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  1. You've spent too long wallowing in the media spin of the Independent Paul. His words in that interview, are different to your attempt to put that same spin on them. John
  2. I thought the same when Corbyn kept saying 'for the many not for the few', what he meant was that only applies if the 'many' agree with the thoughts of his little gang. That's where his excuses fall down, they keep saying that it's been all about Brexit. He fails to see that his platform was more about pushing his outdated, childish, ideals, than it was about solving real life problems. John.
  3. While driving along our inner ring road this morning, I saw a long banner tied to the railings on a foot bridge spanning our carriageway. It said in large black letters on a white background, 'VOTE TORY AGAIN GRANDAD, AND WHEN YOU GET OLDER WE WILL REMEMBER'. I couldn't see any sign of who was responsible for it, so couldn't decide if it was a threat from the loony side of the Momentum party, or a grateful promise from the Tories. John.
  4. Very little new in that report Phone, the UK has been divided for many years, it just takes an event to intensify it, and bring it to the attention of the outside world. I experienced much of what the reporter describes back in the 80s under the Thatcher Government. Back then it was the wholesale destruction of our industry, and the subsequent creation of a 'sub culture/class' that still exists today. This time it's Brexit that has been the catalyst for the resurgence of the same old divisions. It will only get worse as the population increases, and space, and resources become scarcer. John.
  5. But only in a very passive way Phone. To actually go to the polling booth and write "None of the above deserve my vote", gives a much more personal satisfactory feeling. Although in reality unless millions follow suit, it will pass almost unnoticed. John.
  6. Some people can't see the irony. John.
  7. The thing about this election, more than any other I can remember, is that it's not just about parties pushing the positives about their respective policies, as much as it is about shouting about the negatives of opposing politicians. This to me, shows a lack of confidence in their own ideas for the future of this country. I have asked Paul, (Big Cod), on here, as well as numerous others in 'real life', to convince me that Corbyn and co are worth my vote, by showing me their positives, not just the perceived of negatives of the Tory party. Not one as been able to provide an answer, that has been able to convince me, even slightly, that I should vote Labour, or any other party. I haven't had any Labour canvassers at my door yet, but if I do, I have a number of questions that I will want answering, and I will not accept, "you should vote for us, because the others are so bad", type of answers. The media, as usual, are stoking these flames to a great extent, and then there are so called, leaked documents, with possibly with Russian origins conveniently appearing. I still haven't decided if I will actually vote, or just spoil my paper again, but the childish actions of the majority of this countries politicians haven't yet convinced me that any of them deserve my, or anyone else's vote. John.
  8. It's a sign that he's finally admitting that carp are nothing special, and just another coarse fish. He is, after all, part carp. John.
  9. Wow, over 10years already? I thought that time was only supposed to pass quickly if you were enjoying yourself! John.
  10. The answer to what, more procrastination, indecision, and lack of strong leadership? As she said on question time, she agreed that, Labour should negotiate a 'better' deal, but then she would vote against it? I agree that we are likely to get another hung Parliament, with all the continuing uncertainty, that'd already cost the UK billions. John.
  11. It might just be my old lap top, but I haven't noticed any slowing down with the new lay out, if anything it seems a bit faster than the old one. John.
  12. Cheers Ant, it would be nice to hear of any other 'oldies' who are still in touch with any active members. I think Brexit took it's toll on the membership, as it has with the population in general, that along with AN becoming more of a political forum than an angling one. John.
  13. That's good to hear John, thanks. As I'm getting older I've thought about some of the regular members from when I joined nearly 14 yrs ago, and how they are now. Names like Poldark, Ferret, DavyR, Budgie, Snatcher, Nurse Judy, Worms, Kleinboet, Chris Goddard etc. There are too many to mention, but it would be nice to hear how they are if anyone is still in touch with them. It's sad that so many have left the forum, it used to be such a lively place, if a bit argumentative, at times. John.
  14. I've had a look at the thread on the forum, and some of the member seem rather anal with their comments. AN is the only forum I'm a member of, as I don't think I would last long on any of the others, unless I bit my tongue, and sat on my hands. As to the actual subject, I use spade hooks up to size 8 with no problem. I prefer a larger fine wire hook for fishing bread flake for roach, and it gives the option of pulling to straighten the hook if you latch onto a nuisance carp. I use a method of tying that the late Dick Walker suggested in an article years ago. I've no idea what it is called, but although I can't tie them in the dark as Dick Walker suggested, I do find it very easy to tie. My fingers aren't as nimble as they once were, but I can still hold size 12 and bigger in my thumb and forefinger, for smaller hooks I grip them in long forceps, and grip those between my knees. The thing I like about this knot, is that when tightening up, you pull the tag end, not the main hook length, and thus ensure that there's no chance of a 'pigs tail' on the hook length. As cameraman says, the tag end can be used as a hair if you want it. Whether I use a spade or eyed hook is basically down to the target species, the bait being used, the nature of the swim, as well as the clarity of the water, and presentation needed. Since getting back on the bank the other year, I have bought some ready tied hooks, mainly for convenience, but have found that the Kamasan hooks were prone to unravel if you have to use a disgorger a few times on them. It could be a bad batch, or the type of disgorger, but I'm wary of using them now. John. PS, I also prefer the line coming off the inside of the spade, and don't recall having any problems with it.
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