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  1. Its been a terrible weekend Steven - I am in Hamilton - we couldnt fish the Nith and the wind on the Clyde was unreal - tie a few rigs my friend and bide yer time !!!!
  2. Ok guys this wasnt much of a post - but 148 views and nil replies Do you really want to offer no encouragement > for people who bother !!!! This used to be the top forum Due to the infighting I left it alone for years Am surprised that not even the mods can offer encouragement All the threads are a disgrace - many viewings - few efforts to reply - or encourage What do you guys bother for if you cant promote your own site ??? Very strange _ what is the point !!!!!!
  3. Great report as always John - catch up with you soon there is a bass with my name on it down your way !!!!
  4. Cobh - awesome man Roll on next year
  5. Ive got the suveran uptider too - it has a griplock handle and can be shortened to use that way when not casting - i love it and use it for all sorts of fishing
  6. Had a wee session there today - in far from ideal conditions - cold wet and windy at times was a good day fishwize though had about 20 smallish fish in the snake lake on waggler/maggot then 2 decent carp to 3lb 9oz on peller in the big pond looking good for this season aleady !!!
  7. Hello - Have any of the Scottish lads been out on Orchill this year - and how was it. I usually fish it from about now on - but am wondering if the extra cold winter has" put it back" ! Cheers Peter
  8. Have been looking for months now to buy A seat a double feeder arm (that attaches to the seat not a tripod) a double butt rest Continually out of stock (since early summer) despite being heavily advertised in the angling press If anybody can tell me where they can be found or offer a suitable alternative I would be very grateful Thanks Peter
  9. Nice one Snatcher - catch up with you soon - theres a bass down your way with my name on it !!! :D
  10. Thanks lads -esp Jeremy - at least now I understand what they are tring to tell me - I preume that on top of the 2 bb to lock in the waggler there is room fo another small shot - say no 8 to sink the bait
  11. Just bought some weighted wagglers to make shotting easier - so I thought - what does classic 5+2bb 3, 0+0,8gr mean - or classic 4+2bb2,4+0,6 gr Help - thats the way it is written !!! Peter
  12. Ok - you,ve convinced me - just bought myself a xmas present !!!!
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