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  1. You forgot that bit. " However, not all the most recent figures made such encouraging reading. German exports to the United Kingdom fell by 12.2 per cent on the year in February and imports slumped 26.9 per cent, the German Federal Statistics Office said. Germany is the UK’s biggest trading partner."
  2. I don't think it is so. I know it is so.
  3. You are wasting your time Paul. These pricks will never admit that they could be wrong.
  4. A lot of the foreign lorries go back empty, before they used to go back with a load.
  5. All my rellies in France have had both shots. I have only had one so far. You lot are going to regret the passing of COVID-19. What will you use as an excuse for the p!ss poor performance of your wonderful Tory party when the virus is no longer an issue?
  6. Only those businesses importing them. What orifice did you pluck 99% from? Where is "here"? In your back garden? As for posting a link do a Government web site, you may as well post links to Disneyland.
  7. UK exports to European Union drop 40% in January Exports end experts, who needs them?
  8. I use an Avon type float rod. Sometimes I use a controller float, or an Avon or a quill. Sometimes I put a little weight on and fish on the bottom. The only problem fishing off the bottom where I fish is crabs nicking your bait and catching little bass instead of mullet. I don't like standing for too long. I have a little chair that I take. There is a public hard very close to me so I can walk to my spot and take my chair. It is only a ten minute walk.
  9. I've got rods for and reels for most fishing styles Mr Tench. The only "sea fishing" I do these days (and I have not been out for a wee while, but this summer) is for the mullet. I use an Avon rod for that. It's been a while since I have been back home for any length of time to do some spinning in the lochs but I do enjoy it. I only ever caught on pike and that was by accident. I was fishing a worm and mis casted and got a bird's nest. When I had it all untangled I found I had a 5lber on. I did not even know it was there until I retrieved my tackle. The guy has a really good channel
  10. This is Canada ;-). The guy does catch some nice fish in some nice spots. Trout will eat ANYTHING. When I was a kid caddis fly larvae were a killer.
  11. I know where I would tell them to stuff it. I have no time for them either. Wuckfits that think the planet is only 6,000 years old. I'd have the billion quid back of the old hag. [email protected] the DUP. The political wing of the Old Testament.
  12. These [email protected] should be exterminated. They never give an effing answer.
  13. Europe has been "crumbling" for nearly as long as as Jesus Christ has being going to make a return. Europe has to "crumble" or the Brexiteers are going to look even sillier than they currently do.
  14. A big stone came flying out from the crowd, hit the woman caught in adultery on the head and killed her stone dead. Jesus said, "Mum, sometimes you p*ss me right off".
  15. Rules that we put in place in 2008 to discriminate against non EU , non CU & SM countries.
  16. Top tip. If you want to look up stuff in medical journals. Use PubMed. Not Google. There is more than on search engine. Maybe you should try them.
  17. I never said I could do a better job. Tsai Ing-wen did a better job. Maybe if they taught critical thinking in schools? But we could not have that. It would not serve any British government to have a population that realised how badly they are getting shafted by the big Red, White and Blue dick that is rammed up their jacksie on a daily basis.
  18. Taiwan Population 24 Million. 9 COVID deaths. UK Population 67 Million. 122K COVID deaths. But we are doing a great job. Boris is a fecking superstar. You lot could be gaslighted into swallowing any old sh1t
  19. Do you think people do science to win gewgaws? The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine set up an annual lecture in his name. I am sure that this would mean more to him.
  20. I used to wear them under my bike leathers too.
  21. I am sure that is going to help the fishermen and Northern Ireland a lot, aren't you?
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