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  1. I've cut down on the pies, (and a few other things), HV, lost 2 stone so far, and feeling much better for it. I haven't seen a Hampster for many a year,☹️ I think you lot must have done for them.😠 John
  2. Now where on here have I read that before? Have you got me on ignore Barry? John.
  3. Ah, but the question was should we leave, not will we leave. Phone we leave on the 31st that was when it was suggested this thread should be closed. So you’ve a few days yet. On a brighter note we should be getting a good crop of roses with all the shite that’s been spread after hitting all those fans. John
  4. Of this thread Chester’s. It’s 4 years since Barry first asked the question, and after 4 long, sad, frustrating years, and, over 1000 pages, with over 10,000 posts, the question still hasn’t been answered. John
  5. All newspapers have a bias, if they didn't then they would cease to exist. This letter by an ex journo' explains it better than I could, especially the last paragraph. Recognising that bias, and realising why it's there, is the key to analysing, and ultimately understanding any 'news' article. Just blindly repeating it as a confirmation of your own bias, is naïve, and just acts to perpetuate one side of a situation, without adding anything of value to it. Sadly, this is far too common in todays society, where 'soundbites', celeb endorsement, and media spin are used to control and manipulate large sections of the population. John. PS, I've just realised that I can't change the fonts. Is it just me, or a feature of the new site?
  6. There you go again Paul, not reading, or misreading, posts. Where did I say that I've never been lied to by MPs ? I've been lied to by just about every MP that's served during my life time, so has everyone else, including you. The difference is that some of us expect it, and recognise that the lies come from them regardless of political colour, you only see the lies that either disagree with your ideas, or are prompted to see them by your social media 'friends'. John.
  7. There you go again Paul, telling me what I think, what I want, how I feel, and how I've been deceived and led by the media. That is some extraordinary power to have, or I should say, think you have. If anyone on here has been led by the media, then you only have to look in a mirror to see him. Nearly every post you have made about Brexit, has been someone else's opinion, cherry picked from the most biased sections of the media you can find, or prompted by your social media 'friends'. You ignore any posts that don't fit into your very narrow understanding, and question the relevance of posts, when it's blatantly obvious to everyone else. I can't help feeling embarrassed for you, sorry. I guess I'm too soft hearted, just a sucker for a sob story. John.
  8. I've been on forums where you had to finish a post in about 10 mins or lose it, but never seen it on AN. John
  9. Paul how dare you talk of lies and then post a link to that pile of crap? Talk about lies, it’s heading says ‘truly independent news’, when it’s the biggest pile of bias shite I’ve ever seen! Just one look at the other so called news articles on the site, and only an idiot would fail to see it. Nobody has to put up an argument against what you say, because you shoot yourself in the foot with every obsessive, biased post you make. Sorry Paul, but you’re turning into a laughing stock, and I feel embarrassed for you. If you were in a boxing ring your trainer would have thrown in the towel ages ago. If you’ve ever felt like taking advice then take this....for your own sake either widen your outlook, or pack this thread in, please. John
  10. Of course my conscience is clear Paul, why shouldn’t it be. I voted for the only logical, viable option, not for promises of fairy tales and unicorns. I have explained who I voted for, and why I voted for her. Unlike you who refuse to say how/if you voted. The only thing you have admitted is that you refused to vote against Brexit in the earlier election, choosing fairy tales and unicorns instead. That could explain some of the content in your recent posts. Your understanding of the difference between an election and a referendum is similar to Nicola Sturgens. Because the snp won nearly all the seats she says there had been a big swing towards independence, not admitting that they only got 45% of the vote, almost the same number they had in the Independence referendum. John
  11. You could be right chesters. I've been talking to my Grandson who's 5 in a couple of months, and his stock phrase when something annoys him is 'bum hole', and his favourite insult is calling someone 'macaroni', so I can see the similarities. John.
  12. Barry, I don’t know why you are discussing this. It’s become obvious that either Paul has lost the plot, or his account has been hacked by a 10 year old. I’ve never met a sane adult that starts a post on a serious debate with, ‘burp burp’ , or posts images of unicorns to prove his point. John
  13. gozzer

    Falling in

    Chesters post about his unplanned bath in his local stream got me thinking about similar things I've witnessed in my angling years. I haven't actually fallen in, yet, (he said hastily touching the nearest piece of wood), a few near misses, but not an actual 'fall in'. I remember once fishing a favourite stretch of the R Ure, and one foot slipping into the river. I managed to throw myself forward and grab both a bank stick and my box. I hung on with one leg in the water nearly to the top of my waders, (I wore waders because we had to walk through long dew soaked grass to get to the river), and my other leg more or less at a right angle along the bank. I hung there for what seemed an age, trying to get a foothold with my immersed foot, but not being able to find anything to get any purchase on. I then realised that the bank was undercut, and could possibly collapse at any time. My shouts for help to my mates went unheeded as I tried to pull myself back onto the bank. Fortunately, it was many years ago, and I was younger, stronger, and considerably lighter, than today, and slowly managed to pull myself in a position where I could roll onto the bank. As I laid there shaking slightly, and feeling exhausted, I remembered the undercut bank beneath me, and gingerly moved myself and my tackle out of harms way. I came back later that day to lay-on next to the undercut, which was about 10ft deep, (fishing from a safe distance upstream), and caught some decent perch. I caught well from it on each visit that season, but the next season, following the winter floods, I found the whole lot had collapsed into the river. A session on the R Wharfe at Boston Spa, saw my mate have an amusing, if nearly fatal 'fall in'. We were fishing a swim that could be tackled in two ways. There was a slack behind a bush, that I was fishing from the bank, and as it was fairly shallow above the bush, (knee deep), my mate waded out , and trotted down the edge of the slack. We had shared the same swims so often, and knew each other so well, that we rarely had trouble, and often had our floats inches apart trotting down a swim. We were both catching steadily, when I heard a shout, a splash, and saw his float being jerked back upstream. I stood up and couldn't see him over the top of the bush, so walked round to have a look. As I rounded the bush I saw something like a scene from Arthurian legends. There was an arm sticking out of the water, holding a rod and reel aloft! I dashed into the water and grabbed the arm and pulled my mate up, and dragged him to the shallower water. He had been stupid enough to wade out without using a stick to test the river bed, thinking that because we both had fished the swim many times before, he 'knew' it well enough. The gravel bed had been moved by the current, and there was a sudden drop off he hadn't seen, and slid down, causing him to fall length ways into over three foot of water. When we'd got him on the bank, lit a fire, hung most of his clothes over a tree branch, let him dry himself on a collection of groundbait cloths/towels, and dressed him in bits of spare clothing we had, including maggot bags for socks, and a large waterproof mac', he grinned and said 'at least I kept my new reel dry'. John.
  14. If we use your ‘logic’ Paul then it must have been many more than 18.1 million that voted against Labour. John.
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