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  1. Some of us need to remember that people from all walks of life, including good selfless people, and even the scum of the world can both get sucked into the black hole which is addiction... May i ask those who have passed judgement; do you smoke and or does anyone close to you smoke??? My grandfather passed when he was 59, for the pure and simple reason that he was addicted to smoking, and had been since he was 12 or 13. Despite that, he was a great man... I dont know what kind of man 'bestie' was, but who's to say that he deserved to die, just because the evils we have in our consumer
  2. Ill be on the beach, with the wind in my teeth!
  3. Hi all, Got called up today, and was offered the job!!! Must have been doing something right! Couldnt have done it without all the help. Thanks!! Not decided yet tho', i mean... ill be getting 8500a year, for two years, then it increases. I think ill say yes and stick it out, afte rall that will still keep me fishing and might even keep a car running!
  4. There lie's a huge problem with defrosted, soft mussel on your hook in the water. Crabs and small fish will rip it to shreds in seconds... Definetly NOT advisable, always bind on well with elastic. Its fine when your drifting at however many knots on the boat for cod, as its always moving they usualy gulp it strieght down.
  5. "Repeat their names when it is offered "I'm Julia" "Hello Julia" - wierd, the lady im getting interviewed from really is called Julia... spooky or what! Well, with all your top tips dont think i can be more ready, just need to wake up in time tomorow. Il let you all know how it goes. Thanks again
  6. The mull of galloway rock marks where there is clean ground present should be mental with good size 1lb plus whiting about now. Best after the water has been churned abit, codling posible too.
  7. I have the standard 525 mag and have had absolutely no problems with it; strong as an ox and smooth too. I here really good things about the 525 super mag too, although its baout 20 quid dearer you can still get them for 100 quid. Whatever you do, DONT get the 525 GS mag, they are useless in comparison with the others!
  8. Welcome John, A Multi with a level wind wont stop birdies. If anything they will make a birdsnest much worse, its all about how you control the reel. The modern magnetic reels are so smooth that its really hard to birdsnest. They allow for delayed reactions without too much problems. As an all rounder, ide suggest the penn 525 mag. This will deal with any situation. As for rods well it really depends on what ground you plan on fishing, and what species you wish to target????
  9. What can i say! With all this help i have no reason not to impress, you have all been superb! Im not even goint to give individual thanks, cos there has been so much help from everyone. From interesting links to general advice, i feel so much more confident now. Friday will come soon no doubt, better get myself polished up tomorow! Shaun
  10. Cheers Lenny, When you back on dry-land? Im fishing Etive on the weekend will let you know how it goes
  11. Well folks, Decided to get up off my back-side and find a job. After applying for loads, ive had a few phone interviews, and only one has got back to me regarding a proper interview, which is on friday morning. It is for a big Insurance company in Edinburgh, who only ensure dangerous people such as racing drivers etc. The job is office junior /answering phone calls /training etc Ive never been for a proper interview; since leaving school ive only worked for my dad. I would really appreciate some tips, with the wage as good as it is and 'increasing with time and training', it is a j
  12. A 1 up, 1 down 2 hook pats' with 2 hooks seems perfect, and is basically known as a flapper. Experiment with hook size and patterns, just make sure you have quite a few backups incase you find something thats really working! Ide suggest a few with size 4's, and a few with 2's, or whatever your comfortable with. Scraching refers to those really hard days when the fish just dont want to play, and you have to work your nut off to try and winkle out a few fish, by trying everything, not leaving an inch of your peg un-fished! OH, was going to say..... Do you know what a loop rig is? So
  13. Hi Gefaz, I do quite abit match fishing, it can be really enjoyable. Most people you will meet at the match may be all nicey nicey, but are all out thier to win, so dont expect any real help from folk on the day regarding the venue. What match are you fishing? Once i know what species are about then i may be able to help further... Basically, big fish tactics go out the window (unless its a specimen comp) Im going to prosume its a standard match, and im also going to prosume its a pegged on a beach. If it is, and its whiting teritory, you should get millions over 20cms. just fish small
  14. It blowin a hoolie in Edinburgh, i would really enjoy bieng on the west coast amongst the action right about now. I just love bieng in a storm up close (but safe) Its a strange thrill provider for me, i get all excitable whilst in the heart of a raging storm, just ask the survivors of scrabster 1 !!! I find the roaring of a massive surging sea, and howling wind buitifull and interesting. I can quite happily sit and watch for hours...
  15. What the F*** was i thinking.... I agreed to going bait digging in the morning at 4 30 AM... Goin give me a smack around the heed, someone! Think of me when your snug in your beds!
  16. Welcome. Im from Edinburgh and do a fair bit in east lothian. Pitty the fishing isnt as good as other areas, but better than nowt Be interesting to here how you get on with the yak.
  17. It wont be a resident from the prom Autumn... At low water its about 200 yards to the tide line. Only ever get fish coming in here on a big sea. Nice fish Matt
  18. Just been informed, a 43 cm flounder is 36 oz, which is over 2lbs. Cracker!
  19. I think the chart is for average fish and obviously wont account for thin/fatties.
  20. My friend showed me a graph the other week with legnth-wiegh charts, and flounder wason there... Im sure it was devised by the lads on NESA, though i cant confirm that. If you like ill ask him what wieght the fish is. There supposed to be dead accurate! Shaun
  21. East coast cod fishing tactics will fit the bill, its the same sort of ground and fish! You would have to go prepared to loose anything up to 20 or more leads a sesh. A simple rig made with no components other than line, hooks and rotten bottem device. Loop on the top, and a loop attatching your snood. This way you will loose much less gear other than leads ( i tend to use less than 15lb weak link, and 35lb mainline) Traces should be made with minimum of 60lb mono. Mussel/lug is a good shore cod combo. Im dying to go up there to try the shore cod, will be like home turf, with more fish. Think
  22. About 2 weeks ago the car park was cramed with travelers and no-one would park thier cars, things must be back to normal. At the carpark on the left hand side there is a kiddies play park and as brown toilet block. Although toward sea from here it looks like an endless desert, it really isnt! Once your over the marsh, about a football pitch legnth, your right onto the sand dunes and the water. Stright out from the toilet blocks and anywhere to the left is a good stretch. It is a heck of a long walk if you decide to go to the river mouth though, and there is no road to it, its a nature reserve.
  23. Wooohooo this is the kind of weather i live for! Tho' im just crazy, hope those living in the sticks have an easy night!
  24. Hi David, i gather you didnt stay at thre belhaven car park because of the hundresd of caravans? I was hopig theyd moved by now! The end at the biel bridge is much poorer, the end close to the tyne mouth(oposite end of beach), or even in the river itself fishes so much better. As for thorntonloch, you got it in one, it really needs a wind blowing onshore sending a big surge up the beach before the fish show. Glad you guys enjoyed.
  25. Likewise Gillies. Its my ambition to catch a tope, boat 1st but one day from the shore.That was a very informative post Ian
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