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  1. So you stop being a member of a club and you stop getting free sweets , but I still want the free sweets but your not a member of the club anymore they are only for members ?? but I still want the free sweets listen don’t you get it stupid your not now a member of the club you can’t have the free sweets you lost the privilege when you left the club ,well that’s not fair I’m not playing anymore ****s to you but I still want your free sweets
  2. Here we have a brexit Tory MP now this is class **** herself panicking the fishermen in the southwest aren’t going to lynch her and fellow brexit Tory MPs who sold them down the river .It fabulous watching them squirm trying to fix a problem they have created themselves and dropped on the fishermen of the Great Britain Russian roulette again !!! Boris the terrible ! Do you think she will get the boot next time round .,fishermen love the deception like a lead ballon. FfS this stupid woman is as daft as Johnson she has not got a clue about how the fishing industry works .We are all d
  3. Boris Jonson the compulsive liar that’s if your stupid enough to believe him? And it’s the brexit dumber and dumber.time again !!! and it’s a round the U.K. I played Russian Roulette voting brexit just excuse me while I blow my brains out . if your wondering what happened to the big red bus it’s here crashed and burned . And millions and millions in EU funding to repair Sea defences all round thy U.K. would the money have come from London , don’t make me laugh
  4. Whitby is booming as a Coastel town with visitors from all round the U.K. and from all round the world ,and it has or maybe had a thriving shellfish industry that is now in severe jeopardy thanks to brexit .And maybe just maybe a big drop in European visitors this year thanks to brexit which most are far more wealthy than us and that will probably hit all major tourist resorts in thy U.K.
  5. Not always taking every caution protects it helps your chance of not getting the virus .you can catch it very easy in a variety of ways . I know some who haven’t left the door and still caught it ,it’s evil it’s not flu and it can linger for months and months and months I know all about that I caught the thing in October lungs still arent 100% and I have never smoked a cigarette in my life .
  6. Idiots catch covid that’s bad really bad Chester’s, for starters what about those health workers thousands of them who caught covid had little or no PPE looking after serious ill patients exposed to the virus constantly and they are idiots !! So they are all idiots here and in Japan they are not maybe a little leadership might just help instead a complete idiot in charge .Again the government make the rules which are not being enforced so enforce them then !!!! but they don’t really want to do hey it’s all waff . they have failed in there duty and responsibility if they can’t handle the
  7. So you are sounding like a politician Mat Hancock blaming the people sorry that’s rubbish .The government make the rules not the people not only does Japan have a very small mortality rate of over 7,000 compared to the U.K. there economy hit compared to U.K. is tiny , In other words the Japanese have handled the pandemic very well indeed . U.K. population 66,million 130,000 deaths Japan population 123 million 7000 deaths These figures in comparison don’t make good for the U.K. The figures speak for themselves it’s shows just how badly the U.K. government have handl
  8. Chester’s your brexit head is smashed in a delusional fantasy . Brexit is destroying Coastel communities not regenerating them. Brexit has destroyed businesses and it’s destroying people what’s worse is the lies peddled to them Boris Johnson needs to be held to account .
  9. I aren’t bothered whether your happy or not I am just telling it exactly how it is with brexit and that’s **** !!!!!! For thousands who were told a complete pack of lies for years by Boris Johnson . They will never forgive him for the deception that he imposed on them and they are not alone .
  10. hard to swallow isn’t it when people slag off the brexit white elephant you voted for , that fishermen said it all now **** off and let us deal with mess brexit has got us into .Knows his stuff that lad smart knew exactly what was coming .And to top it it was exactly what I predicted a total sellout by Boris Johnson with brexit .And he thinks people will forget he has another thing coming.
  11. I am posting facts read it again **** ain’t it .the Brexshit white elephant sold by Boris Johnson .when he says mess you have got us into he means you as well ord lad .The real brexit is here not the fairy tale one told by the brexit story tellers before the referendum. One angry fishermen.
  12. Did the fishermen deserve it as this fishermen said to te other fishermen on social media who was crying about being sold a white elephant with brexit . This says everything you need to know about brexit .do you think he would throttle Boris Johnson.
  13. Poor poor Chester’s businesses going bankrupt with brexit just think what you voted for putting people’s lives in despair shocking utterly shocking . And on top it’s going to cost you for the privilege what a result.
  14. Now who would I believe you or Cameron , now I know Brexiteers can’t take it that brexit is a disaster I understand that but isn’t it getting boring trying to defend a financial catastrophe for Britain you voted for, I am very sorry it’s that’s bad but you were warned and you didn’t listen Now get your head out of the sand open your eyes and say **** I ****ed up Businesses affected by red tape at the UK’s border are paying the price for Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit, David Cameron has said. The former prime minister told CNN that the issues seen in recent months ar
  15. Now Japan has a population of 123 million practically double the U.K. has anybody got there figures on coronavirus a bit like Britain with its islands , how have we compared to the Japanese with handling the pandemic have they done better or worse.
  16. I suppose Ken depends who you want to believe , Can you explain why the governments own economic predictions put our economy at least 4% smaller due to brexit , but with what’s unfolded since January with businesses on that brink bankruptcy everywhere in the air it will be far far worse than those figures suggests. Everywhere you look brexit is an utter disaster spin it how you want Ken sorry it doesn’t wash . Brexit news - live: Trade issues not ‘teething problem’, warns Cameron as PM branded ‘unrepentant liar’ Brexit is here it’s payback time the brexit lies are coming home t
  17. Poor poor poor Chester’s dig deep old fruit Council tax rises pension slashed yes your pal Richie is coming for you Brexshit is here it’s got to be paid for . In a survey of European and US economists, 86% believe that the UK economy is likely to be at least several percentage points smaller in 2030 than it would otherwise have been. Only a quarter of respondents believe the same applies to the EU-27 economy, while 41% don’t consider that the impact on the EU will be strongly negative, writes Romesh Vaitilingam Now who in there right mind would have voted for that !!!!!!!!! Do
  18. What the bottom line Ken how much has our economy dropped away . Next you will telling me brexit is a financial success Coronavirus: UK worst hit among major economies brexit is hiding behind covid . https://www.bbc.com/news/business-53918568
  19. Totally wrong no the rules we have imposed on ourselves with brexit it’s what you call a very large home goal ,terrible isn’t it , we had non of these rules while being a member of the European Union leaving the single market has shafted thousands and thousands of U.K. businesses that employ thousands and thousands of U.K. operatives.But don’t worry it won’t affect Boris Johnson or Nigel farage the grim reapers of Great Britain no they are still patronising the dummy’s.feeding them turnips .
  20. Why would I want to go to American??? so let’s put it in a nutshell brexit has destroyed many people’s Chance of bettering themselves in Europe ,supposed to be about deregulation its utter rubbish brexit has imposed massed of regulations from me to how to many businesses you couldn’t count them with all red tape coming out of your ears , deregulation with brexit what a load of crap it’s like this don’t you find it embarrassing actually trying to defend the shite brexit has imposed on businesses and people lives in this country it’s biggest con job ever to hit these islands and people are now w
  21. Has your brexit t-shirt shrunk in the wash yet . .
  22. Chester’s you really haven’t a clue now just for instance now if i wanted to take my vessel to Spain or anywhere in the Eu to start trading there which by the way many U.K. skipper boat owners have done exactly that over the years . As being a member of the EU all the qualifications codes etc with your vessel and personal qualifications would have been valid in the EU now thanks to brexshit gone and it probably applies to many other qualifications in different lines of work your now shafted with brexit .So in a nutshell brexit has ****ed people’s job prospects abroad you now have to jump
  23. No cheap wine , prefer a good red but on a more serious note brexit is a disaster in money, travel ,work,business , etc etc etc the only good thing with brexit is the Union Jack t-shirt but if they are anything like brexit they will shrink in the wash very badly .
  24. Sorry I aren’t an expert in economics and neither are you , I prefer to stick to experts and this lot who have been in power for over 10 years certainly are not .Now talk about debt labour had the banking crisis and the Tory’s had self inflicted Austerity strangling the economy and of course covid 19 , plus record giveaways to there friends masses of taxpayers money thrown around . But National debt now thats the daddy a whopping £2.5 trillion pounds doubled under this Tory government since labour were in power now thats some serious cash .And now brexit to cope with as well as disaster
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