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  1. anyone know where i can get spare spools???
  2. thanks for the help it was very welcome
  3. caught a golden grey mullet about 3/4lb at rhossili beach today personal best as ive never had one before
  4. caught a golden grey mullet today about 3/4lb of rhossili beach in swansea, are they common and how big do they grow??
  5. just fished the tawe in swansea, great day landed 7 mullet to 4lb plus a bonus bassof 2lb (all returned) its been my first day fishing this year only sorrry i left it late. if any of you are in swansea i strongly recomend fishing for the mullet as they seemed to be starved lol because for every fish landed i missed five takes, plus 1 snapped me ,also a few slipped the hook
  6. to all who replied to my question i thank you it seems that the reason people enjoy coarse fishing is because they enjoy the thrill of the possibility of of the next bite being a biggie like all of us , i thank you all for your input into my question in understanding why you do it, as a ps to mpbdsnu the reason i diddnt respond was ive been working double shifts,even i have to make aliving lol
  7. to peter waller thank you for taking this question as it was meant to be asked and not in the way my wording made it sound
  8. to newt if u read my last statement it was in response to mpbdsnu in his reply he said why bother asking not to the ones who took the time to answer my question properly, also i stand by my statement that if you dont ask the question you never learn, as i dont go coarse fishing i was just trying to understand the reason why people find it more enjoyable than other types of fishing, secondly im not ashamed to ask questions and would never get a second name just to wind people up
  9. seems theres a lot of people out there who took the meaning of my question the wrong way, in reply to nugg ive caught a lot of fish salmon to 18lb on 4 lb linedouble figure cod of the shore,not to mention a lot of other species. so to say i dont catch fish is an insult to not only my intelligenge but also yours because i think you are judging me by your standards, but if i have upset the applecart it wasnt my aim to and i appologise i was just wondering why , also i might have confused it with match fishing as rob ward pointed out. and also in reply to mpbdsnu if you never ask you never learn
  10. excellent ok heres 1 for the over 18s a boyfriend and girlfriend are in a car crash ,she needs 2 pints of blood to save her life hee being the adoring boyfrien donates it, a couple of years latter they break up, they are dividing thier possesions when he says and i want my blood back you bitch, so she puts a hand down her skirt pulls out a used tampon which she throws at him and says i,ll pay u back montly u bathplug. also on a lighter note i bought my wife a wooden leg for christmas, it wasnt a main present though it was juast a " stocking filler"
  11. just a question to all coarse fishermen, and not in the negative sense, but what do you get out of catching a load of small fish that put up little or no fight just to return them,also why do some of u spend a fourtune on poles etc to catch these small fish , i know angling is a pleasure to take part in but i cant understand this fascination ps im not knocking you all im just trying to understand why
  12. i thought the thread of this was to clarify the use of sa magazine not a slanging match, back to the thread in my opinion people buy it because they like to keep up with the joness ie latest rods reels etc . theres a bloke in work whos keen on motorbikes he buys a weekly mag costing 2 quid skims through it and leaves it on the table,and also on a personal note i found it quite helpful when starting out though i no longer buy it
  13. no mullet in swansea as yet but they cant be far away ,been twice for an hour the wind chill is making a differance i think
  14. ok ive had great fun reading eveyones post but a semi serious question (bearing in mind ive caught mullet in november here) when do the shoals of mullet return?
  15. fishing in the river tawe in swansea about half mile upstrem from barrage
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