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  1. I'm sorry to say from Mark's perspective that the mag appears to have been killed off before the second issue.
  2. Wow what incredible fish pictures! First time back out with the camera in a long time for me yesterday and a slightly different subject matter than the bird photographs. It was the first Adder I've ever seen in the wild.
  3. Ran into one of these earlier today. A stunning little bird.
  4. And a couple more from the Municipal Bird Bathing area at Hammond Towers.
  5. Some terrific pictures being posted again folks! Here's one from my newly implemented bird bath.
  6. By way of ringing the changes I thought I'd photograph the start of today's first horse racing classic of the year, the 2,000 Guineas, at my local Rowley Mile racecourse.
  7. Thanks Janet, I'll have to give the competitions a look.
  8. I've been trying to improve my technique with the widlife stuff Ayjay. What have you been snapping of late, anything interesting? Is the Lesser Redpoll an English bird? I've never heard of them before. Cracking shot though.
  9. Thanks for the kind words Fred, but I think the diversity of subject matter on the thread rather puts me to shame. I seem to be obsessed with wildlife stuff in recent years. I will have to dust off the wide angle lens and see if I can get a few decent landscapes etc.
  10. Nowt wrong with those Janet. I love the picture postcard quality of that last sea view shot with those gulls hanging in the sky. It would make a nice jigsaw I think.
  11. I've not looked in for a while, and it's the same old subject matter from me IO'm afraid:
  12. Another snap of a Kingfisher.
  13. Snapped this chap earlier this morning.
  14. I've recently had a look at the National Anguilla club site. Their reccomendation is to leave the hook behind in any deep hooking situation and cut the line as close to the eels mouth as is safely possible. Good advice IMO. Eels and disgorgers do not generally mix well. I've found in the past that, despite their tough exteriors, eels are incredibly easily damaged by probing around the throat area with such implements as disgorgers. Anyway, I think I may have come up with a helpful way of lessening the impact of any hooks that have to be left behind, and I thought I'd pass the tip on for consideration by other eel anglers. The simple change I've made is to create my hooklength from a loop. I.e I form a loop of around 6-8" depending on how I'm fishing. By attaching the hook onto the extended loop, in the event of a deeply hooked eel, I can simply snip one side of the loop with scissors and pull ALL of the hooklength material free of the eels mouth/throat, leaving absolutely nothing but the hook behind. Any comments chaps? Regards Chris
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