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  1. Use it a lot when perch fishing - twitching just a couple of inches often leads to a bite - as does recasting - can think of a couple of times recently when recasting has produced an instant result with the worm being grabbed on the drop.....
  2. Aye Rusty - twas a swim you used to see barbel 'flashing' on the shallows in the summer - now a distant memory. I'd have thought it a bit too pacey for chub - though the mill leat joins at the back of the run which is where the chub were laying up....
  3. Had 3 in quick succession - never good sign when you're after something that would have them for hors d'œuvres! 15 trips in Feb - blimey!
  4. River Kennet - Thatcham 0900 - 1245 Bright and sunny after a frosty start. AT was 11ºC when I packed up. River very full - but quite clear. 2 Chub: 3lb 13oz & 2lb 5oz. A dace and a brownie - both around 6oz. Bit of a gamble which nearly backfired - very few floodwater swims at this venue - though there is a nice near bank eddy which usually produces a nice chub. Alas if it was in residence it wasn't hungry as all I extracted from the swim were minnows (yes, Martin - there are some still in the Kennet!). I didn't really have a plan B after this inauspicious start however
  5. I still tie my own spades - can still just about manage down to 18s (though mainly tie 16's and above)- though have to do then in small batches of 2 or 3 at a time as my fingers get tired quickly!
  6. Well my local clubs did rather well out of lockdown - seeing quite a spike in membership this season - so I expect my local tackle shop - which is now the only one - is doing OK - certainly has continued to trade since angling was allowed back in May.....
  7. Great - glad it's just an hiatus not an abandonment! After all it's been gentle prodding from you that's kept my blog going in the past. Have to admit I do feel very lucky having the Kennet (and Lambourn) so close and whilst I've had to forego trips to the Itchen and Frome this winter I've still been able to 'fish locally'!
  8. Thanks John - nice to hear from you again - in truth the 3-10 was a total surprise - I had a 2-14 from this bit of canal back in the autumn and was hoping there might be a 'scraper 3' to be found - but nothing this big was on my radar..... Any plans to restart your blog?
  9. Kennet & Avon Canal - Enborne 0700 - 0915* 1000 - 1715˜ Mild, mainly overcast, quite breezy (some milky sunshine at times) - light showers on and off all day with rain for last hour and a half. AT around 12/13ºC all day. *27Perch - with 13 (!) over 1lb - and 3 over 2 - best 2lb 7oz. ˜(½mile upstream!) 7 Perch - all over 1lb (3 over 2) best 2; 3lb 10oz & 2lb 11oz. A doz roach and a dace - all small. What a Red Letter day! Make hay while the sun shine's! Nailed on conditions for a day's winter perching, mild and overcast after a 2 week cold snap
  10. More power to their elbow - really pleased they kept us on the bank during current restrictions.... C.
  11. I fish a lot heavier float - 5½AA and step up to 8AA on faster rivers such as the Itchen & Frome.....
  12. River Kennet - Speen Moors 0830 - 1300 Cold, cloudy with a stiff, chilly breeze. AT around 1º-2ºC all day with significant wind chill (!), showery drizzle for last couple of hours. River very full - but clear. 4 Chub; 3lb 5oz, 2lb 12oz, 2lb 7oz, 2lb 2oz. 5 Dace - all small. 3 Brownies 1½-2½lb - also lost an enourmous trout - had it on for ages and got a good look at it - my pb is 8¾lb and this was a similar size - don't usually mind when a brownie throws the hook - but a bit gutted when this one did! Surprisingly productive session given the conditions - a strong cross wind
  13. Yes - still active - took back some water that NAA gave up last year,,, http://rtaa.btck.co.uk/RTAAVenues
  14. No - afraid not - this is a small syndicate that took me 10 years to get in!!! The River Lambourn stretches in my blog are free - and that's about it - all the other local ones (apart from this) are Newbury, Thatcham or Reeds waters.....
  15. Kennet Carrier - Marsh Benham 0815 - 1345 Cold with fog - which eventually cleared for the last hour. AT -2º -> 4ºC, rings icing up till midday. Stream very full with just a hint of colour - perfect winter nick! 8 Chub: All bar one over 2lb; Best, 4lb 4oz, 3lb 9oz & 3lb 4oz. 2 Doz Roach & Dace (2/3rds Roach) A couple of the dace were lumps - one went 10oz the other, unweighed but of similar stamp. 1 Perch- small(ish). 4 Trout between 1¾- 2½lb. Day got of to an inauspicious start with 3 trout from my first 3 trots - not what I wanted from a morning's winter chubbi
  16. River Lambourn - Shaw 0930 - 1200 Cold and cloudy. AT 0º-2ºC. River very full but, as always, crystal clear. 10 Grayling - all small with a couple around 8-10oz. 11 Trout - a netter (probably close on a lb) with the rest parrs - bit of a nuisance - in the same way minnows are! Repeat of last weekend with the Kennet completely out of sorts after 1¾ inches of rain since Weds. A couple of hours on the bank to cure cabin fever - after being stuck at home yesterday with no electricity for 8 hours - the fishing stove was pressed into domestic duties for copious amounts of soup an
  17. Yes - I start with a very thin base layer followed by more traditional thermal vest (both get washed regularly with no hint of loss of performance). Below the waist its a pair of Craghoppers Polar trousers which are excellent.... C.
  18. River Lambourn - Newbury 0830 - 1130 Cold & bright. AT -2ºC -> +1ºC, line freezing in the ferrules most of the morning. River 'full' and crystal clear as always. 17 Grayling; 4 'pounders' - best 1lb 9oz & 1lb 5oz. 6 Brownies a pounder (actually probably nearer 2lb) and 5 smalluns/parrs. Default venue when the Kennet and conditions are sub-optimal and a much better return than my last two trips here - the extra depth of water clearly making a big difference. Still most swims produced just 1 or 2 fish apart from the last one which yielded 5 including both of the bi
  19. I used to live very near The Holybrook (moved in 2003) and the chub in here responded VERY well to floating baits (bread & Chum mixer) had many a session chasing the freebies downstream and could often get upto half a dozen in no time at all (looking back through my diaries I see my best haul as 11 chub in a morning). This venue ran very close to a housing estate and I'm sure the chub saw lots of bread thrown in for the wild fowl.... Not found a venue since where they've took bait off the top so freely so I'm sure this was a major factor!
  20. Hiya! That's a splendid run of fish - pity about the biggie - just have to catch it in the next couple of months when she's at her heaviest! I didn't venture down to the main river on my last trip - expect the weirpool was a pity pacey! Probably bump into you on LS sometime.
  21. Umm - bit to cold and bright for the canal methinks. Not too chilly for wading (in fact it's never too chilly for wading, oft times in the winter the water is warmer than the air temperature!)
  22. River Kennet - Hambridge 0915 - 1315 Cool, calm and bright. AT 3º - 6ºC. River at normal winter levels and quite clear - looked in great nick. 1 Chub; 1½lb. 3 Perch; 1lb 9oz, 1lb 6oz and a sub lber (but not by much!). 7 Roach - all handsized. 7 Dace - 3 in the 6-8oz class. 4 Brownies - a lber and 3 smalluns. Usual tactics to snaffle a decent chub from the off meets with a rare failure (I'm blaming the bright conditions and a trout first cast!) - only chub I did get turned up amongst the dace mid session. Nice to see some perch turning up here (they seem to appear once a yea
  23. Kennet & Avon Canal - Woolhampton 1500 - 1630. Mild, overcast with a stiff downstream breeze putting quite a chop on the water. 9ºC 3 Perch; 1lb 5oz and a couple of 6-8oz. 1 Pike; 2lb 12oz Quick return to yesterday's venue hoping for a bigger stripey (achieved by around 4oz!) Dropped into a different swim - one in which I saw some scattering fry as I walked back to the car yesterday evening. All fish in the first 45 mins - Pike was last caught and didn't get another bite afterwards.
  24. Kennet & Avon Canal - Woolhampton 1330 - 1630 Overcast and Mild(er) 7ºC. Canal gin clear!. 6 Perch; 4X14oz(± a couple of ounces)& 2 tiddlers. Birthday trip to make the most of the milder weather. Up until Sunday the mean average temperature for January (locally) had been a lowly 1.1ºC so with temps up as 'high' as 9ºC this Mon/Tues I was hopeful that the perch would have woken up. And the session started off promisingly with the 2 tiddlers in the first 20 mins - however I then had to wait 2½hours for my next bite - with the 4 'bigger' fish coming in a flurry as the
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