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  1. So the ssacn are not an angling lobby organisation?
  2. Does this mean we can have our boat back now ? :D
  3. Barry, My reading of that is they are looking to ban damaging fishing practices over 30% of the sea. RSA is recognised as having very little enviromental impact so in theory its good news for anglers ....but it may be wise to take note of steve good's comments. I attended the workshop in London earlier this month between anglers and Natural England to discuss MPA's, NTZ's and complete NTZ's (cant remember the wording). The only thing that came out of it was that Defra, natural england and the EA either have no intention of defining what each will encompass or they dont have a clue wha
  4. Steve, That is exactly what happened at the meeting back in November that I attended on behalf of SOS. They announced it "officially" with only the level of bycatch to be sorted out. It was "picked up" as a "look what we have done for you" statement even before they announced it, the sceptics amongst you may even go as far as to say thats the only reason they brought it in. It was all they had to offer anglers and they were told in no uncertain terms by those present that although commendable, Tope angling is a minority part of our sport and not to expect a pat on the back. Its noticab
  5. Are threads allowed in Latin and welsh?
  6. Ken, For my money it would have to be a Penn 975 LD (220 quid)...not cheep...but then quality isn't cheep. I just bought a shimano charter speciel at the other end of the price scale while I wait to see what santa brings. It works fine but the drag seems to be all or nothing when compared with the 975. OKuma....leave em in the shop. Cheers Dave
  7. Thats the guy. If it sums up how well its fishing, on a walk round it about a month ago there were two people fishing it an neither had caught despite it being ideal conditions and free fishing. Dave
  8. Gozzer, Had a walk round it a few weeks ago. Not fished it for 3 years...80lb of bream then. Apparently its fishing cr*p. Leeds have dropped it as a club water, the bream dont show, and its hard work. Pike and comorants on the increase. What a waste of a fishery that has produced 52 2lb plus roach for me in my youth. It had the potential to be the uk's best roach/bream venue...but then they decided to fix the dam. It was a short cycle ride from home and I went every day. I was there the day they put 500 small bream in ...boy did they grow and multiply...I was there when the fi
  9. Lol, I was around and fishing when they came out. We fished roundhay park a lot which in winter was a great tip water. That has been sat in a cupboard in the garage since the early eighties. The tip was a soft paralell one that got broke sometime in the distant past. Probably about 10 inches long with two rings. The twin spring is the deluxe model. The idea is if you push the tip into the small spring the larger heavier spring is ideal on slowmoving rivers, but when pulled out to the end of the small spring it is very sensitive on lakes. great idea but you lived in fear of the line c
  10. Sascarp, One of the advantages that was originally marketted about the spring tip is that once the sring has cracked open the pull required to keep it bending is just about the same through the entire travel of the tip, as opposed to a quiver tip where it gradually gets harder to put it round. Fine in principal but they proved to be a nightmare when casting but would be ideal for ice fishing. One thing you would have to watch for is the coils of the spring icing up and effectively sticking the spring together. A dribble of glycerin would solve this problem. Thats one complet
  11. Its a charter boat with a good reputation by all accounts. I Emailed him when I saw the picture to express my feelings. the reply I got indicated that he took the fish as it was his first and he would be releasing future fish. The topic is discussed in the sea fishing section under a post by Sandtiger. Cheers Dave
  12. Fastd

    Found A Boat

    PHEw... thought it was mine at first.. But then realised the mrs always spells cheating with a double E... Dave
  13. Yep I did...partly to express my shock that people still hung em up on the jib. I have to say that I recieved a very polite and prompt reply explaining the circumstances of the capture. It was his first and the skipper has promised that all future fish will be tagged and released. You can not advertise as a shark skipper till you have actually caught one and have proof. I can agree with that even if I dont agree with the picture. He wants to try for more and has promised to join the tagging program. So hopefully that is the first and last photo of its kind from Wick. One more skipp
  14. Norrie At a pinch you can use windows movie maker available in xp. I use nero smart start (nero 7+ I think). Also used xtodvd...no charge... you must be getting it from the wrong site Will did out a link. Cheers dave
  15. Ian, Data transfer can be done using a home network either via wireless or cross over cable. Or utilising your router at home with a parrallel cable. Many options are available if the usb key proves unreliable...which I doubt. Another thought is to back up documents online so you can access them worldwide cos we all know what you jet-setters are like. I you need space/help to do this let me know. I dont see any reason why a usb key should be any more unreliable than any other type of media transfer device. Cheers dave
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