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  1. finally got a chance to read this as back from hols nice one dale n snatcher great tope
  2. brilliant sultzer watch out m8 she'll start outfishng you as i know only too well nice one
  3. bait dug rag n crabs collected for a session with snatcher at a new mark show to us on our trip with ian burrett marks "S" met snatcher at his van at 09:45 we had over slept slightly as had the occupiers of snatchers van dorothy "mrs Snatcher" and lillian (dorothy's sister) looked as tired as i felt cup of coffee from lillian hit the spot kids had some juice car stowed with snatchers gear and off we set parked up leaving a short walk???????to the mark as we were getting organised another vehicle arrived two other fishermen who'd fished the mark yesterday with v poor res
  4. i belive he does have a ragworm pattern and it is quite straight forward ain't it snatcher
  5. aye the craic was good m8 as usual the littletack4's are imporving all the time Tracy is workin friday night so may squeeze a wee session fri pm but deffo sat am m8 tack4's report fished down by the wall staurday afternoon had dug somee rag earlier little tack4 had the best bag of us all i was mainly after some mackeral for the table and bait missstack4 had a few knocks but missed them and took to reading her book littletack4 could see the wrasse around his bait and at times was to keen and missed several fish by stricking too early he ended up with 4
  6. this it newt http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-BOAT-BEACH-GAME-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  7. i think you may need to practice spelling first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the "conpotion COMPETITION IS Sunday 30 th of July so we need to practice
  8. updated with photos finally found a usb cable to fit camera by fluke
  9. the little tack4's first boating adventure with Ian Burrett -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Firstly thanks Ian for your time and effort we had a blast and the craic was great As a treat to my kids misstack4 (Caitlin age 12) and littletack4 (Kyle age 9) Ian Burrett offered to take them Me and Snatcher (uncle snatcher to the littletacks) out some evening after his charter for the day had ended THAT EVENING WAS LAST NIGHT we arrived late due to my work (theatre list over ran as usual) to be greeted by the flatest calm sea i have
  10. tack4

    Luce bay

    aye snatcher hope to get the weekend off to a flyer tommorow
  11. does the same happen with clear nail varnish? cheap as chips
  12. any signs of foul play snatcher ......appparently davy's quite subtle with a knife
  13. and we'll have none of that in gods country uncle snatcher
  14. can i just say this has warmed the cockles of my heart THIS IS WHAT ANGLERS NET IS ALL ABOUT well done to all and safe home Jan and Newt the tacks will be stateside in july chasing mickey around the magic kingdom and visiting the bass pro emporium
  15. tack4

    Luce bay

    i had a great wee session last night dave m8
  16. great wee session last night took two surgeons down after we finished the pm theatre list arrived at lw forgot to take photo for ref 4 species caught pollack to 2lb wee coalie mackeral approx 15 (nice sized too) and my first strap conger approx 6-7lb hardly a ripple on the water nice sunset good craic what could be a better way to unwind?
  17. enjoy guys and snatcher try out your cod lure m8 should be v interesting
  18. Aye andd Mall left a great big seal behind to scare away the fish some yomp snatcher wasnt it we only needed three or four decent rest stops
  19. happy birthday sam and peter
  20. some good tips by leon in sea angler this month too! well done leon m8 hope to put it to good use this summer any advice re rod have beach casters def non no 2 1/2 lb carp rod spinning ords ? weights fly rods 7/8 w or is it another rod reqd ? being a out of the closet tackle tart
  21. Hazel 'n' Cliff, enjoy, share special moments and enjoy some more
  22. well lads he's fair exited....... whilst fishing this am after a few plucks at his bait there was a sudden mega stripping of line after he had just set his clutch correctly for his 15lb line it must have stripped off 40-50 yds in a flash christ whats this thinks snatcher a mega bass or a ray ???????? he eventually got some control and the battle commenced after some heart stopping runs he managed to beach a 10-12lb shark he thinks may have been a smoothhound nice one snatcher not caught at planned mark but nearer kirkudbright although unsure of marks exact name
  23. cheers guys tis a right pain but as you say jeepster no harm done cant wait to try the removal lid looks so simple ....................................not may just run firefox 4 a while
  24. here is what i get when i open I.E. reads as WARNING! YOUR SYSTEM IS VULNERABLE TO HACKERS' ATTACKS AND BREAKDOWNS! Attention! Your system is currently exposed. Any remote computer can easily browse following folders and files on your computer: - \Windows\System32 - \Program Files\Internet Explorer - \My Documents - Drive C:\ files Click here to download official intrusion detection system (IDS software) YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION IS IN OPEN ACCESS TO OTHER COMPUTERS Your IP address: Your Country: GB, United Kingdom Your Browser: Mozilla/4.
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