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  1. Good to see you back posting and fishing Dave, and catching of course. You know only too well my thoughts on the 'stuffed with carp' waters, but seeing as it's you, I'll let you off. I saw a post on another forum that reminded me of you. It's from 2018, you might have seen it, but it's here just in case you haven't, and it might be of interest to others. http://www.dickwalker.co.uk/ I hope the link works, if not it's about the 100th anniversary of Dick Walker. There are interviews and articles about him and his exploits over the years. It brought back many memories from my yout
  2. Not sure what's happening, but it took 3 attempts to post the above, I had to copy it, sign back in and then paste it back in to reply. Is there a new 'timed out' limit on the new layout? John.
  3. I seem to be hearing the same from places all round the country Ian. Barbel seem scarcer this year, even on the usual 'hot spots' like the Trent, Severn, and Avon. Like you, I think that the heavy flooding over the winter has played a part, not the otters as a guy I met on the bank the other week kept insisting, we had a slightly heated, (more like luke warm), debate on the subject. I've not tried for them yet this year, I've reached the time of life when my approach is more sedate than it used to be. Walking a few miles of bank, to locate them is out now. I don't mind a longish walk to a spot
  4. You lot are weird, I can't hear a thing...thankfully John.
  5. Hi Martin, thanks for the info', I'll try and have a reccy to have a look at the place. I took my grandson for his first outing last Saturday, to the Aire and Calder canal at Stourton, it's on the Leeds book and I'm a member so no problem, and it's only 15 mins away with plenty of flat bank space. I just took a couple of whips, some spare hooks floats, nets, umbrella, and plenty to eat and drink. I thought that a couple of hours might be about the limit of his attention, but I was being a bit optimistic. I'm glad I just set up one whip, and as I set it up, I put a few maggots, and a small
  6. Hi everyone, I trust you're all keeping well. Not been on for a while, after my disappointment at myself for losing it, I decided to have a rest and maybe start anew. Not done a lot of fishing so far this year, joined a new club, and I've mainly been just fishing for whatever came along, but had some decent bags of roach along the way. I hoped to have taken my 5 year old grandson, for his first fishing outing, but this bloody virus and the weather, have put paid to that. This is the last week before he goes back to school, and he lives in a 'lock down' area, so no chance. My wife is
  7. Not been on for a while, and just decided to log on and see what was happening, great timing. Good to see you are still getting out and about on the bank Dave, albeit a bit slower, and with a few more restrictions. As long as you are still enjoying it, that's the important thing. You're getting more fishing done than me, I've lost my 'mojo' a bit recently, only been a half dozen times this year, still looking for that elusive 2lb roach, but a couple around 1lb mark have been the best I've managed. Take care and all the best to both you and Norma John.
  8. I can remember going to see Dr Hook in the 70s. It was the most painful prostate exam I've ever had! John.
  9. There were quite a few AN members who had little regard for the Angling Trust, Phone. Nick, (Worms) was one of them. He, like many of us, had difficulty getting any answers to questions we put to them when they first started. Some were barred from the forum that the ATr had set up, most of us had emails ignored. He hasn't been on here since sept 2017, and the last time I had any contact with him, he said he had an actual meeting with someone from the ATr. I never heard the outcome of the meeting, or heard from him again. On the topic of the Angling Trust, I've been following several thre
  10. In hindsight everything can be scrutinised, analysed, and criticised. What might have seemed like insignificant statements, and suggestions that were ignored at the time, can become terrible mistakes in the light of newer developments. The number of early forecasts, and predictions that were later proven to be untrue, or mistaken, are conveniently forgotten, especially by those who are happy to play the blame game. They seem to get some kind of 'kick' out of playing this game, but very rarely have they offered a viable alternative, prior to the event. We've had to listen to too much confi
  11. When fishing in a swim like you describe Ken, I would use a straight float such as a quill, or balsa, with long float rubbers that go past the ends of the float. This allows the float to pass through weed without catching on it. If possible I would fish over depth, and have a few shot positioned to keep the first few feet of line hard on the bottom, to reduce the chance of line bites, and help show a positive indication of a real bite. I've fished in streamer weed like this, fishing well over depth, with an over shotted float held back hard against the current, and shot holding the bait on the
  12. I have been reluctant to recognise the ATr as anything but an advisory organisation ever since they formed. I know that 'Fish Legal', (I hate that name, it sounds like one of the 'have you had an accident' type of law firms), have done a decent job of helping out in cases of pollution etc, but I much preferred the old ACA, despite the alleged mis handling. I did consider carrying my long standing subscription to the ACA over to Fish Legal, but at the time, you had to subscribe to the ATr, in order to do so. I see the ATr as a self elected body, with a self devised remit. During it's early days
  13. I'm with Keith and Ian, on this. Apart from the fact that I would be reluctant to buy anything described as a 'Bobber', (sorry phone), I don't think they are practical, versatile enough, and in the case of those in Martins link, much too expensive. I have plenty of floats that would do a much better job, and I could interchange them to suit, when needed. John.
  14. I've just been looking in on another angling site, and there was a discussion about what anglers were allowed to do now we can actually go fishing. What struck me was the number of times the 'rules' of the Angling Trust were mentioned. How long have the Angling Trust been the angling rule makers? Was there a vote taken amongst the members, (the few that exist), that made it the governing/ruling body, as opposed to the representative/advisory body? I have always seen the EA as the ones who set the rules, backed up by the local by laws, and those who run the fisheries. Am I the only one who stil
  15. That's my interpretation of it too Ken, but there should be more info when it's discussed in Parliament tomorrow. As Keith says, it's all dependent on which fisheries will be open. I haven't joined a club yet, been waiting to hear what might happen. If/when I do, I will still struggle to find a water that will meet social distancing requirements, so I might hang on until the 16th and have a better chance of finding somewhere. John
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