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  1. Cheers, regestered on the fly forum and had pirate recomended from there too. May well have to track him down.
  2. Hi all. Happy new year Just a quick question, has anyone got any recomendations for a fly line (WF7 intermediate or slow sink) at around the 20/25 quid mark. Cheers. Sheepy.
  3. Being pedantic here but you do not need to have wading boots, fishing waders or a fishing vest. I havnt got any of those items and still manage to go fly fishing.
  4. After enjoying a couple of outings fly fishing this year I would like to have a bash at tying my own flies. Would a kit with all the materials and tools be a good idea for a beginner, allowing me to upgrade the hardware later if i enjoy it? I would probably have about £50 to spend initialy and would be tying flys for small reservoir and lake work. Cheers for any advice. Sheepy.
  5. I think thats the kicker. It makes more money if the fishery intensivly rears stock fish to chuck in their waters and then charge a premium for folks to knock them on the head (they taste awful too so why do it?). Fish handling will always be an issue but people can learn. All of the fish we returned swam off happily after being held in the water and gently moved to get the water flowing over their gills, only letting go when they had enough strength to swim off under their own steam. Guess another factor that helped was that each pond had a source of running water entering it helping oxygen l
  6. The other weekend i had a top weekend fishing in Derbyshire on some small clear lakes. The day tickets were cheap and the fish cracking sport. Also i got a new pb at 5lb, which as a seldom fly fisherman i was very happy with. I only took one fish for the pot returning all others as the place had a catch and release policy. However looking for similar places to fish around Leicestershire i find that a lot places do not alow catch and release and have a fixed bag and statements such as all fish of a legal size must be knocked on the head. Add to this the fact that they charge a lot for this priv
  7. Cheers to both of you. Have placed an order
  8. Im after a good site to get flies off the net. I have used flies online before and they have been very good but the site isnt functional until the 16th. In the meantime anyone got any sugestions.
  9. A good article with info and links here. http://www.ukclimbing.com/articles/page.php?id=398
  10. Cheers to all who offered advice. Sadly due to wind rain and family i hardly got any fishing in. All i managed were some scholl bass on freelined bread in Shamrock quay. In response to Dave i must have missed the Leicester threads, although having sadly not wetted a line there yet this year i would not be in a position of authority to comment anyway. Finaly sorry to all if i was a bit harsh previously. Sheepy.
  11. Cheers Grant for the reply, as for the rest of you lot who viewed and are on the south coast you are a right lot of unhelpful misserable buggers. Over on the coarse and fly forums everyone is always very helpful and free with advice. Whats the matter scared i might catch something?
  12. Cheers, have read the above. The lightes line im likely to be fishing with is 6lb so the plan is to lift any mackerel out hand line style when close in and use forceps to unhook (im fishing barbless) without touching the fish.
  13. 43 views and no advice. Its unlike fishermen to hold back when given the chance to give their views P.S Im not after stripping the place bare of all sea life, just a distraction for a couple of hours whilst on a family holliday. I promise all fish will be put back (well maybe a couple of mackerel for the bbq).
  14. Im going to be down on the south coast next week, staying in the marina at Cowes (as well as Shamrock Quay and Bucklers Hard). Im hoping to pick up some mullet around the marinas but has anyone got any sugestions for places to catch mackerel or bass from the shore with my spinning set up. Cheers.
  15. Surely waders are already full of air, as well as legs ?
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