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  1. That is hardly true, but even if it was what would you say the average age of a fishing forum user is? 40+, 50 + even? Have a look on facebook at the mag page, very very different but then thats more the target audience. The point being that you will always get a mixed reaction in the wrong sphere.
  2. i'm sorry Dales, you obviously live in a tent and only work for volunteer groups such is your dislike of rampant commercialism!!
  3. I didnt initially post about the mag Elton did. ?But you were quick to jump in and put the boot in, long before you had actually seen the content and little was contstructive, that I accept fully as it helps to formulate a magazine or similar. At the end of the day those that read it enjoyed the fact that as Davy r pointed out it wasnt the same old tired subjects, nor was it full of product placement. Ultimately we lived and died on that stand and that undoubtedly cost us advertisers as some quite clearly stated that they would not advertise without having editorial space too. Do you reall
  4. Just to correct a few inaccuracies peddled by the same tired, boring old faces. The sales were not a problem, in so much as they were projected to outdo or match what we had set as a realistic target and bearing in mind that we gave away 1400 copies at the big one, that was pretty pleasing. The problem was and is, advertising at the moment. One of my friends with an angling related business yesterday was offered a whole page in one of the weekly magazines for £250. To put that in context, 12-18 months ago I was quoted over £800 for the same thing. We worked on the basis of an 80/50 sp
  5. got to agree with budgie, dont look past ABU for multipliers they have been doing them for years and they have got it really right.
  6. I should also add that I also want fish n tips to be a breeding ground for new writers too. I got started by someone giving me a break and i would like to give others thmaterial for consideration then please email it to me at e opportunity, so if anyone wants to submit material then please email it to [email protected] or [email protected]
  7. of course the publishers dictate the path that the magazine takes to a point, but if i didnt agree with the format I wouldnt make a very good editor. I honestly believe that there is a place for this magazine that it can grab with both hands. I speak to a lot of guys on the bank and on forums that say they dont read magazines anymore as they know the majority of the technical aspects of the sport, what they want is a good read and i can hand on heart say that this is because i have picked the guys and the stories myself.
  8. you have quite obviously made up your mind mate so its pointless debating the topic with you.
  9. how exactly would you ask the "angling community" what they want? The angling world is so split and diversified that you are never going to get something to please everyone, as has been abley proved by this thread. I will leave you with this thought though. The BBC is world renowned for its high quality programmes, its news and sports coverage etc and yet one programme is so succesful that it provides something like a quarter of the beeb's entire income. That programme is Top Gear, which is far from being high brow, and basically involves three middle aged men messing about in a subje
  10. First off mate its not a weekly but a monthly. Secondly that is NOT the actual front cover, the actual cover is a bit more toned down thirdly I take it that none of the complainers have ever bought a copy of the sun, in which you will see more than you will in the new mag? As Dales said, why does everything have to be hybrow,whats wrong with a bit of fun and a laugh?
  11. Funnily enough on this I completely agree with you and I have already pulled one such photo because it was blatant product placement. As far as I am concerned an angler being daubed in sponsors logos is enough and theres no need for anything else really.
  12. Blimey theres a serious sense of humour failiure here guys. Its a bit of a laugh and as In stated its not the actual front cover, its just a taster. As regards the sexist comments Janet, I am sorry but not guilty we have a lady writing in the first two issues and she's not in a bikini or similar but there because she is a good writer. Lighten up a bit
  13. Bear in mind that is not THE actual cover, it was done to give people an idea and may be a bit more full on than what actually appears
  14. Its 100% a serious angling magazine. We have anglers of the caliber of Ian Welch, Steve Pope, Jim O Donnell, Mark Barrett and others writing for us, they just arent doing the usual technical stuff that you would see elsewhere. We are also inviting our readers to take part in some of the regular series and will listen to what you the readers want. Why people have to be so negative bfore they have read a copy is beyond me.
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