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  1. west bay-dorset along the other end of chesil beach! i think! it was dark and wet when i drove there!
  2. hello all! been away working a while, has anyone checked out the new pier area down west bay! forgive me if its a old subject! just wondering whats being caught and wether people use float rigs off it :confused:
  3. wetman


    isnt mayday the time when they protest&semi riot in london :confused:
  4. hi everyone! im off to london tomorrow , anyone know if all that mayday madness is planned to happen tomorrow :confused: if it is ill stay at gatwick instead ready for my early moning flight to sunny climes :cool: hopefully
  5. hello stella fella :cool: does that mean your not a fosters junkie im a new boy too! nice to know ya
  6. this has probably been asked many times before but as im new to this computing lark, can anyone tell me how to put pics from my files into my replies :confused: if you can help? can you do it very uncomplicatedly like i said i,m just learning
  7. wetman


    cheers for the info and links after looking at some of them forums i cant wait to dip my line in their waters all that and hopefully a tan too :cool:
  8. wetman


    i know exactly what you mean! ive had some bad experiences on british piers!especialy the ones with angling clubs on em :mad: they take your money to fish there then act like you dont have the right to be there :mad: :mad:
  9. wetman


    sounds good i cant wait!
  10. wetman


    im hoping to have a mega 1 loads of "beer,fish,and trying out my outdated chatup lines" thanks for replying anyway
  11. wetman


    im off to sunny orlando in 9 days time! anyone got any stories or advice about a bit of sea fishing out there!"beach or boat" as im hoping to do both!
  12. they,ll be getting rid of larrson soon! so maybe the future isnt so bleak
  13. they,ll be getting rid of larrson soon! so maybe the future isnt so bleak
  14. wetman

    sea sickness

    as long as you wernt gonna try telling me the fish in the mouth trick works cos it wouldnt for me but your boat fishing trip sounds good! have you done a charity gig before?
  15. wetman

    sea sickness

    most replies were informative but being sick before you went out did not help! even if he did offer dark rum in coffee i might look into the CAT though as ive heard that before ;)cheers all!
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