. I think DC has. It is more than that. One girl I think she was just 17. Was a getaway driver for some little scrota breaking into houses. Inevitably one day they broke into the wrong house and somebody offed one. She got felony murder. life with no possibility of parole. She did not even get out of the car.
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