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  1. Dont forget to change your AF settings. I'd shoot in "Servo" mode so that the focus will track the subject. Shooting in RAW will also allow you to adjust the white balance when your back at home in the warm
  2. Out today again after having a night of heavy snow.
  3. We had the first snow in Jersey this morning, so I was out at first light to get some pics. These are all straight jpegs from RAW, no processing at all. Will revisit them once the few sherries after work have worn off and do some proper editing. Jersey Snow
  4. Adobe Lightroom might be worth a look as well. I'm sure there's a free download trial on their site, so at least you'll be able to try it and see if it'll work on your PC. In fact here's the link to the page you need. LIGHTROOM
  5. votes cast. Excellent work everyone.
  6. Chippy

    Some birds

    Taken this morning. Went out at 7am and most of the roads and ponds were semi frozen over....very cold too!
  7. Chippy

    Photo Of The Day.

    Possibly, but there's a fairly messy background, which even at F4 is still a little distracting. The light was also really low, so didn't really have much of an option of stopping down a little without having to push the ISO up and I think this one was already at ISO800. Will defintaly be out this weekend though, snow permitting! Going to some of the local ponds and marshes, more as a recce than anything, but hopefully there'll be somethign about to "shoot"
  8. Great pics, well done everyone!
  9. Chippy

    Photo Of The Day.

    One from last weekend. Really trying to get into Bird photography at the moment, but haven't really been able to grab much more time other than a hour here and there, practising on the garden birds. Going to make the effort this weekend though.
  10. Chippy

    I'm back!

    Well after a 6 month break from photography (been going through the whole selling/buying/moving house saga), I've been very much out and about shooting as often as I can recently, work and weather permitting. Nice to see that everyone else has been doing the same! Here's a selection of some recent shots.
  11. I read something recently about the G10 and the (well respected reviewer) was drawing comparisions with the Hassaleblad 45mp digital back! Canon G10 Review
  12. Hello and welcome. Looks like a Titan triggerfish. My guess is that shot was taken in the Red sea
  13. Chippy

    Full Moon

    Pretty good Fred. Something I've always had dismal luck at shooting!
  14. Chippy


    Popped out yesterday at 5am to catch the sunrise. I actually intended to take this shot last week, only to get up at 5am and trek all the way down there to find it was foggy as %^**. Got there nice and early, donned the wellies and setup about 30 mins before sunrise. All shot with the 5D MkII, 17-40mm F4L at 17mm with Cokin Z Pro ND Grads (ND4 and ND8). Been trying my hand at getting a few B&W landscapes together for a book, but not totally sure on this one. Think it might have been better with a few fluffy clouds or less sky in it.
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