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  1. A beautiful collection of eight framed carp prints for sale. Each print has a dark green background with a gold coloured border. Each one measures 11 inches by 9 inches and will look good on any carping enthusiasts wall. They are currently for sale on ebay, itm number: 191408217084 Get bidding, though I am open to offers, pay through Paypal.
  2. Why oh why are there some posters hell bent on slating others' because they fish differently to theirselves? I really cannot understand this? Yet it is always one-way traffic, is it not? I have never read on this forum, derogatory comments made by carp anglers towards others within the sport, yet constantly the ignorance shown by some in the comments made towards carp anglers/angling really winds me up! Some have tried educating the ignorant, but this clearly does'nt work! For at the slightest opportunity, it kicks off again. Elton, will you please remove my name from Anglers Net's list of posters? Thank you.
  3. Your anti-carping/carpers stand does you no favours mate! "I had a word with a few fishery owners who have rationed ground bait, and the reason is that carpers are putting too much G/B in!!" Yeah, and I can guess at what type of fisheries there were too! Committees made up of matchment by any chance - would have carp angling banned on there waters if they had the chance? Remove all the carp from there lakes? Typical ignorance - its not me who needs to get his head out of the sand mate. I'm 50 next month - started fishing when I was 10(ish), its only relatively recently I started Carping, so I'm not as blinkered as you'd like to think. I've been there, etc. [ 26. September 2005, 10:51 AM: Message edited by: mpbdsnu ]
  4. Uncle Jim piles it in over a period of time. Plus I believe he has help getting it to the lake. Slightly different case.
  5. In connection with the above, some may wonder exactly what a 'Carp Angler' is? Then again, many probably don't give a monkey's! But one point I'd like to make is that I have some light rods at home that I might occasionally use for float fishing, perhaps I might sit by the cut or by a river, and catch a few roach - but this does'nt make me a roach angler!
  6. I think you'll find mate, the rationing of 'groundbait' is aimed at the match 'type' angler who bung in copious amounts of the stuff! Carp fishing is a different ball game. 'Carp Anglers' do not, generally, fish such waters! You may find a few that are dabbling at such a place, but these, if they become more and more interested in carp fishing, soon move on to more suitable types of waters - i.e. ones that are'nt full of ignorant moaning anglers all the time because there are some people on the lake who fishing a different style to them! [ 25. September 2005, 07:36 PM: Message edited by: mpbdsnu ]
  7. Exactly the point I was making GlennB, even with a large spod, and a sloppy seed mix, I would estimate each spodful to weigh approx 1/2lb so that would mean one every 10 seconds! Nah! )
  8. Look Kleinboet, I think we'll have to agree to differ on this, ok? No good falling out eh? ) But there are one or two things I would like to know, if you don't mind? So please don't take this wrongly, as sometimes ignorance is bliss, innocent though it may be! But if you don't understand carp fishing, then things may appear differently to a general Course Angler/Pleasure Anglers eyes - if you see what I mean. I would like to know, first of all, what you call 'groundbait' in this instance, because I don't know of any 'carper' that uses 'groundbait' in this way! Pellets - yes; hemp & corn - yes; a nice sloppy seed mix such as red band - yes; vitalin - yes; the list could go on, but 'groundbait' as such would not be used in this way! The nearest thing really that you will find to this is a method mix, but then this would not be used in this way! So could you please clarify? ..........and you still have'nt told me how you know it was 300lbs? ;o)
  9. Sorry Cleanbot but I still doubt what you are saying! Did the bag have "300lbs" written on the side? Do you realise how long it would really take spodding out said amount? Have you ever tried spodding? Try it sometime mate - just for a little while and realise just how little you have used! You may change your opinion!
  10. Oh really? So you have actually seen this have you? See them carry this 300lb of groundbait to their chosen swim did you........ (insert suitable insulting words)
  11. Well said Terry! There are more versions of carp fishing, thats a fact! You say Peter M, that you are going Carp Fishing this weekend, so am I, but I'll bet my bottom dollar your style, venue and size of quarry, etc will be different to mine! Good luck to you in your quests! And I dare say Terry will be out too, though his style and mine may be a bit more similar. The point is, we all have our aims and objectives within fishing, whatever form that may take; whether we achive our goals is down to how much time and dedication we apply to the cause. Some have been fishing for many many years, and some not so long. Therefore everyones targets are different, so how can anyone say that others' target's are wrong? We can't! Just because I do not fish commercials, I cannot criticise those who do; in that same vein, I cannot criticise anyone who fishes a water that contains a record size fish - whatever the species! All this talk of targetting specific fish just shows the ignorance of real carp fishing shown by some people. I have made this point several times before on here, and to emphasise it again: The syndicate water I'm a member of contains several 30's, earlier this year it did its first 40! now just because i go along there regularly and I shall be there this weekend, doesn't mean that I am targetting the 40, or for that matter any of the 30's, it would just be nice to have something. Just because Conningbrook is home to a praticular big carp, doen't mean to say that everyone is TARGETTING it! It is NOT the only resident of the lake! [ 20. September 2005, 05:18 PM: Message edited by: mpbdsnu ]
  12. What are you going to put there though Peter? An efficient caster may be able to hit that distance - I cant incidentally - attach a stringer, a pva bag, whatever, and you reduce that distance significatly. Ever tried spodding that distance? About 80 yards is about all I can spod with any degree of accuracy. If the fish are further away and your time is limited how are you gonna stand any chance of catching? I use my boat occasionally as it enables me to reach where the carp are and allows me to present a nice little package of bait that will hopefully catch me a fish! i don't see aything wrong with that? I go to fish in France several times a year, in fact I just returned from a week there, I am not prepared to go there and sit it out for a week when others are catching because they can place their bait where the carp are patrolling/feeding. Fishing is all about using whatever tackle is available - in my book its as simple as that! A baitboat is simply another item of tackle.
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