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  1. I sounds like you are the expert mate, you claim to know more than Egyptologists.
  2. Demonstrate your claim to be true. We know when they were built and who built them.
  3. Except that they were not.built by slaves.
  4. I suppose people are as many gullible people today that will beleive any old sh!t as there were in the past.
  5. I think it is all in the mind. If you had kept some maggots in your gob all day wouldn't you think it had been worthwhile? I wonder what they didi to try to prove thier pet theory wrong?
  6. I'm guessing that there is not a one of you that does not seem to get that keeping maggots warm is a waste of time. The maggot is going to be at the same temperature of the water in seconds.
  7. The coldest it can be at the bottom is 3.98 degrees C because at that temperature water is at its most dense. Chesters has yet to explain how long it takes for the 37 degree C maggot from his mouth takes to reach the ambient temperature of the water or for how long it will wiggle for. Chesters is like those religious types. Full of assertions, p!ss poor when it comes to the burden of proof. You might swallow his maggot infested BS, not me.
  8. No it bloody well is not because I don't effing well believe one word you say, on any topic.
  9. Just come back to us all when you can DEMONSTRATE with DATA that the crap you spout is worth listening to. Your mates that you don't have might swallow your BS| unquestioned. Me not so much.
  10. So I cast in two rods. Same rod, same reel, same line and end tackle. I cast them in within inches of each other. One has a mouthed maggot. One has a maggot out my bag. How much longer will the mouth maggot wriggle? The water temperature is four degrees. C. Water is a much better conductor of heat than the air in your fridge. Try this. Stand naked in a walk in fridge at four C. Then immerse yourself in water at four C. See what you can tolerate the longest. Experience has got bugger all to do with it. Experience is guilty of remembering the hits and forgetting the misses. Got any DATA?
  11. What's so hard to understand is how you think they will keep wriggling once they have been in cold water for a few seconds. If you cannot demonstrate your argument holds water, DON'T make it. The cold makes them df]ormant after all and your fridge is only 4 degrees C. You contradict yourself. I know one thing. If keeping maggots warm was such a great idea, I could think up much better ways of doing it than keeping them in my gob. All you are doing is proving that some anglers are/were clatty b@stards. What is so hard about that?
  12. Where did I say that it was? You are a blethering half wit. Mayfly don't have maggots. They have nymphs. They look like this. YOU are the one making the claims. YOU bear the burden of proof, and no I have not tried it. I have not drowned a maggot since I was a kid. Here is my answer in French. Va te faire foutre!
  13. You really have a penchant for spouting utter BS. You and Paul from oop North are a good match.
  14. You can gob maggots if you like, me not so much. Tell me something did the mouth warmed maggot keep wriggling once they were in the cold water? Critical thinking is not strong in some.
  15. I hear that penicillin can help with that.
  16. I reckon the banks owe us billions after WE the tax payer bailed them out for their own feck ups.
  17. But you can still claim for asbestos related injuries even if your employer has been liquidated? https://www.occupational-compensation.co.uk/asbestosis/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw7qn1BRDqARIsAKMbHDZecJLR9cdIMxa2RYHuJ49Bu86sAHQUyApQSEbsCyzQGw0m5QgFXx4aAlktEALw_wcB
  18. You see bogey men hiding in every corner.
  19. What exactly do you think I fear Ken? And, what the hell has the colour of her skin got to do with it?
  20. You are a silly sod sometime Paul.
  21. When I come to think about it, I don't think any modern politician gives much for any of us one they get elected. Like Chesters I no longer vote for ANY of them.
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